Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 10 – Cavanaugh/Warren

I last discussed Heather and JJ’s Cavanaugh side in Part 4 and Part 6. I came to the conclusion that Cavanaugh should really be Warren:

That has a lot of implications for Heather and JJ’s maternal grandmother’s father’s genealogy. John E Cavanaugh’s mother is the same, but I have the father as John J. Warren.

Warren Genealogy and DNA

Ideally, the DNA should confirm the Warren genealogy. However, so far, I have not found a lot of matches on the “Cavanaugh” side of Heather and JJ. I’ll start with Heather’s DNA matches. There could be Warren’s on the paternal side, so I need to disregard paternal matches.

I found one match at 4th cousin level or closer, but the Warren matches were not obvious. Also this person had some Polish matches, so the matches could have been on JJ and Heather’s Polish lines.

DNA Matches At FTDNA

Family Tree DNA or FTDNA allows you to upload your DNA results from Ancestry to see if  you have matches with others who have tested at FTDNA. I did that for Heather and JJ. Here is JJ’s match with Martha at FTDNA:

Martha shows as a 1st to 3rd cousin to JJ by DNA. Martha doesn’t match on JJ’s paternal side or on the Polish side, so that should mean that Martha matches on JJ and Heather’s Cavanaugh side. The problem is that Martha doesn’t show a tree at FTDNA. I’ve sent Martha an email and will have to wait and see if she writes back.

Warren Genealogy – John J. Warren 1845-1882

What do we know about John J. Warren? He did not live long. It looks like he died at age 37. Here are records from Lowell:

On the next page:

Actually, I should be looking at John’s most recent records first and working back.

This shows a John J Warren died in Lowell of an accidental drowning in 1882 at age 38. The record says that he was born in Lowell, but that his parents, Jeremiah and Mary were both born in Ireland.

John J Warren – 1880 Bleachery Street

John J was living as a widower in 1880 with his family on Bleachery Street in Lowell and worked at the bleachery:

This Census was June 7 and I have that John Edward Warren aka Cavanaugh was born on August 24, 1880.

The Warren Family in 1855 Lowell

Above in the Lowell Birth Records, I had birth records for Jeremiah, John and Thomas. This must be them in 1855 in Lowell:

This is a little confusing, but it is the best that I have. Patrick appears to show as being under 5 years old and born in Ireland. Then Robert shows as born in Ireland. Thomas, Jeremiah and John match what is in the Lowell Birth Records Book.

This is what I had for the Warren family:

I had that Bridget got married on 25 May 1855. The Massachusetts Census was on 1 May 1855, so she may have just moved out of the house (assuming I have the right person). Her marriage and death record says that she was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her death record says that her father was John Warren, however, this may be in error. Bridget’s death recored shows her mother’s name as Mary Kelly.

Thomas A Warren

After the Civil War, Thomas moved to Boston with his wife and two children. Here we see Patrick Warren who was mentioned in the 1855 Lowell Census.

Unfortunately, this Patrick died in Lowell in 1875. From Patrick’s death record, his mother is given as Mary, but on his birth record, his mother’s name is given as ‘Margret’. This makes more sense the way the 1855 Census was written.

Here is a possible death record for Jeremiah on 31 August 1857:

This record shows Jeremiah, son of another Jeremiah and Mary, as being married at the time of death. He appears to have died at Crop Street? Maybe Cross Street makes more sense.

According to the 1855 City Directory below, the corner of Cross and Marion would have been right across from Saint Patrick’s Church.

In the 1858 City Directory, I see no Jeremiah:

Back To Martha and FTDNA

Martha was nice enough to get back to me and figured out who I was. Then I thought to look at the information my former wife sent me and found Martha there.

Now I see why Martha was able to figure out who I am:


Martha is 1st cousin once removed to Heather and JJ.

Summary and Conclusions

  • In this Blog, I mixed some genealogy research with DNA research
  • I had trouble finding matches on JJ and Heather’s Cavanaugh/Warren side, so I uploaded their results to FTDNA
  • At FTDNA I found a match who is Heather and JJ’s 1st cousin once removed.
  • In my next Blog, I will use Martha’s DNA matching to help visually phase JJ and Heather.

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