Tracing My Children’s French Canadian DNA at Ancestry

I have noticed lately a lot of common ancestors for my two children. These are French Canadian ancestors usually with the name dit Grandmaisson.

The Genealogy

The genealogy for my children Heather and JJ goes from Morrow to Tacy to Barbary to Barbary dit Grandmaison. My understanding is that a dit name is like a nickname or further identifier for a surname. In this case, it appears that Barbary was the original name, but Grandmaison was the dit name.

Starting with Heather

Heather seems to have more of the French Canadian matches. Here is one of Heather’s first French Canadian ThruLines:

It was a genealogical breakthrough when I figured out that the Tacy name was originally Tessier.

The best way to check the connection between JP and Heather is to recreate a tree for JP. JP’s Tree at Ancestry does have a Tessier:

Almina show as Albina in the 1920 Census for Central Falls, RI:

My Tree for JP at Ancestry has a lot of suggestions:

This appears to be Valentine in 1871 in Montreal:

The Marriage record for Valentine is on two different pages:

I can make out that Valentine’s father was Pierre. Her mother was something like Edessa Cyr? That fits in with the Ancestry hints.  The ThruLines have Pierre as Tessier dit Lavigne. Here is how my tree looks now:

Here is Pierre in 1891:

I found this 1849 Marriage record from someone else’s tree at Ancestry:

Here, Pierre’s father is another Pierre.

It looks like JP’s tree does match up with Heather’s:

A Tessier DNA/Genealogy Tree

Heather and JJ’s ThruLines

Here is what I see when I look at Heather’s ThruLines for Joseph Tessier:


This shows that there are a total of 8 DNA matches under the descendants of Michel Pierre who I call Pierre Tessier and Ancestry has as dit Lavigne.


Here is what JJ has:

This shows that JJ has fewer matches on the Tessier Line.

Heather and Erica

This shows going up to Morrow but he married Nellie Tacy who was originally a Tessier. It may be difficult to go all the way to Erica as her mother is shown as private. I have Nellie Morrow in my tree, but no further information:

Nellie appears to have also gone by Helen and married Thomas Glancy. It appears that there must be a connection between Heather and Erica:

Heather’s Grandmaison ThruLines

JJ’s Grandmaison ThruLines

Again, JJ has fewer:

Here again, we see the issue where it appears that there should only be one Marguerite Barbary, but they show as two.

JJ and Ransom

Heather and JJ both match Ransom:

Ransom also has a good tree:

However, Ransom’s tree goes from Vilandre to Franche and ThruLines goes from Vilancre to Salisbury.

Here is Theona and family in Providence in 1930:

Here is Charles’ baptismal record:

Ancestry has Theona incorrectly transcribed as Therese. Her last name is Philandry which is different from Ransom’s tree showing Vilandre. My tree so far:

Ancestry thinks Theona’s mother is Lafranboise. My thinking is that Villandre is a variant of Philandry.

This birth record for Theona’s daughter has her as Vilandre. Now I just need a marriage record or baptismal record for Theona. Here is her baptismal record from 1878:

Her full name is Marie Theona Cordelia Vilandre. Her mother’s last name appears to be Franche or Fraiche?

It looks like Theona married in Rhode Island:

Here is the 1891 Census:

In the 1891 Census, Theona’s mother appears to be Lefranboise.

Here is the 1881 Census:

I am assuming that these are the same family, but I may be wrong. I can see why there is so much confusion in the Ancestry trees.

I can look for more information. The 1891 Census has a Pamel or Pomela born about 1874.

We see her parents were also Fabrien Vilandre and Elise Franche.

Here is some information on another sister:

The marriage place may not be right.

Here is a record from another child of the family:

Here is where Sawyer comes in:

Corliss appears to be here in the 1900 Census:

Here, Corliss is understandably transcribed as Corlier. I say close enough. At this point, I ready to give up on this line.

What Might I Learn from This Excercise?

  • There is still a DNA match, so something is going on
  • The general area of this line of Ransom’s ancestors is the same as the general area of the line of my children’s ancestors (around Montreal)
  • There may be another line Heather and JJ are connected with Ransom on or I may have misunderstood his Line or Heather and JJ’s
  • I learned a lot about some of Ransom’s ancestors

Heather and Rose

I am ready to try a new line:

Heather matches Rose by DNA. He shows a possible link to Joseph Grandmaison by way of Benjamin Grandmaison. I’ll try the same method which did not work so well previously, by making my own tree for Rose. I picked Rose because her tree is public:

Rose’s tree ends part way up the ThruLines:

This record got me to Imelda’s father:

Here is a scrawly record for Imelda:

It looks like Imelda’s mother’s name is Adelaide Gauthier and that the baptism happened in Noelville, Ontario:

Based on location and time frame, this appears to be William St. Louis:

Here are Elzear aka Joseph and his father Benjamin in 1911:

Of interest, we see that the family was from Quebec and moved to Ontario between four and six years before 1911.

Looking for Benjamin’s Mother

If I am to get agreement with the ThruLines, I need to find a Barbary for Benjamin’s mother. Here is Benjamin’s marriage record:

I have underlined the name of Benjamin’s mother. Here is the abbreviated view of my tree so far:

Here is the 1851 Baptismal record for Hermaline:

Here are Benjamin and his wife with what appears to be Benjamin’s parents:

Hermaline recorded as Ameline was on the next page:

I think this is where the family was living at the time near the top left of the map below:

Here is Benjamin’s marriage record:

That means that I can build a Barbary DNA/Genealogy Tree:

Barbary DNA/Genealogy Tree

Here I left out the dit Grandmaison as I didn’t see this name much in the official records.

Expanding the Tessier Tree

I’ll look at Heather and Mambo:

Mambo appears to be from Canada and has this tree:

Mambo’s tree goes back to Malvina Tessier. Here is Therese in 1931 in Montreal:

Next I would like to follow Lucienne. She is identified on Therese’s baptismal record:

Lucienne’s marriage record gives Lucienne’s mother’s name:

Unfortunately, the transcriber saw Tessier as Gausier. I don’t see it that way.

Here is Malvina’s baptismal record:

Here is St Timothee to the SW of Montreal where Malvina was baptized:

Here is how my tree is shaping up:

Here is an 1851 Marriage record between Louis Tessier and Catherine ‘Chorel’:

This record goes on to another page, but the date and place look right. That gets us back to Lambert Tessier who I hope to be the son of Joseph Tessier.

Here is an 1818 Marriage record for Lambert and Felicite:

Here is the name of the father of Lambert:

I can possibly make out Josephe Tessier.

Here are some Tessiers in 1851 St. Timothee:

Updating My Tessier DNA/Genealogy Tree

I could continue on a bit more with this tree, but I will leave it as is for now. This shows Saloman with two of his siblings and some descendants. It is always interesting to me how far back the DNA can go.

One More for the Barbary Tree

I’ll add one more line to the Barbary DNA/Genealogy Tree and then I’ll end this long Blog.

Now recall in Heather and JJ’s tree, they have a Joseph Barbary dit Grandmaison who married a Marie Grandmaison. So I assume that these two were relatives in some way. When I check the descent from Marie Grandmaison, there appear to be more lines.

I would be tempted to look into the Rosalie Line as there are 5 matches, but I had trouble when I looked into Ransom’s line:

Before I decide, here is the marriage record for Joseph Barbary and Marie Barbary:

It gets confusing as most people had a Joseph or a Marie in their names. Here Joseph is called Francois.

Oddly, I see no Francois in the Baptismal record, unless this is a different person:

Rosalie Barbary

Here is page two of Rosalie’s marriage record from 1842:

Her parents are given as Joseph Barbarie and Marie Barbarie. Here is St. Benoit:

Here is an Ancestry Tree for Rosalie:

Here I don’t see Eliza from 1849, though this is probably Marie Elise. I don’t see Cleophyre from 1840. Plus this would be two years before Rosalie’s marriage.

