Heather’s Jarek LIne At AncestryDNA

In my last post, I took a look at my daughter Heather’s autoclustering. The autoclustering included most of Heather’s 4th cousins or closer. I had trouble finding and identifying many matches on Heather’s Cavanaugh Line. In this Blog, I’ll look at her Jarek side which I could find through DNA matches.

Heather’s Jarek Ancestry

Here is what I have so far on Heather’s mother’s father’s side:

Ancestry has a few ideas for a few of Heather’s ancestors on this line with green hints. In my first post, I found Heather’s closest identifiable Jarek relative. This was H.G.


I can draw a simple Jarek Tree for Heather and H.G.:

Next, I can look at H.G.’s and Heather’s Shared Match list. This should give me some more Jarek relatives. The next one on this list with a tree is Melanie. Melanie descends from Helen Jarek. I already have Helen on Heather’s tree:

Melanie is Heather’s 2nd cousin:

I had the wrong birth date for Helen in Heather’s Ancestry Tree above, so I corrected it from 1907 to 1917.

M.W.’s Shared Match With Heather

M.W. has a shared match with H.G. and Heather and has this paternal side tree:

At first, I thought that the match was on the Wozniak side. Then I started to build out M.W.’s tree:

I noticed a Cecylia Jarek born in 1873 in Odrzykon, Rzeszow, Austrian Poland. She could be a sister to Francis Jarek, who was born in 1879. Here is Cecylia’s ‘Potential Mother’:

Marianna Rasz looks a lot like Francis Jarek’s mother Marya Ras.

M.W. is Heather’s 3rd cousin by genealogy and DNA.

S.M. On the Matusik Side

Here is S.M’s tree on his paternal side:

This must be where Ancestry gave me the hint of Joseph Jarek and Marianna Ras for Heather’s tree.

All these people are in Heather’s tan Cluster 5:

Cluster 5 is at the top left. However there are links to some of the other clusters going down to the right. These links are indicated by the gray boxes outside the clusters.

R.M.’s Bigger Tree

R.M. appears to be the brother of S.M. and has an expanded tree:

Assuming the genealogy is right, this pushes back the Heather’s Polish genealogy several generations into the 1700’s.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to link Heather with those that show as her 3rd cousin or closer at AncestryDNA. For those that show as matches at the 4th cousin level, it has more difficult to link the matches’ trees with Heather’s tree.
  • Heather has some good matches with people who have Jarek ancestry. Thanks to research with one of the matches, Heather has likely ancestry going back into 1700s Poland.
  • In this Blog, I didn’t do any independent Polish research, but depended on the research of others in conjunction with their DNA matches. At some point, it would be a good idea to go over the research to see if I come up with the same tree.
  • Once Ancestry has had a chance to go over Heather’s tree, it might find more tree connections that match up with Heather’s DNA matches.


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