AutoClustering My Daughter’s DNA

In my previous post, I took an initial look at Heather’s DNA. In this Blog, I’d like to look at AutoClustering Heather’s DNA. AutoClustering puts Heather’s AncestryDNA matches into groups or clusters. Then those clusters are grouped together. This makes it easy to see which matches go where.

Heather’s AutoCluster

Based on Heather’s number of 4th cousin matches or closer at Ancestry, I chose a lower limit of 20 cM and an upper limit of 600 cM. 20 cM is the limit AncestryDNA uses for 4th cousin matches.  Currently, Heather has 297 in that category.

Here are Heather’s 41 Clusters:

Some of these Clusters will be on her maternal side and some on Heather’s paternal side. The clusters with gray dots between them mean that these groups of matches match each other.

Heather has 283 matches in these clusters minus 22 that didn’t fit into any cluster.

Let’s Identify Some of Heather’s Clusters: Her Highest Matches

AutoCluster puts Heather’s clusters in the order of the match level. So the highest match in a cluster shows first. I’ll creat a spreadsheet for Heather:

This mimics the way AutoCluster lists its clusters with the highest match in the cluster listed first. I can recognize some of these names right away.

D.J. is a close relation to Heather on her mother’s side. I have not yet identified anyone on Heather’s maternal grandmother Cavanaugh side.

Next, I’ll sort by cluster, to get a skeleton for Heather’s clusters:

This brings me down to Cluster 21 or 22. I only identified one Jarek Cluster, but based on the gray dots between clusters, the Jarek or Polish relatives appear to go down as far as Cluster 14. I should have included Wozniak in those clusters.

The Bigger Picture

This shows that we have some gaps to fill in between clusters 23 and 39. I’m looking to locate some Cavanaugh ancestors. Clusters 23-39 would be one place to find them.

Cluster 32 – Cavanaugh Side?

I will be happy to find someone from Heather’s Cavanaugh grandmother side. Glenn from Cluster 32 has a tree:

I’d like to match Glenn’s tree above to Heather’s tree:

Ancestry puts Glenn and Heather at estimated 4th cousins. That means that if Heather and Glenn are in the same generation, then they will need to go back to Heather’s column starting with Jeremiah Warren and one row past where Glenn has gone.

I tried building out Glenn’s tree, but couldn’t find a connection to Heather’s tree. I think that I was on the right track as another person in the Cluster has a common ancestor with Julius Lafantasie and Emma Chamberland. So, no luck right now with Cluster 32.

Cluster 35

As I go down the clusters, I notice some match me or my siblings, so they are likely Hartley Clusters:

Donna has a 10 person tree in Cluster 35. Let’s see if that tree leads anywhere familiar.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Using Clusters, I was able to identify specific regions for three out of four of Heather’s grandparents
  • I had trouble pinning down Heather’s Cavanaugh grandmother side.
  • Once Ancestry has a chance to analyze Heather’s tree, it may make it’s own suggestions as to her Cavanaugh side.
  • One issue with the AutoClustering is that it requires you to build out a lot of trees to try to find connections. Then once the trees are built out it is very rare that a connection is made.




A First Look At My Daughter’s DNA

I recently got an AncestryDNA kit for my daughter Heather and son JJ. My daughter’s results came in first and she gave me access to her results. The first thing that I did was to link my tree to her results.

That way Ancestry can figure out where the matches are between Heather’s tree and her DNA matches.

What I’m Looking For

  • I now have my mother’s DNA, and mine. With Heather, I’ll have a better look at how DNA is inherited down through three generations.
  • Heather has some Polish ancestry which is different than mine. It will be interesting to see how that shows up in the DNA.
  • I have been working on Heather and JJ’s maternal genealogy. One of the lines came out differently than expected and I wanted to see if the DNA confirms that. Also I want to see if the DNA helps in other areas of their maternal genealogy.

So I’m looking for quite a bit.

Heather’s Ethnicity

At first blush, I don’t see any special indication of Polish:

Perhaps Polish fits into Heather’s 26% Germanic Europe.

I pressed ‘Discover Your DNA Story’, and saw this:

I never see that big blue blob on my ethnicity. That refers to Eastern Europe and Russia. Heather has 17% of that. That must be from her Polish Dziadziu. I had to look that one up:

The Polish name for grandfather is dziadek, used when speaking about one’s grandfather. It is pronounced “jah-deck.” Dziadziu, sometimes spelled dziadzio, is used when speaking to one’s grandfather. It is pronounced “jah-goo.”

Theoretically, Heather is 1/4 Polish, however, the DNA can vary and perhaps Dziadziu had some other non-Polish mixed in with his ancestry.

Also above there is a sub-group called Northern England & the Midlands. My father’s side has ancestors from there. Also Heather has some ancestors on her mother’s side from that part of England.

Migration Routes

On my Ethnicity Report, there is also a section for Migration Routes. This does not show up for Heather as I just linked her to an ancestral tree this morning. Here is what I show:

This basically shows how my ancestors migrated from Europe to North America. It uses ancestral trees for that. For example, my mother’s German ancestors migrated from Germany to Philadelphia. Some of my father’s ancestors came over on the Mayflower and some came to Massachusetts later from Lancashire County in England.