The Glephire Line

It seems the logical choice is to try out the Glephire Line.

Here is the maternal part of kjp’s tree:

I want to head towards Bourgon. I’ll make more own tree for kjp in the traditional way, starting with kjp and going back in time.

kjp had this record for his grandfather:

Here is a wedding announcement:

Unfortunately, Arthur does not look like the father’s name Ower? in George’s baptismal record.

Coming Down from Rosalie

Due to the fact that people had so many names, I am having trouble tracking down independently of kjp’s tree. For example kjp has:

But if I just use this information, then I am not verifying it. I did find a photo of Louis Franche:

However, this must be his second wife. This is from an Ancestry Tree:

This must be the family in 1861:

My guess is that Ogliphire is the same as Glephire. Glephire was baptized as Marie in 1845:

It looks like Glephie married a Paquet:

Or did she marry this guy?

This person was transcribed as Felix Gonquet, but I suppose it can be the same person.

Confusingly, this is the hint from the ThruLines:

The ThruLines follows Hillaire Hilion to Amanda Filion. So, I am stumped for right now unless Glephire married twice.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to check up on my children’s French Canadian ThruLines
  • Those ThruLines go back to the 1700’s on the Tessier and Barbary surnames
  • I ran into a bit of confusion on the Barbary side. I was close on a few ThruLine connections but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
  • The Tessier Lines were a bit more straightforward
  • I enjoy making my own DNA/Genealogy charts for these two lines
  • I may come back and fill out more of the charts if I can.


Visual Phasing My Two Children with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 4

This should be the final Blog for the visual phasing of my childrens’ autosomal DNA. I will be looking at Chromosomes 19-22 and the X Chromosome sometimes called Chromosome 23.

Chromosome 19

There appears to be a discrepancy at position 46 between the crossover line and where my mother matches JJ. However, as these are smaller chromosomes, any difference will be exagerrated in the view.

I’m not seeing any easy cousin matches on the maternal side.

I had said that the the shorter chromosomes can be easier to solve. There is the other problem that they are so short, that there may not be any identifiable matches on them. I can put in a G3 and G4 on the right hand side of the Chromosome:

I checked Heather at MyHeritage and she has a match with Richard who has all Polish ancestors:

Now that I have this, the G3 and G4’s are not useful:

Heather and Richard have a shared match with Krystyna:

I am showing some progress:

JJ and Richard have a shared match at MyHeritage with Patricia here:

That leaves a small area to fill in on the left side of Chromosome 19:

From a comparison between JJ and Heather, it appears that the first crossover should be at about 5.2M. I’m having trouble figuring out the left hand side of Chromosome 19, so I will leave it as is for now.

Downloading Heather and JJ’s MyHeritage Segment Data

While working on Chromosome 19, I downloaded Heather and JJ’s segment data from MyHeritage. I waited a little while and got an email with the information I was looking for. Heather did have these matches at MyHeritage which appear to go through position 5.2:

However, it is difficult to tell for sure if these are real matches, maternal, paternal or if they in fact clearly straddly position 5.2M.

Chromosome 20

On the paternal side, all but one segment is Rathfelder DNA:

I am having trouble finding DNA matches on Heather and JJ’s maternal side on this Chromosome also.

Now it’s time to get creative. I put a Poland filter on Heather’s matches at MyHeritage. I see a match there with Grzegorz:

Unfortunately, it is rather a small match. Heather and JJ have several small matches in this area. I’ll take a chance and give that segment to Jarek:

JJ clearly has matches that go through position 18:

That is about as far as I can get. However, that is built upon small matches on the left side of Chromosome 20.

Chromosome 21

Here, Heather and JJ have all Rathfelder and no Hartley on their paternal side.

Heather and Jarek-side Richard have this match:

I’ll say that Heather’s match goes through position 41.2.

Heather has a match on the Cavanaugh side with Martha:

That should finish Chromosome 21:

JJ’s match with Martha further confirms the visual phasing:

This Chromosome is further shortened by some unusable area at the beginning of the Chromosome.


Chromosome 22

There are no obvious matches on the maternal side yet:

JJ and Nicholas match:

He is probably on the Jarek side, but I can’t be certain.

Heather’s match with David:

I didn’t see any Polish ancestors on David’s tree. Also, this is a paternal match as my siblings show up as common matches with Heather and David.

I’ll leave Chromosome 22 like this and hope that I get more or find more matches:

I did find this match at MyHeritage between Heather and Krzysztof after filtering for matches from Poland:

Here is another match that Heather has at MyHeritage with Rafal from Poland:

I see now that I should have extended the segments to here anyway:

Now, I’m doing better than I thought I could. I see that MyHeritage shows that JJ matches Rafal, but not on Chromosome 22:

This suggests to me that JJ should have the crossover at 43.9 M:

Heather and JJ’s X Chromosome

Here we have a different situation. JJ has no paternal side to his X Chromosome as these are not passed down from father to son. Heather’s paternal side of her X Chromosome is just from my mom, so her paternal grandmother. That leaves Heather and JJ’s maternal side DNA to fill in: Jarek and Cavanaugh.

Another complication is that MyHeritage does not report the X Chromosome and Heather and JJ did not test at 23andMe. That means any matches will have to be from Gedmatch or FTDNA.

This is what I have for Heather at DNAPainter:

I am not sure why there is a gap in the paternal side as Heather should match her grandmother the whole way.

Here is Heather’s match with Martha on the Cavanaugh side:

The blue portion in the comparison betweeen Heather and JJ on the top row indicates that JJ should match the same on his maternal side. JJ also has a small match with Peter on the Jarek side here:

JJ’s match list shows that he has no X Match with Peter:

So perhaps 6.4cM is below FTDNA’s X Chromosome match threshold. Heather, on the other hand shows no X match with Peter on the FTDNA Chromosome Browser.

Assuming that is a valid match, I get this:

JJ’s Interesting X Match with Ellen at Gedmatch

If this match is correct, then it suggests that my mapping above in incorrect. I would assume that JJ’s match is with either on the Jarek or Cavanaugh side, but not both. Here is JJ’s ancestry where the match can be:

From the right-hand column, there are two Polish lines, two English lines and three French Canadian lines. I have sent an email to Ellen to see if she has family history information.

So how do I interpret the new information? I need to disregard the small DNA match with Peter for now. One interesting thing is that JJ matches Martha on the Cavanaugh side where he doesn’t match Ellen:

JJ’s match with Martha is from about position 9-33 where I have the red arrow pointing to the black region. I take it to mean that both Martha and Ellen match JJ on his Cavanaugh side, but down different branches of the Cavanaugh line. For example, JJ’s match with Martha may be on the Morrow side and JJ’s match with Ellen may be on the Cavanaugh/Warren side.

Here is my guess on how the the X Chromosome should look:

I now have JJ as mostly Cavanaugh due to the match with Ellen.

Heather and Ellen

Here is how Heather matches Ellen at Gedmatch:

Heather has a smaller match with Ellen, but it is still significant. In the area I have mapped as Jarek for Heather, she does not match Ellen, so that is consistant with the visual phasing that I have done above. That means that Ellen should match JJ and Heather on the Cavanaugh line. That would likely mean a French Canadian or English connection.

One Last Step: Heather and JJ’s X Chromosome Segments

I already downloaded Heather and JJ’s autosomal segments at Gedmatch. However, this did not include their X Chromosome segments. I picked the Segement Option at Tier 1 for Heather. The minimum I could pick was 1,000 matches so I picked that. I don’t need a lot for the X Chromosome. I picked the csv download option and then saved the file as an Excel file. I formatted the positions with commas:

Next, I would like to see if Heather has matches that go through the next crossover on the X Chromosome which is at 143.7. However, my download was for all of Heather’s X Chromosome matches: paternal and maternal. I really want the maternal side. For that I have to choose Heather’s phased maternal kit to get the segments. When I try to do this, I get no segments. I assume that when Heather’s phased maternal kit was created, it didn’t include the X Chromosme.

