My Children’s Genealogy Part 6 – Continuing on the Cavanaugh Side

I took a break on my children’s maternal genealogy while I was waiting for Heather and JJ’s DNA results to come in. Those results have come in and I have some additional genealogical information from their mother Linda. The DNA so far has helped with the Jarek side. However, I’d like to get back into the Cavanaugh side.

The Cavanaugh Tree So Far

This is what I have:

The Cavanaugh/Warren Mystery

The controversial part may be that I have John J. Warren as the father of John E Cavanaugh. This is based on a few reasons. Basically, I have that John E Cavanaugh was going by John E Warren at the time of his marriage record and listed his father as John Warren. I have that Lousa Gately’s husband Michael Cavanaugh died 13 July 1872 – about 8 years before John E Cavanaugh was born. Finally, I have that there was a John J Warren who was a widower living in the neighborhood of Louisa Gately Cavanaugh at the time of John E Cavanaugh’s birth. For these reasons, Heather may have more English heritage vs. Irish than previously thought.

My former wife Linda sent me this information concerning John E. Cavanaugh:

DATE OF MARRIAGE:   1/16/1911–****??? Marriage record(Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915 index) of Laoner Morrow(Cavanaugh) shows her marrying a John E. Warren on 1/16/1911 listing Louisa Gately as his mother and a John Warren as his father.  Everyone in the family believes Laoner married John E. Cavanaugh and so is John E. Warren actually John E. Cavanaugh???? Or did Louisa have a baby by John Warren and Michael Cavanaugh raised him as his own?  Why did this man put John Warren down as his name when he went by John Cavanaugh????  Are all the Cavanaughs actually Warrens?  Also note that John E. Warren listed his age as 30—if he is actually John Cavanaugh, he was 41-he also falsified his age on his draft card in 1916.  John Cavanaugh is listed in birth records as the child of Louisa Gately and Michael Cavanah.

When Was John E Cavanaugh/Warren Born?

This family researcher, went down some of the same paths that I did. The major discrepancy between me and the Cavanaugh researcher above has to do with the date of birth of John E Cavanaugh. The Cavanaugh researcher has:

DATE OF BIRTH:    4/3/1870 on Lowell records; he put 8/24/1880 on WWI draft card

The Cavanaugh researcher favors the earlier birth date for John:

Births & Christenings record for Lowell shows him born on 4/3/1870

1870 census-  John Kavanagh  3 ½ m in home with father Michael, mother Louisa and sister Ellen

1920 census- age 39 in Providence, RI with Laoner and 4 daughters

If I can show that John E Cavanaugh aka Warren was born in 1880, then I think my version makes more sense. I think that I may have already shown this, but I’ll put it down again.

Two John Cavanaugh’s Born in Lowell

Above, the Cavanaugh researcher shows a John Cavanaugh born 4/3/1870. This is true, but I believe that this John died young. Here is John who died 13 May 1871 in Lowell:

This John  was born to Michael and Lizzie. Note how old he was at death. If I subtract one year, one month and 10 days from 13 May 1871, I get 3 April 1870 which was the day when John Kavanaugh was born.

The Chronology

  • Louisa Gately marries Michael Cavanaugh 1864
  • A Daughter Ellen is born to the couple in 1865
  • John W is born in 1870 but dies the next year.
  • Michael dies 1872
  • John E Warren aka Cavanaugh is born 1880 to widow Louisa Cavanaugh and likely widower John J Warren

This proves to me that Michael Cavanaugh cannot be the father of John E Cavanaugh. He was, however, the father of John W Cavanaugh who died 1871. I have evidence that John J Warren was the father of John E Cavanaugh. I’m quite convinced. A birth record would prove it for me.

The Tacy Line

I will get back to the Warren Line, but I want to look at the Tacy Line as I am stuck on this one.

Nellie H Tacy and Family

According to Nellie’s marriage record, she was born in Fort Covington, NY to Joseph and Phebe about 1861. Here is the Tacy family in Fort Covington in 1860:

Solomon and Margaret are the likely parents of Joseph and Phebe. Harriet Tacy is said to be born in NY, so that could put a date on when the family moved to NY.