Heather’s Genealogy

This is what I have so far:

Jarek is Heather’s Polish side. The controversial part is where Cavanaugh goes to Warren on the tree. I’d like to see if Heather shows any Warren DNA.

Heather’s DNA Matches

Heather has no Shared Ancestor Hints (SAHs). It will take a while for Ancestry to figure these out. These are based on Heather’s tree also. These hints show when Heather shows a common ancestor with a DNA match.

Heather has 297 4th cousins or closer. These are estimated to be 4th cousins or closer based on the level of Heather’s DNA matches.

Heather’s Match List

Heather’s first category is under Parent/Child. She shows me there. Ancestry can tell we are in this category from the amount of DNA we share. The next category is close family. Here Heather shares more DNA than she would with a 1st cousin. In the Close Family category are my siblings, Heather’s Aunts and Uncles and my mother – Heather’s grandmother. Heather has one person in her 1st cousin category. Justin recently took an AncestryDNA test.

Heather’s Second Cousins

This is where the list gets more interesting.

These are Heather’s top 5 matches in the 2nd Cousin Category. Cindy is my 1st cousin, so she is Heather’s 1st cousin once removed. D.J. and H.G. are people I don’t know, so they must be on Heather’s maternal side. S.W. is my second cousin, so Heather’s 2nd cousin once removed. Joyce is my father’s 1st cousin, so would be Heather’s 1st cousin twice removed.

D.J. and H.G.

D.J. doesn’t have a tree, so I don’t know how he is related to Heather. Perhaps the J is for Jarek? However, when I look at D.J.’s shared matches, one of those shared matches is H.G. That means that D.J. and H.G. are related.

Here is H.G.’s tree:


Ancestry shows that H.G. and Heather share Jarek and Wozniak. Ancestry knows this already, because I just linked Heather to a tree. One confusing thing is that H.G.’s profile shows as a female but H.G. in the above tree shows as male. Francis Jarek and Antonina Wozniak are H.G.’s grandparents. These two are Heather’s great-grandparents. That means that Heather and H.G. are 1st cousins, once removed. My guess would be the same for D.J. Heather or I could get in touch with D.J. to find out.

Comparing Heather and H.G.’s Ethnicity

If I push the Compare button for Heather’s DNA match H.G., I get this:

This shows that H.G. hasn’t updated her ethnicity report. She still has the old estimates.

This shows that H.G. is 98% Eastern Europe and Russian. I take that to mean that H.G. is almost all Polish and Heather is much less so.

Downloading Heather’s DNA

Next, I’d like to download Heather’s DNA. Ancestry doesn’t have a way to look at the individual chromosomes for comparison, so I have to download Heather’s DNA for that.

Once I have downloaded Heather’s DNA, I can upload it to Gedmatch Genesis. This used to be plain Gedmatch. I uploaded Heather’s DNA to Genesis and it gave me a PW number to identify Heather.

Heather and Her Grandmother At Genesis

It takes a while for Heather’s DNA to ‘tokenize’ at Genesis. After this happens, Heather will have a list of matches with other relatives who have uploaded their DNA to Gedmatch or Genesis from different DNA testing companies. Right now I can make single comparisons. I can compare myself to Heather, but that will just show that we match everywhere. That is because Heather has a maternal and paternal copy of her chromosomes. Naturally, she got all her paternal part from me. However, Heather got about one half of her paternal chromosomes from my mom:

This shows that Heather doesn’t match her grandma on Chromosome 17, but does match her all the way across on Chromosomes 19-21. On Chromosomes 18 and 22, Heather matches her paternal grandmother for parts and doesn’t on other parts. Why is that? Heather must match her paternal grandfather in the black areas.

Crossovers Or Recombination Points

The spot where Heather’s DNA goes from her grandmother’s DNA to her grandfather’s DNA is called a crossover or recombination point. When Heather’s DNA was formed, her dad’s maternal and paternal DNA split up and recombined to make Heather’s DNA. The same happened with Heather’s mom. Heather had no paternal recombination on Chromosomes 17 and 19-21. This is normal on the higher-numbered shorter chromosomes. This means that though Heather got her DNA from her mom and dad, it is made up from the recombination of the DNA from her four grandparents.

There were over 400,000 SNPs used to make the comparison. These SNPs are Heather’s individual DNA markers that I downloaded from Ancestry.

Other Cool Things To Do With Heather’s DNA

This is the introduction. There are other cool things to do:

  • Though it is difficult to do with just two siblings, it is possible to use visual phasing to map out how Heather and JJ got their DNA from their four grandparents but comparing their DNA results to each other.
  • It is possible to use a program called DNAPainter to map out Heather’s matches on her chromosomes.
  • AutoCluster looks at Heather’s AncestryDNA matches and clusters them according to how they match each other. This does not required the detailed chromosome information from Genesis.
  • I haven’t looked at DNA to confirm Heather’s genealogy except for two close maternal relatives.
  • I’ll be able to create a maternally phased and paternally phased kit for Heather at Genesis. This will show which of Heather’s matches are on my side and which ones are on her mom’s side.



My Children’s Maternal Genealogy – Part 5: Gately

In my previous Blog, I showed that John Edward Cavanaugh’s mother was Louisa Gately.