JJ’s matches will already be phased, so I will try him next. JJ has one match that goes through 143.7, but I am not convinced that this match will help me:

One problem is that the SNP count is quite low.

Heather has matches that go through 143.7, but they are mostly on the paternal side:

TX is a match where I can’t tell if it is paternal or maternal. All the other matches are close paternal matches. That means that I will leave the X Chromosome visually phased as is for now:

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to visually phase my two childrens’ 23 chromosomes.
  • Some were fully phased and some were partially phased
  • Because I had tested my mother, Heather and JJ were already phased on the paternal side
  • There are more DNA cousin matches on the maternal Jarek side than the maternal Cavanaugh side. This is offset by Martha who is a fairly close Cavanaugh relative to my two children
  • I am interested in DNA matches on the Cavanaugh side due to some confusion in the genealogy. For example, Cavanaugh going back should actually be Warren the way I understand it
  • Visually phasing the X Chromosome is a little different than the others. I found a large Cavanaugh side X Chromosome match to Heather and JJ and wrote to the match. I hope that she writes back so we can find the connection.
  • Some chromosomes may need updating and filling in as new maternal matches are identified
  • Using the Fox Spreadsheet is a handy way to do visual phasing and keeps all the information in one need spreadsheet



Visual Phasing My Two Children with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 3

In Part Three of this series, I will be looking at Chromosomes 13-18 for my children and visually phasing them to the extent that I can.

Chromosome 13

Here, Heather gets a full dose of her Rathfelder Grandmother’s DNA:

I didn’t see any of the Jarek-matching DNA on the Fox Spreadsheet. I don’t have to open JJ’s FTDNA account each time for his Cavanaugh side match Martha as I aready downloaded JJ’s segments:

Here is where Heather matches Martha:

That takes care of the right half of Chromosome 13:

Heather has this maternal match with Pavel that JJ does not:

It is small, but likely to be real as it is a phased match. This appears to be the correct solution for Heather and JJ’s Chromosome 13:

Chromosome 14

Here is what Heather and JJ’s paternal side looks like:

Heather has a small DNA match with Robert that JJ doesn’t have on the Jarek side:

That is enough to map the left side of Chromosome 14:

The maternal side DNA can move over two lines as those are taken up by paternal crossovers.

Heather matches Peter, a Jarek-side matche, here:

Here is JJ’s match with Peter at FTDNA:

This indicates to me that JJ has a crossover to Jarek at about position 70:

Next, I need to get the position number for the right side of the green FIR.

This is at about 96.6.

JJ has a maternal match with Ashley that goes to about 98:

Heather’s matches do not go that far, so I would give the crossover to Heather:

Other than to JJ, Heather’s furthest out math is at 91.

Chromosome 15

Let’s see how Chromosome 15 shakes out for Heather and JJ:

This shows that Chromosome 15 only has two crossovers and one of those is on the paternal side. It also shows that JJ got a full dose of Rathfelder DNA on his paternal side. Heather and JJ’s match with Jarek-side match Robert shows where the other crossover is:

Here is the finished, simple Chromosome 15:

This tells me that if I was looking for Cavanaugh matches on this Chromosome, I should look at Heather’s match list and not JJ’s.

A Further Check on Chromosome 15

I show that Heather has a match with Jarek-side LeeAnne here:

I had assumed that LeeAnne was on the Jarek side, so something seems wrong. Perhaps LeeAnne is on the Cavanaugh side. When I check on LeeAnne’s tree at Ancestry, I assumed that the Dziura in her family was the Dziuria in my children’s family:

That could mean that LeeAnne could match on the Cavanaugh side? Very confusing. However, LeeAnne’s shared matches at AncestryDNA are clearly on the Jarek side. The only explanation that I can think of is that Heather and JJ have a crossover at nearly the same poine where (going from right to left) JJ goes from Jarek to Cavanaugh and Heather goes from Cavanaugh to Jarek.

Checking Martha on the Cavanaugh Side

I see that JJ matches Martha here:

This confirms that at some point on the left side of Chromosome 15, JJ needs to have Cavanaugh DNA and Heather has to have Jarek DNA, but I can’t figure out where that is.

One More Check

When I check on Heather compared to JJ at Gedmatch with a lower match limit of 3 cM, I get this:

These are just two small matches at the beginning of the Chromosome. These two small matches may or may not be important. I’m tempted to think that Heather and JJ had maternal crossovers at about the same point:

I don’t know where that point was, but it must have been after position 54.3. Here are Heather’s maternal matches:

The crossover is likely between 55 and 60.8. based on Heather’s maternal matches.

Chromosome 16

I hope that this Chromosome goes more smoothly than the last one:

I don’t see any uploaded Jarek matches on the spreadsheet. I have used Peter before as a Jarek side match:

That gets things started on the maternal side:

The 55 above is closer to 54.8. That is cutting it close, but JJ has this maternal match:

Heather’s match with KP ends slightly sooner:

So I will give Heather the crossover at 54.8:

JJ has many matches going through 82, so I will give the crossover to Heather again:

I couldn’t find a clear answer to the two segments on the left of Chromosome 16:

Chromosome 17

Here Heather gets a full dose of Hartley DNA from my father:


A match with Robert on the Jarek side shows that Heather has the first maternal crossover from Jarek to Cavanaugh:


JJ matches Cavanaugh side Martha here:

That means that Heather must match on the Jarek side in that area:

A Little Detective Work to Fill in the Last Part of Chromosome 17

I noticed that on Heather’s list of matches from FTDNA, she has one with a Polish sounding last name:

The match goes through positiion 72.7. I need to know if this is a paternal or maternal match for Heather. I checked Heather’s in common matches at FTDNA and did not see any paternal matches. That tells me that this match is likely on Heather’s maternal side. From what I can tell, this is the right answer for Heather and JJ’s Chromosome 17:

Chromosome 18

I’lll conclude this Blog with Chromosome 18:

This project would have been much more difficult without my mother’s Rathfelder DNA.

Jarek Cousin Robert has a match that goes to position 53:

The match looks like it goes over the crossover line, but I don’t trust the accuracy of it.

Cavanaugh Cousin Martha matches Heather here:

There were no obvious snags in Chromosome 18:

This would be a good Chromosome to look for Cavanaugh side matches – especially on Heather’s side.

Summary and Conclusions

  • It looks like I was able to finish the visual phasing for each of Chromosomes 13-18
  • The smaller higher number chromosomes are generally considered easier to visually phase compared to the longer chromosomes
  • I find it interesting that when I passed my DNA on to my children, I was really passing down my parents DNA to them and combined my children recieved the DNA from their four grandparents.

Visual Phasing My Two Children with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 2

In my previous Blog, I started working on visually phasing the first 6 chromosomes of my two children. Normally, visual phasing is done with three or more siblings. However, it should not be too difficult to visually phase Heather and JJ’s chromosomes. I have tested their paternal grandmother. Because of that, their paternal side is basically phased.

Chromosome 1

Here is how far I got previously:

It would be helpful to put a few position numbers in at the end of the Chromosome. Specifically, the beginning and the end of the last green HIR would be helpful. The end should be around 216.6M where the last black non-matching area starts:

I’ll call that 215.5. Here is the beginnning of the FIR:

I’ll call that 203.6M.

Segment Search for Maternally Phased Kits of Heather and JJ

Here are some of the results for segment details for the maternal part of JJ’s DNA:

Near the bottom, JJ matches Heather from 237.5M. However, his match with *sly goes past that match to 238.9M. This is a likely indication that Heather has a crossover at 237.5M. Unfortunately, we first need to find out who has the crossover at 203.6.

Heather has this match which I don’t see on JJ’s match list:

Betty likely matches Heather on the Cavanaugh side. Gedmatch indicates that Betty tested at Ancestry, but I am having trouble identifying her test. So it looks like I am stuck, unless I download more match information from FTDNA and MyHeritage for Heather and JJ.

