Heather’s DNA at Gedmatch Genesis

This is my fourth Blog on my daughter Heather’s DNA. Here are the first three:

  1. A First Look at Heather’s DNA
  2. AutoClustering Heather’s DNA
  3. Heather’s Jarek DNA matches

Heather’s DNA at Genesis

Genesis is the new version of Gedmatch. I uploaded Heather’s DNA there for analysis. I am getting used to Genesis and Genesis is still being upgraded. Heather has three kits at Genesis. I uploaded her DNA from AncestryDNA, then I made two more kits for her. These nest two kits separate out her paternal DNA and her maternal DNA based on my DNA.

Heather’s Maternal Matches

Because I know a lot about my genealogy and DNA matches, I would like to look at Heather’s maternal side matches. Fortunately, Heather’s first four matches (after matching herself) are matches that I discussed in my previous Blog on the Jarek¬†Family. When I look at Heather’s maternal DNA compared to everyone at Genesis, here are the top 5 matches:

The first match is Heather’s maternal side matching with all her DNA. Here is where Heather matches the other four on the list:

Heather and her first four matches have as a common ancestor Joseph Jarek and Marianna Ras.


It is possible to paint these four matches to Heather using a web utility called DNAPainter. DNAPainter is quite easy to use. I set up a profile for Heather. Here is her blank canvas:

I just told DNA Painter Heather’s name and that she was female. DNA Painter wants to know if Heather is female so it can give her two X Chromosomes.

First, I painted in Heather’s match with Robert:

The common ancestors are Jarek and Ras and they appear on Heather’s maternal side chromosomes in yellow. I painted in the other three matches who appear to be siblings and got this:

That brings Heather up to 2% painted with 26 segment. That 2% includes her paternal and maternal side, so that would be more painted on just her maternal side.

Painting Heather’s Paternal Side

The fastest way to paint in Heather’s paternal side is to paint in her match with my mother:

This quickly gets Heather up to 26% painted. Heather’s X Chromosome should be all blue but for some reason she has a gap in the middle. I added some more paternal matches and got this:

This gets Heather up to 34% painted. Heather’s paternal side is 63% painted and her maternal side is 5% painted.

Betty at Genesis

Heather’s first maternal match after the known yellow Jarek matches painted is Betty. This looks to be Betty’s tree at Ancestry:

I’m skeptical of finding a match with Heather’s tree, but I’ll try Here is the tree I came up with:

I feel as though the connection may be with Annie Parson who was born in England – probably Lancashire County. But I don’t have a solid connection.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to find Heather’s top AncestryDNA Jarek matches at Gedmatch Genesis.
  • I mapped these matches to Joseph Jarek and Marya Ras.
  • I also mapped many of Heather’s paternal matches using DNA Painter.
  • I tried figuring out how Heather’s first unknown match at Gedmatch Genesis fits in. I suspect that it is through Lancashire, England, but I haven’t made an exact connection.





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