Louisa Gately is my children’s maternal 2nd great-grandmother. I find it interesting that many records I’ve seen for Louisa show that she was born in England and that her dad was born in the West Indies or Jamaica and her mom was born in Ireland.

Here is Louisa Gately in 1860 Lowell:

Even though I mentioned Louisa was said to have parents from the West Indies and Ireland, this census has them as being from England. Louisa was part of a good-sized family. There appears to be 24 years between the oldest and youngest child. This means that Mary married very young, or William remarried. This Census seems to indicate that her parents were both born in England.

Five years earlier in 1855, the family was living in the house of Thomas Freeman in Lowell:

In Louisa’s marriage record, she gives her mother’s name as Catherine. This is perhaps a different person than the Mary listed above.

The last Census Louisa appeared in was in 1920:

Here Louisa is with her Daughter Ellen and niece Ellen A Ryden or Byden. This Ellen may have been the daughter of Ellen Gately who was Louisa’s sister or half sister.

Ellen A Ryden

The older Ellen A Ryden died on March 1, 1901. Her parents were listed on that record:

This gives us a mother for Louisa.

Tracing the Gately’s Across the Ocean to England

The next step is to see where the Gately’s lived in England. This must be the family on Regent Road in Salford:

Here is current day Regent Road to the West of Manchester, England:

This record gives a further refinement on Louisa’s mother’s name:

It appears that Catherine Etherington died in Lowell 15 years after she married in Manchester, England:

William Gatley/Gately Born About 1815 in the West Indies

It appears that William Gately (or Gatley) married three times and died in Lowell on July 25, 1895. Here are his parents listed on his death record:

I see them as Joseph and Jane Savage. They were both born in England, so may be possible to trace. I’ll check William’s other two Lowell marriages. William’s third marriage was in Lowell in 1874. He married:

Elizabeth’s last name is transcribed as Kate. Interestingly her mother was a Hartley. William’s parents are just given as Joseph and Jane.

Here is William’s 2nd marriage:

This is the Mary we see in the Lowell Censuses. Again, William’s mother is Jane. Int means publishment of intention of marriage. Perhaps William’s mother’s name was given as Frances in that publication. I also see what looks like an ‘I.’. Perhaps this means Ireland. If that is the case, the William was from Ireland but in the intentions of marriage record, he is from the West Indies. I suppose that both could be true.

Here is part of William’s Oath of Allegiance:

It looks like William signed his name more as Geatley than Gately. Here is the family in 1850:

William’s Parents: Joseph Gatley and Jane Savage

In the 1841 Census for Salford, England, William was listed as a Gatley, so I’ll go with that. A logical place to look for Joseph and Jane is in a marriage record. Here is one possibility:

Here a Joseph Gatliffe married Jane Savage on June 5, 1808. The timing seems right and Gatliffe sounds close to Gatley.

Here is Leigh – 9.5 miles West of Manchester:

I searched for births to Joseph and Jane Gatley in Lancashire County and came up with one:

Perhaps the family moved to the West Indies, had William and moved back.

Warrington is between Liverpool and Manchester.

An Ancestry Clue

Here is an Ancestry Tree Hint for Joseph:

I have two choices here. I can accept the hint, or I can not accept it. If I don’t accept it, then I’ll have to do my own research. I think I’ll accept the hint. It seems reasonable. The names are right and I have already come across the places of Salford and Warrington. I can only assume that James had children and some of his descendants either looked up his ancestry or kept track of family history.

Once I entered James Gatley in the tree, I got this further hint:

It seems like James was a fustian cutter, so this occupation must have run in the family. I found a question on-line from Andy who was wondering what his fustian cutting ancestors did and he got this answer:

Hi Andy

Fustian Cutter / Weaver 
A person who lifted and cut the threads in the making of Fustian, formerly a kind of coarse cloth made of cotton and flax. Now a thick, twilled cotton cloth with a short pile or nap, a kind of cotton velvet. A long thin knife was inserted into the loops and the threads cut as it was pulled through, stretched between rollers. The cloth was then brushed to raise the pile. Fustian is the old name for corduroy / A weaver of Fustian 

best wishes & happy hunting 🙂

A Summary for Agnes Cavanaugh

In this Blog, I looked at Agnes’ father’s mother’s line which was Gately or Gatley in England. Possibly even Gatliffe.

I had shown previously that  John E Cavanaugh’s mother was a widow when he was born.

The Warren Family

My top guess for John’s father is John J Warren. I don’t like seeing the Potential Father above as it gives a bad hint, so I’ll add John Warren in:

Here is some more on John Warren:

John died two years after Louisa’s son John was born in an accidental drowning. The death was recorded in Amesbury and John Warren lived in Lowell. The death record gives John’s parents as Jeremiah and Mary Warren. They were both from Ireland.

James had an older brother Jeremiah. Here is the family in 1855:

There were no women in this house at the time of the State Census.

This also fills in all eight maternal second great-grandparents for my children, Heather and JJ:




  • My children have roots in Lowell
  • The Gatley’s or Gately’s were fustian cutters in the area of Manchester, England before coming to the US
  • I haven’t found records tracing Louisa Gatley’s father to the West Indies or records of her mother from Ireland.
  • William Gatley lived quite a long life. A bit of a sketch could be written up about him.
  • I’m starting to look into the Warren family. They appear to also have Irish roots.