Chromosome 2

Here, I’ve added a few position numbers:

Let’s see what Heather and JJ show around positions 115 and 231M. I couldn’t find anything obvious, so I need to find the end of the first green FIR:

I’ll call that 20.7M. Heather has many maternal matches that pass through 20.7M:

So, I’ll give the crossover to JJ:

Next, I’ll add two more positions:


However, when I do that, I notice a problem with the segment map. I see that this is the result of a missplaced paternal crossover:

It’s a good thing I am checking this. The crossover from Rathfelder to Hartley should be at 83:

JJ shows a match going through 47.7 which is the beginning of the second green HIR:

That means that Heather gets the crossover there:

This is an improvement over what I had. In this case, it helped to check.

Chromosome 3 Check

Here I added some easy position numbers:

I’ll look at Heather and JJ’s maternal matches around position 2 and 168.3M. Heather’s first match goes beyond 3M:

The first position above should have been a 3:

So I am giving the crossover to JJ.

JJ has many matches that go through 168.3:

So I give this crossover to Heather:

Heather and JJ do not have many maternal matches around 183.1, so I will leave this Chromosome as is.

Chromosome 7

Chromosomes 4-6 are in good shape, so let’s check on Heather and JJ’s Chromosome 7:

Here, JJ’s match with his paternal grandmother didn’t quite match up with his crossover point, so I put his grandmother’s match at the closest crossover.

Here, I’ll add Leeanne’s match on the left side of Chromosome 7:

Here is Heather’s match with Cavanaugh side Martha:

This match fills in 2 Cavanaugh segments for Heather:

Due to the HIR and FIR, JJ is Jarek and Cavanaugh below Heather. JJ’s match with Martha brings his Cavanaugh DNA to the end of his Chromosome 7:

Next, it would be nice if JJ or Heather had some maternal matches going through position 80. Heather’s maternal match Charles meets that requirement:

Next, I am focusing in on 56.1:

JJ’s match with the same Charles appears to go through 56.1:

That leaves the very left of Heather and JJ’s maternal side. The next position I am interested in is at 5.7:

JJ has two matches going through that position. That should finish Chromosome 7:

However, it doesn’t. Two segments after the red one above should be red and not green. If there is no match there, then the two Hartley segments cannot be right there. Remember when I guessed on JJ and Heather’s grandmother’s ambiguous match position? I guessed wrong.

Here is the easiest, though perhaps non-scientific way to fix the problem:

I moved JJ’s Rathfelder segment right to 80. I then moved JJ’s Jarek segment left from 80 to 76.3. This is the intuitive, logical solution. By non-scientific, I mean that I didn’t look at all of Heather’s and JJ’s matches in that region to double check the crossovers. The yellow/green/red segment map checks out.

Chromosome 8

Things have been going fairly smoothly so far. Let’s hope they continue that way.

Here are two complications. The first situation has a FIR going into a region with no matches. In order for that to happen there has to be two crossovers. The second arrow points to a region where there appear to be two crossovers fairly close to each other, but the match to Heather and JJ’s paternal grandmother shows as being between the two crossovers.

The start of the FIR is at 101.6:

Using the closest rule, I’ll go with the 99.2 crossover.

I left the little paternal segment blank on JJ’s side as there are two very close changes there. The segment is so small, it doesn’t matter. I will just need to have a HIR there when I am done.

Mat1’s matches give some Jarek segments to Heather and JJ:

This seems to be what the match with Jarek relative Mat1 is telling me:

The next step is to find some more crossover locations for this Chromosome.

Next, I’ll check Heather and JJ to see what their matches look like in the vivinity of 12.9, 72.1, 106 and 137.5.

Downloading Heather and JJ’s Segments

However, instead of looking at each chromosome, I will download Heather and JJ’s segment information for their top 1,000 maternal matches at Gedmatch. I did this, but could not find any easy clues as to their crossovers on this chromosome.

Chromosome 9

Chromosome 9 looks interesting:

For one thing, the Heather and JJ’s matches with their grandmother do not line up with the first crossover I have. I went back and compared Heather with JJ at a resolution of 3 cM:

3 cM is the smallest increment allowed. It is good that the smallest is not 4 as I would have missed two crossovers at 10.2 and 13M. Now this makes more sense:

Matches with Robert point out two maternal crossovers:

It seems like JJ should have a crossover to Jarek at 98.1.  When I lower the threshold for JJ’s match with Robert, I get this:

This is what I expected, so JJ does have a crossover at 98:

That leaves only 4 maternal segments. Here is a match that Heather has with Martha on the Cavanaugh side:

Next, I’ll look at Heather and JJ’s maternal match list at around 133.6M. Heather has a lot of maternal matches that go through that crossover. That means that the crossover must belong to JJ:

Here is what I end up with:

Chromosome 10

Here is my initial interpretation:

Chromosome 9 had to HIRs. Chromosome 10 has a small one shown in green above.

Robert has a small match with JJ:

Robert is on the Jarek side, so Heather must have Cavanaugh DNA in her corresponding maternal segment. Heather’s match with Martha on the Cavanaugh confirms that:


Heather also matches Martha at the right hand side of Chromosome 10.

Next, I am looking for the position number for the beginning of the HIR:

I’ll call that 114.6.

Heather and JJ’s maternal matches at Gedmatch are primarily between 13.8 and 79.2 for Chromosome 10, so I am stuck for now:

Chromosome 11

Here is my start:

JJ’s matches don’t align perfectly with his paternal grandmother. Robert matches Heather and JJ on the Jarek side:

When I put this in, I notice that there is a Fully Identical Region (FIR) going to a non-match. That means that there needs to be an extra crossover there.

Leanne matches JJ and not Heather on the right hand side:

Here is the beginning of the first FIR in green:

I’ll ignore the three yellow lines and call the start of the FIR 57.4M.

Heather has maternal matches that go through 123.6:


Because there is already a paternal crossover at 115.8, I can also move the two Cavanaugh segments to the left.

JJ has two matches that go through 102.5:

Heather would not have a super small Cavanaugh segment at 95.8:

Checking around FTDNA, I see that JJ has a match with Peter, who is in common with Robert and Leeanne from the Jarek side on my spreadsheet:

Thanks to Peter, I can finish Chromosome 11:

Other matches at FTDNA and MyHeritage would also help in completing chromosomes.

Chromosome 12

Here is my starting point with my children’s Rathfelder grandmother added:

I was suspicious of the segment at the right hand side, so I looked at the match between Heather and Gladys at a lower resolution:

Here we see Heather has a small amount of Rathfelder at the end of her paternal side. I don’t see any standard Jarek matches, so I’ll check on Martha on the Cavanaugh side:

JJ has two good matches with Martha:JJ

JJ’s other match with Martha appears to extend to the left of 96.1, but I’m not sure:

Heather’s maternal match with Bryan at Gedmatch clarifies this:

JJ also has matches that go through position 15.3:

In order to get more match information, I will download Heather and JJ’s segment data from FTDNA. The problem with this is that it takes a little work to figure out whether the matches are paternal or maternal.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I have now looked at about half of my childrens’ chromosomes and have done an initial mapping out of their segments, sorting them out to where they got their DNA from their four grandparents where I could figure that out.
  • I found an additional Jarek side match named Peter at FTDNA which helped out on one chromosome
  • I downloaded additional segment information from Gedmatch and FTDNA. The Gedmatch segments are more helpful as I can download just the maternal side segment imformation
  • So far, the detailed segment information from FTDNA has not been helpful as many matches are on the paternal side or small and I can’t be sure on which side they are (or perhaps they could be false matches).