My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 4 – Cavanaugh

So far in looking into my children’s Jarek genealogy, I had good results on the Jarek side, and then I got stuck on the Morrow French Canadian side. In this Blog, I’ll see if I can discover more about the Cavanaugh side.

The Mystery of John Cavanaugh

Agnes Cavanaugh Jarek’s father was John:

Here is apparently a different John Cavanaugh with a wife and daughter Agnes in 1930 Providence:

John was listed as a mechanical engineer. His father is listed as being born in the Irish Free State. This is to distinguish it from Northern Ireland. Here is the area of 40 Dover Street today:

Actually, it looks like there were two John Cavanaugh families. Here is John with “Laoner” in 1920 Providence, RI:

The family lived at 3 Hospital Road:

So where was the other John Cavanaugh family in 1920?

Here is John F Cavanaugh again at 40 Dover Street:

Checking Ancestry Trees

There is one tree with a John Edward Cavanaugh. However, that tree has a reference to John being 3 months old in 1870. The other John Cavanaugh’s were born around 1881.

Mystery Solved

I solved the mystery by searching for WWI Draft Registrations:

Here is the real John Cavanaugh with real signature. Now we have a birth date and a middle name. From the 1920 Census, John and his father were born in Massachusetts. His mother was born in England. Here is the rest of the Draft Registration:

So now it looks like all my previous research based on the wrong John Cavanaugh was also wrong.

I took out the top paternal part of the Cavanaugh Line. Now the bottom maternal part has to go also.

Here is my clean start:

Now I am left with three records. The first record says that John is John E. Warren. This is Leona’s marriage record. It also says that John E was born in Lowell to John and Louisa Gately. The big three records in genealogy are birth, marriage and death. So far, I have no birth or death record for John Cavanaugh. In addition, the marriage record where I would have expected him to be, had someone with the last name Warren.

A Short Sketch of John Edward Cavanaugh

John was born 1880 in possibly Lowell to possibly a John Cavanaugh and Louisa Gately. However, his marriage record has him as John E. Warren.

He was a wool sorter and had four daughters. The last we hear of John is in the 1920 Census.

This is possibly John in 1900 Lowell:

John was listed as a day laborer. If this is him, he has a brother Thomas and sister Mary. This looks to be the same family living on River Street, Lowell in 1880:

This John was born in October 1879.

Below, this is more clearly John, as he was listed as a wool sorter in 1910:

John was living on 16 State Street. If I can connect the 1910 John to the 1900 John, I will know his parents.

Looking at the Details

Here is a Lowell Directory for 1906:


John E may be John Edward. I don’t know who John J is. The other John could be the John E’s father. Maggie, Mary and Thomas were also mentioned in the 1900 Census, but we can’t be sure if they are the same. John J and Thomas F are boarding in the same place.

Cavanagh/Cavanaugh in Lowell in 1900

Here I see no John’s, but I do see a Louisa. Remember Louisa Gately came up in John Edward’s mother on Leona’s wedding record. I also see Louisa in the 1906 Directory. Here is Louisa in 1900 with her daughter Ellen at 24 Crowley Street:

Note that in the 1906 Lowell City Directory, John E was also living at 24 Crowley. This suggests that Louisa and not Maggie could be his mother.

1911 Directory

Here is Louisa Cavanaugh. This Directory gives the name of her deceased husband, Michael. Her home is at 24 Crowley still and a Nellie A Cavanaugh lives with her. There seems to be a connection with Cavanaugh, US Bunting Co. and 24 Crowley Street.

More On Louisa Gately Cavanaugh

Louisa is mentioned in the Veteran’s Schedule of 1890:

This shows that Michael served in the Civil War and that Louisa was a widow in 1890.

Here is Louisa’s marriage to Michael Cavanaugh:

This was in 1864, so before the Civil War was over.

In 1880, Louisa lived at 38 Bleachery Street, Lowell:

Here she is with her daughter Ellen. The Census was taken June 8, 1880. If John Edward was born August 24, 1880 he wouldn’t be in this Census. However, Louisa was already a widow at the time. For MIchael to be the father of John, he would have had to have died while Louisa was pregnant. Possible, but not likely.

Louisa in 1870

There are trees at Ancestry which use this Census to show that John Edward’s parents are Michael and Louisa. This Census was taken in July of 1870. This John Cavanaugh was born about April, 1870. This raises some questions as John Edward gave his birthday as August 24, 1880. Perhaps he was off 10 years. But then I don’t see this John in the 1880 Census with Louisa, so where did he go? Perhaps this John passed away.

Here is a record from May 13, 1871:

Lizzie is close enough to Louisa for me. Based on his age at death, this John would have been born about April 3, 1870 which is the same month the John in the 1870 Census was born.

Here is this short-lived John’s birth record on April 3, 1870:

This means that the clue that Ancestry is giving me for John Edward Cavanaugh’s father is not looking good:

Before I put Michael to bed, I wonder when he died. Michael died July 13, 1872 of consumption:

This means that MIchael is ruled out as a father for John Edward Cavanaugh. Assuming that John Edward was born in 1880 or close to it, that was 8 years after Michael Cavanaugh died.

Who Are John Edward Cavanaugh’s Parents?

Right now, I have two top contenders:

  • Louisa Gately Cavanaugh and an unknown father. Louisa was 38 in 1880, so she was of child-bearing age. This theory is supported by the confusing marriage record listing her as the mother of John E. Warren, the husband of Leona Morrow.
  • John and Margaret Cavanaugh. They had a son named John born around the time that John Edward was supposed to have been born. This is supported by the dates. The marriage record for “Leoner” Morrow gave her husband’s father’s name as John.

Who do you vote for? There is always a third alternative, but let’s focus on these two first. If the first option is true, there should be a birth record.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole – John and Margaret

This appears to be the birth of John and Margaret’s son:

Sometimes you need to be creative on the spelling. This corresponds to the 1880 Census:

I would like to browse the Lowell Birth Records for Aughust 24, 1880 as that is when John Edward Cavanaugh stated that he was born. I looked and I couldn’t find anything that looked like a John Cavanaugh’s birth.

Next Steps

One way to do this is to wait until Heather and JJ’s DNA tests come in and see if this sorts anything out. I think that those DNA results will be helpful. Another strategy would be to build two trees. One would be with Louisa Gately Cavanaugh as the mother of John Edward. The other would be to build a competing tree with John and Maggie Cavanaugh as competing parents. Another possibility is that John Edward Cavanaugh could have been adopted.

Back to the City Directory

It occurs to me that if I could find a death record for John Edward Cavanaugh, that might clear some things up. Here is the 1927 Directory:

Laoner is at 263 Thorndike and I don’t see John Edward Cavanaugh. The latest John Edward sighting I had was for the 1920 Providence Census.

Here is the 1931 Directory:

Here Leona is not called a widow, but also there is no sign of John Edward. There are other Cavanaugh widows listed. Agnes is now working where her mom used to work. Louise and Helen are also listed but not the other Leona.

1936 Lowell

This is similar to the 1931 Directory except that the daughter, Leoner, is listed separately. I don’t see Louise this year. I didn’t see a Leoner or Leona in the 1946 Lowell Directory.

Here is a different look at the 1940 Census:

From this, I might infer that John Edward died between 1936 and 1940.

Here is a John Cavanaugh in 1930 in Providence County, Rhode Island:

This John is working and living at the race track. He is married and married at an older age (33). He is also the right age.

Here is Burrilville, Rhode Island where this John was living:


William and Maggie Cavanaugh

Perhaps a further look at William and Maggie will reveal something. It appears that William and Maggie Cavanaugh had a son John Kavaney but he died in 1908:

Michael Cavanaugh and Louisa Gately

So far I have shown that Michael and Louisa Cavanaugh had a son John but that he died young. They also had a daughter Ellen. According to the 1900 Census, she was born in 1865.

Ellen Cavanaugh Born 1865

So far, I have not found a birth record for Ellen. Here she is in 1865:


Ellen is assumed to be the daughter of Michael and Louisa above. Ellen McNabb is perhaps a relative of Louisa as they were both born in England. Fast forward to 1920. Ellen is with her mom and her mom’s niece (Ellen Ryden):

Ellen lived at 24 Crowley Street with her mother:

The two Ellens were book keepers at a Bunting Mill.

Here is Ellen in 1940:

Now her mother Louisa is dead. Ellen lives at 22 Crowley Street. She is now a payroll clerk at the bunting company. This is likely US Bunting which made bunting for the US Flag.

Bleachery Street, Lowell in 1880

Here is Ellen when she was in school in 1880:

Ellen and her mother lived on Bleachery Street in Lowell. Louisa is listed as being born in England. However Louisa’s father is listed as born in Jamaica and her mother is born in Ireland. Here is Bleachery Street in 1881:

Finally, this is from the Find A Grave Website:

A Brief Summary of John Edward Cavanaugh

  • I haven’t found a birth record for John
  • John’s marriage record gives his own name as John E Warren. It gives his father’s name as John [Warren] and his mother as Louisa Gately
  • I don’t have a death record for John
  • John was listed as boarding at the same house as his Louisa Gately Cavanaugh in 1906

I am beginning to think that perhaps John Cavanaugh was really John Warren but was raised as a Cavanaugh.

John Warren Father of John Edward Cavanaugh?

Next I will look at the possibility that John Warren was John Cavanaugh’s father. Here is a John J Warren on Bleachery Street in 1880:

He is widowed and has four children. In 1880 Louisa Gately was living at 38 Bleachery Street and John J Warren lived at 7 Bleachery Street. Seem like John J. is at least a possible father. At least he seems like a better candidate than Michael Cavanaugh who died 8 years before John Edward Cavanaugh was born.

Here is John J’s marriage in Lowell in 1866:

This is probably John’s birth record:

This means that I have come full circle. I originally thought that Leona Morrow’s marriage record was mistaken in saying that she married John E Warren. Now I see that it was probably the truth in who John Edward really was.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Initially, I was having trouble figuring out who the correct John Cavanaugh was. A WWI Draft Registion card straightened that out.
  • I was able to eliminate two potential Cavanaugh father’s for John Edward Cavanaugh.
  • It appears that the marriage record for Leona Morrow that had her husband as John E Warren was actually right.
  • I chose John J Warren as a father for John Edward Cavanaugh. John J Warren lived on the same street as John Edward’s mother who was Louisa Gately Cavanaugh
  • If I am right, John Edward and Nellie Cavanaugh were half siblings. John would have had Warren family half siblings also.
  • I would assume that John Edward was raised by Louisa Cavanaugh and her daughter Nellie. Nellie would have been about 15 when John Edward was born.
  • The records have Louisa Gately born in England and that her father was born in Jamaica and mother in Ireland.
  • Of course, I have been wrong before and would accept any corrections.