Updates to My Children’s Polish Jarek Genealogy and Beyond

Recently I have in touch with a few people over a previous Blog I wrote. Actually there was more than one Blog:

  1. NOVEMBER 26, 2018 – Some Genealogy for my Children’s Maternal Side: Jarek and Cavanaugh
  2. NOVEMBER 26, 2018 – My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 2 -More Poland and Jarek
  3. JANUARY 18, 2019 – Heather’s Jarek LIne At AncestryDNA
  4. NOVEMBER 18, 2019 – My Childrens’ Polish DNA and Genealogy

The first contact I had was from Laurie. She commented on my Blog #2 above. She is apparently a second cousin of my children. I see that my son JJ is a 2nd cousin by genealogy and DNA to a Roger:

Laurie is also on the Walter Jarek Line. Laurie has done a lot of research and has found that the marriage record for Francis’ wife at the top of the tree may be wrong concerning Antonina. According to Antonina’s marriage record from 1905 in Lowell:

This shows that Francis (or Frank) and Antonina were both born in Austria (today’s Poland). Antonina’s mother is listed as Agnes Letkowicz. Here are Frank and Antonina presumably on their wedding day:

I have that Antonina was 16 when she married. Frank was 26. The photo is quite interesting. It is likely that there are other Jarek and Wozniak relatives in the photo.

This is the 2001 letter that Laurie got from the Polish archives concerning Antonina:

I thank Laurie for taking the time to get this information. There is actually quite a bit of information in this documet. For example, the Godfather was Marcin Lekiewicz. Same surname given as Antonina’s mother in her marriage record. As Laurie pointed out in her email to me, this record also gives the parents of Antonina’s parents. It turns out that this information will correct a mistake I have in the Jarek tree and fill in some blanks. This is what I have now:

Here is my interpretation of Laurie’s letter from the Polish Archives:

My guess is that Polish is one of those languages that the female surname and male surname could be spelled differently. Hence the Dziuria for Weronika and Diuria for her father. I see I have the wrong birth date for Weronika. I’ll have to fix that later.

More on the Jarek Family in Poland from Laurie

Laurie also sent me this document:

This fills in some of the blanks on the Jarek family. This appears to be a church record or a type of census. I know about Cecylia as she was also in Lowell:

This is my daughter’s DNA match to the Matusik Line through Cecylia. The Jarek family in Poland had 9 children. It appears that 3 died young leaving 6. One married in Poland. However, the death date written for Jan is lighter, so I don’t know if that is right.

Back to the Wozniac Family

Laurie also sent me this:

Here Jacek is back to Jacenty. At the top, there is even a Jacentego. This probably all makes more sense if you are from Poland. This appears to be the marriage of Jacenty Wozniak and Weronia Dziura and includes their children. It looks like Jacenty had all girls. Perhaps other immigrated to the US. I wonder what the j.w. means after Antonina. The note appears to indicate that the records they were looking at ended in August 1889. However, I already have the detailed sheet on Antonina from Laurie earlier in the Blog.

Jedlicze is about three miles from Odrzykon:

The general area of these places is Southeast Poland:

I’ll add the information to my Ancestry tree from the paper above. I see that Jacenty was 24 and Weronika was 21 at the time of their marriage. As they married in January, I’ll assume that they turned 25 and 22 in 1883. That means that Jacenty was born about 1858 and Weronika 1861. This family apparently lived in the Northwestern part of Jedlicze:

Francis Jarek’s Baptismal Record

Finally, I have this from Laurie:

This is a detailed baptismal record as it gives Franciszek’s parents and grandparents.

My Childrens’ Polish Connections with Bill at Ancestry

I tested my childrens’ DNA at Ancestry and have been in touch with Bill. Bill and I have been corresponding since June 2009. In January 2020, Bill wrote:

I found our link!! After recording baptism, marriage and death I found at least on match! Blecharczyk, Valentine 1762-14 NOV 1820 married Sobon, Regina 1763-18 OCT 1821 Regina the daughter of Michael Sobon dom 142, 1729-27 JUL 1821. Their daughter Catharina married Jacob Was, Matusik line Their daughter Maria married Stanislaus Dudek, Wolfendale line

I got back to Bill and found out that the Was above was an autocorrected Ras as I had guessed. Unfortunately, Bill is a bit beyond me in his Polish genealogy. I’m not sure how this fits in with what I have. As a hint, Bill wrote:

so the Ras-Blecharczyk, their son Ras-Grzybala, their son Ras-Jarek,

Then most recently in January 2021, Bill wrote me:

You have an incorrect marriage in your tree 1843 November 21, dom51 150 Antonius Ras Jacobi et Catharina de Blecharczyki conj. cmethonum in Odrzykon filius catholic 23 single Regina Grzybala, Thoma et Anna de Galuszki conj. cmethonum in Odrzykon filia catholic 18 single

This must be where I went wrong. This message from Bill seems to indicate that Antonius Ras was the son of Jacobi and Catharina Blecharczyki.


Here is what I have in my tree now:

If Antonius was 23 and the end of 1843, I’ll say he was probably born about 1820. I previously had this for Antoni:

However as I don’t know where I got that, I’ll go with what Bill has. Or, Antonius’ age at marriage could have been off also. Here is my correction:

I’ll keep the parents I had for Regina Grzybala as it seems like I was on the right track there.

Putting it Together

Normally I would put a tree together in Excel to see how these all fit together. But apparently I have already done that. Let’s see if it is still right:

That’s odd that I had created a tree about a year ago, but never made the correction on my Ancestry Family Tree. This is interesting because it shows how far back the connection is with Bill. I would not be surprised if there were other ways my children might connect with Bill. For example, the Such name sounds familiar:

The immigrant Francis Jarek’s mother was Marii Such. Perhaps there is also a connection with Bill through his 2nd great-grandmother Katarzyna Such.

It would be possible to expand the Francis Jarek Line on this tree. Here is what Ancestry shows for ThruLines:

ThruLines show DNA connections where there are also genealogical connections on paper. This is the view from my daughter Heather’s perspective. She has 6 matches on the Walter Jarek Line where Laurie is. One good thing in my improving my children’s tree is that Ancestry should be able to make better ThruLine connections similar to the ones above. Ancestry hasn’t figured out the connection that Bill has found yet.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Due to my ignorance in matters of Polish genealogy, I have depended on Laurie and Bill to correct and augment my children’s trees. As Blanche Dubois once said, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”.
  • I’m sure life was difficult in Poland. People don’t leave their homeland when times are good. A more thorough review would have looked at the history of Poland at the time.
  • By filling out the Jarek Line with their ancestors and relatives, I should be able to make more DNA and genealogical connections at AncestryDNA and elsewhere.




DNA Support for My Children’s Warren Ancestry

In some of my previous Blogs on my children’s ancestry, I have noted a discrepancy. It appears that one of their grandparents who was a Cavanaugh should actually be a Warren. I mention how I came to that conclusion in this Blog and elsewhere. In that Blog, I gave strong evidence that Heather and JJ’s grandmother’s father John Edward Cavanaugh was actually a Warren. Although I had strong evidence for that, I was missing some evidence, including DNA correlation. That is, until recently.

Heather’s DNA and Genealogy Match with Eileen

Here is Heather’s match with Eileen:

In addition, Ancestry suggests this Warren connection:

These are ThruLines. Ancestry suggests evaluating the ThruLines. Here is Eileen’s tree on her maternal side:

Eileen has back to Blanche Sullivan. I have Bridget Warren who married John Sullivan in 1855 in Lowell:

That means that I just have to make the connection. Here is Bridget in 1880 with her family including Francis:

Ancestry transcribed Bridget as Pridy for some reason.

Francis or Frank J Sullivan

Here is Frank in 1900 in Lowell with Daughter Blanche:

This appears to be the birth record for Blanche from 1889 in Lowell:

And, to tie it all together, here is the marriage record for Francis Sullivan:

Any Other DNA Matches for Heather?