My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 3

In Part 1, I got started on Heather and JJ’s maternal genealogy. In Part 2, I went deeper on the Jarek side. Heather and JJ’s mother’s tree now looks like this:

Next, I will look into the Cavanaugh branch. This branch is 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English and half French Canadian. I am curious about the French Canadian side. I’m also suspicious that Morrow may actually be Moreau or something similar. Also Tacy may be Tessier, though that may not be as obvious. The Canadians have good genealogical records, but the problem is in making the link between the US and Canada when names get Americanized.


Leona Morrow is the most recent of my children’s direct ancestors:

I didn’t find a birth record for her, but found one for her three siblings. Leona’s parents married in Lowell on October 30, 1889.

Joseph F Morrow’s Naturalization

This looks like an application for Naturalization:

This gives some details of Joseph’s life. He was a shipper in 1900. He was living in Portland, Maine at the age of 3. He now lives at 444 Gorham Street in Lowell. This should be in the circled area of the map below:

Joseph F. Morrow from 1866 to 1889

If Joseph was in Portland, Maine, where are the records? If I could find a birth record for John Morrow, I would be happy. I did find a record for 1888:

These are all the Morrow’s in Lowell in the 1888 Directory.

Joseph Morrow Going Forward

Here is Joseph in the 1910 Census:

Here there is a distinction between Canadian English and Canadian French. Joseph’s birthplace was English. His father’s birthplace was Canadian French and his mother’s birthplace was English. The family has also added two new children.

Joseph in 1920

This is a little different than the 1910 Census as here Joseph speaks French as well as his mother and father. Now his wife is Helen H. – which may come in handy later. Also Joseph’s arrival date to the US is now listed as 1887 rather than 1866. That is quite a difference if it is accurate.

I’m stuck on the mysterious Morrow family for now.

Tacy or Tacey

I was able to find out more about Helen or Nellie H. Tacy’s family. Here are Nellie’s parents in 1860.

Nellie grew up in Fort Covington which is a border town:

Here is Nellie in Lowell, right before she married:

Here is where Nellie lived on a current Lowell map:

I wonder how and why Nellie made her way from Fort Covington to Lowell, MA.

Joseph Tacy in the Civil War

These were the people from Fort Covington who were subject to do service in the Civil War:

I’m not sure if Joseph served in the Civil War or not.

Phoebe – Joseph’s Wife

This is possibly Phoebe:

So, I didn’t find much new about the Tacy side either.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I turned over some stones on the Morrow and Tacy French Canadian sides.
  • I found out more of what I don’t know.
  • It is possible that the DNA testing for Heather and JJ will turn up something on the French Canadian side.
  • Next, on to Cavanaugh and Hulme.




My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 2 -More Poland and Jarek

Here is Part 1. In Part 1 I started a framework to my children’s maternal genealogy and came up with some things to check on.

The Jarek Side

I only got as far as my children’s great grandparents on their Jarek side. In 1920, Francis was living with his younger brother John in Lowell. My idea was to see if I could find anything about John.

One good source of information is from naturalization papers. This says that John arrived in 1902 and was naturalized in 1908. Francis was one year behind John.

Here is John’s marriage record for 1904:

Here are John and Marya’s parents:

Now I had that Francis married a Wosniac. Perhaps they were sisters.

Here is John’s WWII Registration Card:

This gives a birthplace, if I can read it. The transcription says, “Odrzykoy, Poland”. This is possibly in Southeastern Poland:

Now we have a place in Poland for Heather and JJ to visit. I cut off the Ukraine which is to the east of Odrzykoń. Here is a castle in Odrzykoń

I didn’t find Naturalization records for John or Frank, but I did find some interesting things.

After searching for Antonina Wozniak, I found her marriage record:

The couple married in 1905 in Lowell with Francis now listed as Frank. Antonina’s parents are similar to Frank’s brother’s wife Marya’s, but not quite the same:

I added the Priest’s name as a bonus. I assume that Jacenty may be the same as Jacynty. However, if he is, he had a different wife when Antonina was born. Here Josef’s wife looks to be Agnes Letkowiez (or Letkowicz?). I guess I can keep Jacenty and Jacynty separate for now.

Now Heather and JJ have some new, mysterious 2nd great-grandparents on the Jarek side:

I did a Google search and came up with this 1999 genealogical post:

I am looking for anyone that may have information on the following surnames:
Franciszek JAREK b. 3/27/1879 Odrzykon, Poland (nr. Krosno) Came to the US in 1903 and settled in Lowell, MA.
His parents’ names: Jozef & Mary Ras
His grandparents’ names: Antoni Jarek & Marii Such/Antoni Ras & Reginy Grzybala

Franciszek married Antonina WOZNIAK 11/4/1905 in Lowell, MA. Antonina was born 5/9/1889 in Mecinka, Poland.
Her parents’ names: Jacenty & Agnieszka Letkowicz
I would love to hear from anyone with a connection.
Thank you, Laurie

I think Męcinka is here:

Laurie’s message was from 1999, but still quite interesting. Laurie appears to have found another generation somehow. Assuming Laurie is right, I now have this:

Searching Ancestry Trees

Next, I looked for Jarek’s on Ancestry Trees. I found this interesting WWI Registration:

This gives a birth date for Frank Jarek. It also tells us he was a milk dealer in 1918.