I checked to see if Heather had any shared matches with Eileen and I didn’t see any. I did see this more distant DNA match that Heather had with Robin:

I’ll need to star that as Ancestry plans to take away the smaller matches under 8 cM. Here is how Ancestry shows the connection:

That means that Robin and Eileen must be 2nd cousins. Ancestry wants me to evaluate, but I think that Robin likely knows who his mother is. Here is a bonus with Heather and Robin’s shared DNA matches:

This shows that Heather’s brother JJ matches Robin at a higher level. JJ may also match Eileen at a level under 20 cM.

JJ’s Warren DNA Matches at Ancestry

Here is JJ’s DNA match with Robin:

When I look at Robin’s tree it only shows his mother and father. However, I think that Anestry has it right:

This shows that Mary H Dwyer and Mariam Hazel Sullivan were born on the same day.

Here is the family in Lowell in 1930:

Mary Hazel’s daughter Mary Jaqueline apparently went by Jaqueline. That seems to make the connection in Robin’s tree.

JJ and Eileen

Here is JJ’s smaller match with Eileen:

This match is over 8 cM so is not in danger of being stripped away by Ancestry.

JJ’s Shared Match with Eileen and Robin

I’ll just call him N. Here is N’s maternal tree:

N is on the Dwyer Line, so he is more closely related to Robin. I’m not sure why Ancestry didn’t pick up N as having a shared ancestor with JJ. Perhaps one will come up eventually.

Putting It Together

Here is how all the DNA matches fit together:

N is 2nd cousin once removed to Eileen and Robin and 4th cousin once removed to Heather and JJ. The confusing part from what I can tell, is that Louisa Gatley was actually Louisa Cavanaugh at the time she had John Edward Cavanaugh. She was a widow and John J Warren was a widower at the time. John J died not too long after John Edward was born in an accidental drowning.

Summary and Conclusion

  • The match between Heather and Eileen was a good find as it provided additional evidence that John J Warren was the father of John Edward Cavanaugh.
  • That means that even though Heather and and JJ’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Cavanaugh, they don’t really carry any Cavanaugh DNA. That is because John Edward’s mother was only a Cavanaugh by marriage and his father was John J Warren.
  • Heather, JJ, Eileen, Robin and N form a genetic cluster which gives further evidence that the tree is correct.

Post Script

In my previous Blog, I noted that perhaps a baptismal record would show up for John Edward Warren/Cavanaugh. Here is the record from St. Peter, Lowell in August 1880:

Here is the Ancestry transcription:

My Childrens’ Polish DNA and Genealogy

In a previous Blog, I noticed that my children’s’ Ancestry Thru-Lines had new suggested Polish ancestors.

These are the Thru-Lines for my son JJ. Thru-Lines suggests two new sets of Polish 4th great-grandparents based on DNA matches and genealogy.

The Current Polish Genealogy

JJ and Heather’s maternal grandfather was Polish. Here is his genealogy:

Looking at Polish genealogy is a bit new for me. The new Thru-Line ancestors above correspond to the potential ancestors in the tree above.

Thru-Lines for Wawrzyniec-Laurentius Ras

JJ shows 9 DNA matches in this LIne:

These matches actually go up to common ancestors with Antoni Ras who is already in JJ’s tree. However, those matches must have trees that have their ancestors going back another generation to Wawrzyniec. I hope he had a nickname. I wonder how the name was pronounced. 

When I further open up the Thru-Lines I see the common ancestor is actually with a daughter of Antoni named Marya:

This shows that JJ has 2 DNA matches on the Cecylia Jarek line and 7 DNA matches on his great-grandfather’s Francis Jarek line.

These families lived in Odrzykon, in SE Poland:

I can assume that due to war and poverty, it was a good idea for these families to move to Lowell, Massachusetts.

Evaluating Wawrzyniec-Laurentius Ras

When I click on Wawrzyniec at Thru-Lines, I get this:

This shows that rm and mc have trees with Wawrzyniec them. Rm has a DNA match to JJ:

MC doesn’t show up on JJ’s Thru-Lines, but does show as a DNA match to JJ:

My guess is that MC didn’t link his DNA results to his tree. That is confirmed here:

However, MC is on the Cecylia Jarek Line:

MC is also a generation below RM, so the DNA match is smaller.

RM’s Tree

RM has the better tree in this area:

Here is the tree I made:

The Francis in my tree is Heather and JJ’s great-grandfather and is RM’s Franciscus born 1879. RM has a Joannis born 1881. This is the John J born 1883 in my tree.

Apparetly RM found some information on a trip to Poland. He has a christening date for Antoni Ras:

That must be where he got the names of Antoni’s parents:

Ancestry gives me a different suggestion for the parents of Antoni, but I better go with what RM has. I also added in Cecylia Jarek to the Tree. This gets out to Heather and JJ’s first  Polish fourth great-grandparents:

Gryzbala – Galuska Ancestors

Now Ras and Dulezanka are not in green as I added them in. Next are Grzybala and Galuska. I notice that the l’s in their names look different, but I kept the English l’s. Here is JJ’s Thru-Line for Tomasz:

JJ has one DNA match through Maciej and the rest of the matches are more recent matches. When I choose the evaluate button above, one of the trees goes back to RM:

This tree shows Regina but not Maciej Grzybala. However, when I click on Maciej, I get three trees. This is from the first tree:

This seems like enough evaluation, so I’ll add in Tomasz and Anna:

More on Grzybala DNA

It turns out that the person from whose tree I borrowed above (Jacek) has also tested their DNA and posted his results at Gedmatch. Here is how JJ and Jacek match at Gedmatch:

It turns out that Jacek also posted his tree at Gedmatch. I’ll try to rewrite the connection:


John is the match at Ancestry and Jacek is the match at Gedmatch.

John is from Ancestry. He is JJ and Heather’s 4th cousin once removed and matches JJ at 20 cM. Jacek matches JJ at 32.4 cM which is on the high side for a 5th cousin once removed. Here are some posted statistics:

Based on the above, I should be adding in the next generation of ancestors:

Painting Polish DNA

Based on JJ’s Gedmatch match with Jacek, I can paint in some Grzybala/Szarek DNA. So far, I have only two pairs of maternal ancestors identified for JJ:

Here I chose yellow for the new match:

I thought this new match would get JJ above 15% painted on his maternal side, but it didn’t.

Heather only maches Jacek on Chromosome 5. Heather’s match on Chromosome 5 overlaps with existing DNA matches from RM’s family as does JJ.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to bring Heather and JJ’s Polish ancestry back another generation or two on two different lines.
  • This genealogy was supported by DNA matches.
  • One line got as far back as the 1700’s in Poland.
  • I was able to do this with the help of other researchers who have also taken DNA tests.
  • While I brought the Ras and Grzybala lines back, more work is still needed on the Wozniak and Letkowicz Lines.
  • I have names and dates, but it would be nice to learn some more about the places where these ancestors lived in Poland.
  • I was able to paint the DNA of one match who had posted his DNA at Gedmatch and posted his family tree there also.

Continue reading “My Childrens’ Polish DNA and Genealogy”

Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 11 – Jeremiah Warren Born 1812 Ireland

This is a follow-up on Part 10.

Jeremiah Warren Born 1812 Ireland

Here is Jeremiah at the top of Heather and JJ’s maternal grandmother’s tree:

Here is Jeremiah’s birth record on his Naturalization index card:

Perhaps there is more information in Lowell or at the National Archives. Jeremiah was born in Ireland, but I don’t know where yet.

Mary Kelly (1812-1854)

Much of what I have about Jeremiah’s wife Mary Kelly is from death records:

Mary died at Cross Street in Lowell in 1854. The names of her parents are given as John and Ann Kelly. Mary died of consumption which is: “a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis”. Here is Cross Street:

Here is Mary in the 1850 Census:

This was an $8,000 house, which seems quite expensive for the day. Note that daughter Bridget was born while Mary and Jeremiah were in Nova Scotia. Bridget’s death record adds that she was born in Halifax. I included the following family as they were from Nova Scotia. James Dalton was a Shoe maker. I notice that there was a Jeremiah who served in the Civil War who was a shoe maker at one point in his life:

Some More On Jeremiah Warren (1812-1857)

Here is Jeremiah in 1855:

This would have been shortly after the death of his wife Mary. Daughter Bridget married John Sullivan in May this same year, so she must have just moved out of the house at the time of the 1855 Census:

That left Jeremiah five boys to take care of on his own. Two years later Jeremiah dies. However, here is something to ponder:

Jeremiah is said to be 65 on his death record. If Jeremiah was born 1812, he would have been 45 in 1857. It appears to say he was married. However, he may have re-married. It also says that he died of old age. That leads me to this marriage record in 1856:

Here a Jeremiah Warren marries a Mary Cahill. Jeremiah has somehow gotten younger and then the next year, he ages 30 years.

After Jeremiah

In my previous Blog on the subject, I noted no Jeremiah Warren in the 1858 Lowell City Directory. However, a widow Mary appears:

This must be Mary Cahill. Unfortunately, she was to have a short marriage of a year and a half.

Two years later, Mary was appointed administratix:

Mary had three months to come up with an inventory.

This shows that John had seven children:

It looks like I missed the last child James. This must be James. However, he did not live long:

Jeremiah’s Children

I believe that the oldest three boys served in the Civil War: Robert, Thomas and Jeremiah.

Bridget, the only daughter married John Sullivan.

Here is Bridget in 1865 taking care of John and Patrick. I have that John was born in 1845, so shouldn’t he be 20 in 1865? Was this to keep him out of the Civil War? And what happened to Jeremiah’s second wife?

Robert J Warren

The oldest son married Margaret Kelly in 1862. He is likely listed as James in the 1870 Census:

He was a painter. He was listed here as born in Ireland, but I don’t think that is right. Robert died six years later in 1876.

In this record, he shows as being born in Boston. I checked and this is likely his baptismal record:

This would be one of the earliest records of the family in Massachusetts. That makes sense that he would be born in Boston if his older sister Bridget was born on the way from Ireland to Massachusetts in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thomas A Warren Born 1840 Lowell

So the Warren family made it’s way from Ireland to Halifax to Boston to Lowell.  Thomas married Mary Jane White in 1861. Here he is in the 1865 Lowell City Directory:

I get the impression that Thomas served in the Civil War.

Thomas ended up in Maine:

Thomas died in 1906 and his body was shipped back to his brother Jeremiah who lived at Cross Street, Lowell:

I suppose that’s a good lead-in to Jeremiah

Jeremiah Warren Born 1842 Lowell

Jeremiah married for the second time in 1872:

Here is Jeremiah in 1870:

Perhaps his first wife had died by this time as he is living with Francis aged 2.

Here is Jeremiah and Ellen with son Albert in 1880:

Here is the same family at Cross Street, Lowell in 1900:

Jeremiah died in 1908 at 27 Cross Street – two years after his brother Thomas died and was shipped to Lowell.

Patrick H Warren (1853-1875)

Before I get to John Warren, I’ll look at John’s younger brother Patrick. In 1870, Patrick was living with his older brother Thomas in Boston:

Patrick died at age 22 of Consumption at Lincoln Street, Lowell:

John J Warren (1845-1882)

John J Warren is my best guess for the father of John Edward Warren aka Cavanaugh. Here is the published record for John’s birth:

I believe that C.R. means cemetery record. John shows as being 5 in the 1850 Census. As the 1850 Census was taken on June 1st, John would probably been 4 at the time of the Census if his above birth date is right.

John’s mother died before he was 10. I lose track of the family in 1860, but by 1865, John’s father Jeremiah had also died and John was living with his married sister Bridge Sullivan.

John J Warren and Bridget J Welch

Here is a marriage on November 11, 1866 between young John and Bridget:

They were both born and living in Lowell and here are their parents:

  • Mary J was born to this couple in 1867
  • Margaret was born in 1869. In this record, it says that Bridget was born in Boston
  • Bridget T Warren was born in 1871. In this record both parents are reported as born in Ireland.
  • Thomas G Warren was born in 1875.

Mother Bridget died in September 1878 at age 30.

Here is widowed John J with his four children living on 7 Bleachery Street on June 7, 1880:

12 year old Mary J was home ‘keeping house’.

John Warren, Louisa Gately and John E Warren aka Cavanaugh

Based on this record for John E Warren aka Cavanaugh, John E Warren son of John [Warren] and Louisa Gately married ‘Laoner’ M. Morrow in 1911:

This marriage record for John E Warren record states that John Warren and Louisa Gately were the parents of John E Warren. One interesting thing about this record is that there is no record of the Cavanaugh name. For whatever reason, John chose to omit the Cavanaugh name on his marriage record. Louisa was technically a Cavanaugh at this point and John E went by John Edward Cavanaugh for most of his life.

Seven and three quarter years after his marriage, here is John Edward’s WWI Registration Card where he gives the date of his birth:

Assuming this birth date to be correct, Louisa would have been past mid-term in her pregnancy with John Edward at the time of the 1880 Census:

Louisa lived at 38 Bleachery Street.

John J Warren worked at the bleachery. Louisa worked at U.S. Bunting. This was a company that made material for the US flag. Louisa’s husband Michael Cavanaugh also worked at the bleachery before his death in 1872.

John J Warren died less than two years after the birth of John Edward Warren/Cavanaugh in 1882 of an ‘accidental drowning’. Probably in Amesbury.

Any Holes In the Story?

I have tried to show the history leading from Jeremiah Warren to John Edward Warren aka Cavanaugh. Are there any holes in the story? I think the story holds together, but there are a few questions or issues:

  • I have not found a birth record for John Edward Warren/Cavanaugh. Perhaps there is a baptismal record for him.
  • Why didn’t John J Warren marry Louisa Gately Cavanaugh?
  • I am sure that there must be a newspaper article or two on the drowning of John J Warren. That would be interesting to read.
  • Why did John Edward go by Warren in his marriage record, then go by Cavanaugh after that?
  • John Edward is difficult to trace in his later life and his death record has not yet been found





Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 9 – 200 Years of Canadian Ancestry

In my previous Blog I had some breakthroughs on Heather and JJ’s Boudria (also spelled Boudrias) Line. In this Blog, I’d like to look at the Barbary side (mother of Joseph Tessier aka Tacy) and more into Phoebe, the wife of Joseph Tessier. I have been using the Genealogy of Canada Website, so I’ll continue with that.

First Phoebe

I have had trouble finding out Phoebe’s last name. I had Sawyer then took it out. Then I noticed a Tessier tree had Phoebe as Phoebe Sawyer. At the Genealogy of Canada Website, I see Joseph’s father Salomon, but not Joseph:

Here is Ste-Therese where Salomon Tessier was born:

So I am still stuck figuring out who Phoebe is

Barbary and Barbary

Next, I’ll move on the the double Barbary line:

Joseph and Marie Barbary

I’m curious to see if the parents of Marguerite Amable Barbary are related to each other. Chances are they should be. They are both dit Grandmaison. Dit is a nickname. Pehaps this line lived in a large house.  Marguerite’s father, Joseph was born in Pointe-Claire on the Island of Montreal in 1776 and died in Ste-Placide to the West of Montreal:

Marie Barbary is more difficult to find. Her estimated birth year is 1783. Here are the couple in 1851 in Ste-Placide:

Joseph is listed as 76 ans and Marie shows as 64 ans. Based on this Census, she could have been born in 1787. Ancestry guesses at 1788, so I’ll use that. Here is Ste-Placide by the  St Lawrence River.

Barbary in the 1750’s

Joseph and Andre were both born in the 1750’s when the United States was still a British Colony:

Joseph was born in Point-Claire and Andre was born not far away:

Agathe Robidoux was from Deux-Montagnes:

Three Generations From Marguerite Amable Barbary

I have all of Maruerite’s four grandparents. The next step takes us to Marguerite’s eight great-grandparents.