Frank’s Passport

Frank’s passport is interesting as it gives some description:

Here is his passport photo:

Here is more information about Frank:

This confirms where Frank was born. This also gives information on his Naturalization.

It looks like Frank was visiting Poland on business. At the time of the passport application he was working in a mill.  It appears that he was to visit France and perhaps other countries. I am not sure why. I would think that there would be shipping records to follow up on.

Information from Linda

My daughter forwarded my previous Blog to her mom, Linda, who sent me this:

This is a tree that she got from a Jarek family reunion. This Wozniak part was helpful:

I had that Antonina was from Męcinka. I wonder if they are the same? I had also read that there was more than one Męcinka in Poland. Here is Podkarpackie:

This is the same Province that Odrzykoń is in.  In fact, these two places are a few miles from each other:

It appears that Męcinka is the correct spelling. This place is called Jedlicze Męcinka on the map. The other Męcinka I had earlier in the Blog was about 300 miles Northwest of Odrzykoń. My guess is that the Wozniaks were from the Męcinka in the map above.

Ship Records and Antonina

I had mentioned ship records above. I think that I have found Antonina:

She arrived in New York City on March 28, 1905 from Brussels on the Ship Kroonland. Here is where Antonina listed that she was from and where she was going:

She was fron Modersowka and was going to Redwood or Bedwood – looks like Mass. I know that there is a Bedford, but I’m a bit stumped. Here is some more information on where and who she was to stay with:

It appears that she had a brother named John Kalesiuk. Perhaps he was a brother in law?

It turns out that Moderowka is close to Męcinka and Odrzykoń.

I would imagine that it was quite a trip for a single girl of 16. She was listed as 18 on the ship but I don’t think that was quite right. Antonina traveled from Moderwoka to Brussels to New York City. Then she made her way to Massachusetts. Less than nine monts from getting off the ship, she married Frank or Francis Jarek.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to get back another generation on the Jarek side by initally looking at records for Frank’s brother John.
  • I also found a birthplace for John and Frank Jarek. This can be very difficult to find.
  • A simple Google search got me back even one more generation on the Jarek side. The message I found in the search also confirms the work I have done.
  • An Ancestry Tree search got me some more interesting information about Frank Jarek.
  • I find the Ras name interesting as it does not appear to be obviously Polish. Such does not come across to me as Polish either.
  • Some information from a Jarek reunion may have cleared up an issue dealing with two Męcinka’s – where the Wozniaks were from.  This was further confirmed by ship records.
  • I found out a lot more than I thought I would about the Jarek line.






Some Genealogy for my Children’s Maternal Side: Jarek and Cavanaugh

I’ve been behind on my children’s maternal genealogy. I have written a lot about my own side. I was divorced from my Heather and aJJ’s mother before I got into genealogy, so I hadn’t thought of looking up their genealogy. Now with DNA sales, I have ordered DNA kits for them and would like to find out more about their maternal genealogy.


I remember my former wife’s father’s name as Julius K Jarek. He had a Polish background. I can’t remember my former wife’s mother’s name. I just remember that she was Irish. Perhaps it will come back to me or I will find some information on her.

I’ll just add a father to Linda on my tree:

Next, I do a search for Julius K Jarek and I see this:

All of a sudden, I remember the name of my former mother-in-law.

Here is Julius’ birth record:

Here Julius’ mother is Antonina and Julius’ father was said to be born in Russia. I suppose parts of present Poland were taken over by Russia or Austria in the past.

Julius in the Census

Here is Julius in the 1910 Census on Mill Street in Dracut:

It looks like Julius’ parents were born in Polish Austria. I suppose the Austrian empire included Poland at the time. Julius’ dad came to this country in 1902 and his mom in 1905 according to this census. In 1910 the family was living near a Russian family who spoke Yiddish.

When I add Julius’ father, I get a hint for a potential mother:

Here are the details on the potential mother:

I think that this looks like a reasonable person based on her place and time of birth and her place of death.

Julius in 1920

In 1920, Julius was living in Lowell. It looks like Francis’ younger brother who owned a vegetable store was the head of the household. Julius now has a younger brother and sister.

Julius in 1930

Now the family owns their own house. The names have been Americanized. Francis is listed as a retail merchant of groceries.

That gives a short sketch of this immigrant family. Julius went to Lowell Technological Institute. Here he is with Delta Kappa Phi in 1929. He was in the class of 1931:


Perhaps I will find more on the Cavanaugh side. I know that Agnes had been married before she married Julius. Here is Agnes in  1940 living in Lowell with her daughter and mother:

Agnes’ first husband’s name was Rawbathans according to the Census. Perhaps Rowbotham is a more accurate spelling:

I wonder why Julius and Agnes married in Florida. Perhaps it had to do with WWII.

It looks like Julius became a commissioned officer 1 week before he married Agnes at the Flamingo Hotel in Miami, Florida.

More Cavanaugh History

Here is the 1930 Census. Here we see Agnes had three sisters. The parents of her mom, Leona, were born in New York.

In 1920, the family was in Providence, RI:

Now we have a father for Agnes. He is John, E., a wool sorter. This time Leona’s mother is said to be French Canadian.

Here is Agnes’ birth record:

I think it says her mom is Leona Moirow. Without the mark over what may be the ‘i’, it could be Morow. Here is a suggested father for Leona from Ancestry:

I’m not sure if Morrow is a French Canadian name. That would be something to look into. However, it seems like my former wife’s maternal side should be easier to trace compared to her paternal side:

John  Cavanaugh

John Cavanaugh was my children’s great grandfather. John was born March 4, 1881 in Templeton, Massachusetts. On his birth record, he appears to be John Francis:

His father was William Francis born in Ireland and was a loom fixer. His mother was here:

She was born in Providence, RI.

I decided to take the Ancestry hints and came up with this:

Ancestry gives me four new potential ancestors. These would be my children’s third great grandparents.

William F Cavanagh

John’s father William was also listed as a loom fixer in the 1900 census:

He immigrated in 1855, so when he was about 7. That means that he could have come to the US with his parents. Here is William in 1870 in Woonsocket, RI:

William was part of a large family. It looks like the family was living in Massachusetts for a while also. This record suggests that William was born in 1851.

Mary Jane Hulme

I don’t know if my children knew they descended from the Hulme family. Here is Mary in North Providence in 1860:

Mary’s dad Samuel was born in England.

Here I accepted Mary’s mom as Eliza Jackson:

Assuming I have the right couple, here is their marriage record from an area near Manchester, England:

Samuel was a dyer and Eliza was a spinner. Here is Collyhurst:


According to Google:

Collyhurst is an inner city area of Manchester, England, 1.5 miles northeast of the city centre on Rochdale Road and Oldham Road. The River Irk passes through the area. Prominent buildings include two Roman Catholic churches, St Patrick’s and St Malachy’s.

The Cavanaugh Side

The suggested parents for John Canvanagh are from Galway, but I don’t know if I have enough evidence to add them yet.

The Morrow Family

Now I’ll go back to Morrow. I had hesitated as I wasn’t sure that name sounded French Canadian. I’ll put in Agnes’ mother Leona in as a Morrow:


A Morrow Problem

Here is a record that is confusing:

This shows that “Laoner” Morrow married John Warren on January 16th, 1911. I have that Agnes Cavanaugh was born February 5, 1911. Either I have the wrong family, or something strange was going on. Actually, we know that John E. Cavanaugh was a wool sorter. I think that the records person just wrote the husband’s name down wrong. John was quite a bit older than “Laoner”. As he was 30 in 1911, he was born around 1880. I’m not sure how Cavanaugh got changed to Warren in the marriage record. The other confusing part is that John’s parents are not right. My guess is that “Laoner” was about 8 months pregnant when she married. At any rate, I think that the Cavanagh ancestry could be confirmed by the DNA tests.

More on Laoner/Leona Morrow

Even the death record lists her name as Laoner. Was that the original name that got normalized to Leona?

Here Laoner died in 1969 at age 79.

Here is Leona in 1900:

This shows some of Leona’s siblngs. Her dad, Joseph, was a music teacher.

I couldn’t find the birth record for Leona, but found birth records for her siblings. The birth record for Jeremiah is the most detailed. It gives the mother’s maiden names and birthplaces for the parents:

What About Tacy?

Here is what I have so far on the Tacy side:

The ancestry hints said that Nellie’s parents were also from Canada.

Many Roads Lead to Lowell

Nellie Tacy married Joseph Morrow in Lowell on October 30, 1889.

Joseph was a jeweller and Nellie was a dress-maker.

The Tacy Family in Fort Covington, NY

When Nellie married in 1889, she said that she was 29. That would mean that she was born about 1860. Here is the Fort Covington Census for 1860:


This Ida may be Nellie. Here Joseph was a Baker. He appears to have a young wife. Solomon may have been Joseph’s father.

So Where Are We?

Here is the tree for my children’s maternal side:

I’ve gotten a lot further on the maternal grandmother’s side (Cavanaugh) compared to the Jarek side.

My children, Heather and JJ have ancestry here:

The Jarek side appears to be all Poland. The other side is Ireland, England and French Canadian.

Next Steps

While I’m waiting for the DNA samples:

  • I can look more into the French Canadian side. They have good records there. I suspect Morrow may actually be Moreau.
  • The name Tacy is probably not French Canadian either. I looked this up on Google and one suggestion was that the name may have been Tessier.
  • I need to be more sure about the Hulme connection to Manchester.
  • I’d like to check the Cavanagh connection to Galway.
  • Julius’ Uncle John Jarek may give more clues to the Polish heritage. I don’t have experience with Polish genealogy.
  • Some of Heather and JJ’s maternal ancestors were jewellers, dress makers, wool sorters, loom fixers, bakers, grocers and laborers. As I recall, Julius worked in a paper mill.