Unfortunately Marguerite’s maternal grandmother Agathe Labrosse died when she was 24. With my translator on I see that Labrosse could mean “the brush”.  Most of Marguerite’s great-grandparents were from Point-Claire. Most of this generation also lived through the year 1760. That was the year that Montreal was surrendered to the British following the Battle at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Montreal did not become a City until 1832. It was not long after this time that Heather and JJ’s 3rd and 4th great grandparents Joseph and Solomon Tessier aka Tacy made their move South over the border into Upstate New York.

Marguerite Amable’s 2nd Great-Grandparents

The next logical step is to look for Marguerite’s 16 2nd great-grandparents. The first of this generation of Marguerite’s ancestors that I looked at was Raymond Labrosse. He was born in France in 1695:

This town was about 60 miles north of Lyon. So this is the generation where some of the ancestors were born in France. Other things I want to look for:

  • A possible Barbary common ancestor
  • the filles du roi – more about these women later

Pierre Barbary Dit Grandmaison and Marie-Fracoise Pare

Both of Marguerite’s parents had the same last name.  Joseph and Marie Barbary were second cousins to each other. Their common ancestors were Pierre Barbary born 1677 and Marie-Francsoise Pare born 1682.

The Filles Du Roi

Filles du Roi means daughters of the king. These were women who came to New France or the Quebec area under King Louis XIV. Basically, there was a shortage of women in Quebec. The plan was to pay the way of about 800 women as wives for the colonists. These woman were to make the area more civilized and create new families. There was a concern that the British Colony had too much in the way of population compared to New France. It has become a big deal to see if you are descended from the 800 women who came to Quebec between 1663 and 1673.  It will take going back a generation or two to see if Heather and JJ descend from any filles du roi. There is a strict rule that it was only the women who arrived between 1663 and 1673 that count. That means that if a woman came at, say, age 20-25, then she would have been born about 1638-1653, although I’m sure there were outliers.

So far, I have found one person that could meet that criteria:

I have been accepting ancestor hints like crazy, as it would take too long to check up on all these ancestors. This woman is Jacqueline Barn. That doesn’t sound particularly like a French name.

She would be Heather and JJ’s 10th great-grandmother. That sounds impressive. Imagine how many 10th great-grandparents you have. Let’s see, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents:

  • 2nd GGP – 16
  • 3rd GGP – 32
  • 4th GGP – 64
  • 5th GGP – 128
  • 6th GGP – 256
  • 7th GGP – 512
  • 8th GGP – 1024
  • 9th GGP – 2048
  • 10th GGP – 4096

So if the suggestions were right at Ancestry, then Jacqueline Barn is about one four thousandths of Heather and JJ.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Barn or Glory on the Filles Du Roi lists.

Next, Let’s Try Jeanne Barbier

Jean is a mere 9th grandmother to Heather and JJ:

Jeanne’s daughter Marie Jeanne Plummereau Latreille didn’t have an Ancestry hint, so I had to look at a marriage record and accept someone else’s parents from their tree. Here is Jeanne on a list:

The contract is the marriage.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Jeanne.

Here is Rethel in the Champagne Region:

Here is Chambly, Quebec:

Here is another list:

Many times these women were marrying soldiers to fight on the frontier. Notice that Jeanne Barbier’s first contract was canceled. My understanding is, as these women were quite a precious commodity, they could choose their own husband which would have been quite a role reversal for the 1600’s. My guess is that Jeanne didn’t get along with Bernard or that he wasn’t rich enough or attractive enough. Perhaps he had fleas, body odor and missing teeth.

Summary and Conclusions

  • First, I took another shot at identifying Joseph Tessier Tacy’s wife Phoebe’s surname, but had no luck.
  • Secondly, I looked into Joseph Tessier’s Barbary line. Maguerite Amable Barbary was Joseph’s mother.
  • Marguerite Barbary’s parents were 2nd cousins to each other. I traced both their lines.
  • Next, I looked for a Fille Du Roi for Heather and JJ. The second choice I looked at was Jeanne Barbier who was a Fille Du Roi. Jeanne was born around 1649 in the Champagne Region of France.




Visually Phasing Heather and JJ’s DNA

I started visually phasing my two children, Heather and JJ’s DNA in this Blog. I was having trouble getting the Steven Fox Visual Phasing Spreadsheet to work, so I just used Excel.

The Steven Fox Visual Phasing Spreadsheet

I got this spreadsheet working. It doesn’t like you to cut and paste numbers, so I typed them in. In my previous Blog I mentioned above, I came up with this for Heather and JJ’s Chromosome 5:

The paternal side is easy because Heather and JJ’s Rathfelder grandmother has tested. Where she matches them on the paternal side is Rathfelder. Where she doesn’t match Heather and JJ is Hartley DNA. The maternal side is more difficult. The green above is Jarek. I found some Jarek relatives that helped there. I couldn’t find a Cavanaugh relative and uploaded JJ and Heather’s AncestryDNA results to FTDNA. There, I found Martha, who is a 1st cousin once removed. That is perfect for phasing. Martha is related to Heather and JJ on the Cavananaugh side only.

Here is the Fox Spreadsheet:

I set the vertical lines to match the areas above where JJ and Heather match each other. Below is JJ and Heather’s maternal grandmother’s match which will be the Rathfelder side. Next I put in Rathfelder and Hartley based on the match below:

Jarek Cousin Robert

Next, I can fill in some Jarek DNA based on matches to Jarek cousin Robert:

Robert matches Heather more than JJ on the right, so that could be a maternal crossover for JJ:

Here is how Heather matches her Cavanaugh cousin Martha on Chromosome 5:


Heather’s match stops at 159M which is where I have a crossover line:

At the same area, JJ has a match with Martha from 150-166M.

Another Jarek Cousin

Jarek cousin Robert tested three of his relatives or siblings, I’m not sure which. This one helped:

Robert’s sibling’s DNA match goes over the crossover line, so that cannot be JJ’s crossover. I gave it to Heather. The crossover at 112 was already paternal, so I brought the Jarek DNA over. So far, on Chromosome 5, the Jarek DNA seems to be winning out between JJ and Heather. However, I have a problem. The Fox Spreadsheet has a feature called a segment map. It compares what you have mapped (bottom bar) versus what the actual comparison is between Heather and JJ (top bar).


The top bar needs to match the bottom bar. It does except for the 2nd and third segments I show above.  I missed the crossover before 112. However, I may be able to reason myself out of this jam.

Note that at position 129, there are already two crossovers. I think that there should only be one there. If I move Heather’s Cavanaugh DNA to left, that should solve the problem:

This is what I end up with. Now the bottom bar and the top bar match each other. I still don’t have the first maternal segment defined for Heather and JJ. It would look better if JJ had the crossover at 33.5M. It may be possible to figure this out by cousin matches.

Here are some of JJ’s maternal DNA matches from his match list:

JJ doesn’t have any matches going through 33.5M. The 10.7 and 14.6cM matches are where JJ matches Heather.

Here is the same portion on Heather’s maternal match list:

This shows that Heather’s matches do go at least a little way through 33.5, so it appears that JJ has the crossover at 33.5M:

This is true because maternal matches cannot go through a maternal crossover. That is true unless someone is related on the order of first cousin or closer.

From this, we see a few interesting things:

  • Heather and JJ will not have any Hartley side matches before 112M or what appears to be more than half of Chromosome 5
  • After position 129M, Heather and JJ will not have any Rathfelder matches.
  • Likewise, Heather and JJ will have no Cavanaugh matches between 33.5 and 74 and from 170.6 to the end of Chromosome 5.
  • Jarek DNA is missing between Heather and JJ only between 149.7 and 159.3.
  • All this information is important when trying to determine on what side your unknown DNA matches are on.