Here is Nellie in 1889:

This is from a directory and the first record I have of Nellie right now. This means that Nellie made her way from Fort Covington, NY to Lowell, MA.

Here is the 1886 Lowell Directory:

This lists a Miss Peoebe Tacy. Perhaps this was Nellie’s mother and Nellie at age 25 could have been living with her mother. This same Phoebe was listed in the Lowell 1875-76 Directory:

This Phoebe is perhaps more accurately listed as Mrs Phoebe in 1875. The 1894 Lowell Directory shows no Tacy. Perhaps Phoebe moved away, passed away or was living with her now married daughter. I also see no Tacy in the 1870 Lowell Directory.

Here is perhaps the same Phebe in 1870:

If this is Phebe Tacy, the mother of Nellie Tacy, then where is Nellie who would be 9 by now?

A Boston Marriage Hint?

I found a marriage record for Alfred Joe Tacy. He married on 21 July 1892 in Boston. His parents are listed as Joe and Febey. He was 24 then and born in Malone, NY. Malone is about 15 miles from Fort Covington, NY:

I’ll assume for now that Alfred Joe is Nellie’s brother. There was an Alfred Tacy who died in Lowell in 1940.

I found another marriage for Alfred. Alfred remarried as a widower on 27 December 1899 in Boston. Now his parents are listed as Daniel J Tacy and Phoebe Sawyer. If this is who I think he is, I may have a last name for Phoebe. Perhaps Daniel J is Daniel Joseph. This Alfred was also born in Malone, NY. Whether or not Alfred can be considered Nellie’s brother depends on how many Joseph and Phoebe Tacy’s you think may have been in the area of Fort Covington and Malone, NY in the 1860’s. One possible scenario is that Joseph (or Daniel Joseph) Tacy could have had Ida and Nellie before the Civil War. He then comes home after serving in the Civil War and lives in Malone and has Alfred Joseph. Another factor in considering whether Daniel Joseph is a brother to Nellie is how accurate his marriage records are.

Ida Tacy

Ida is Nellie’s older sister. I found this on an Ancestry Tree:


This gives us a birth date and husband for Ida. Ida ended up in Chicago. This means Heather and JJ likely have Puterbaugh relatives somewhere.

Before I leave Nellie’s generation, here is one more Lowell City Directory entry for 1918:

Here Nellie is living with her husband and I assume her son Jeremiah at 58 Church Street, Lowell.

Daniel Joseph Tacy Born 1833 and Phoebe Sawyer Born 1842

My next goal is to try to find a marriage record for Daniel Joseph Tacy and Phoebe Sawyer. I got these names from the marriage record of Alfred Joe Tacy who I assume is Nellie Tacy’s brother.

Another Lowell Tacy Marriage Clue: Daniel Tacy

On 27 September 1870, I see this marriage record in Lowell:

Daniel was a 31 year old painter born in Canada. His parents were Solomon and Margaret Tacy. This of course, raises a lot of questions. This could make him the brother of Daniel Joseph Tacy. If he is the brother, then why does he have the same name? Perhaps the Daniel Joseph is really only Joseph. [Note: I show that to be the case later in the Blog.]

Harriet’s Lowell Marriage

Harriet Tacy shows up in the 1860 Fort Covington Census as the 17 year old daughter of Solomon and Margaret Tacy. Here she is 11 years later in Lowell getting married in 1871 at the age of 28:

There was definitely some connection going on between upstate New York and Lowell, MA. However, in this record, her father is listed as Sullivan Tacy. This makes me think that Harriet could have been in Lowell in 1870. Here is the 1870 Lowell Directory which should be reflective of 1869:

This is the same Daniel Tacy that married in 1870 in Lowell.

Moving Up a Generation To Solomon Tacy Born About 1806 and Margaret Born About 1809

I got stuck on Joseph or Daniel Joseph Tacy born about 1833, so I’ll look for his parents. Here is a much younger Solomon Tacy who married in Northampton in 1886:

He is listed as 19, so that would put his birth around 1867. He lists his birthplace as Dannemora, NY and his parents as Joseph and Delia Mitchell.

Solomon is a potential son of Joseph Joseph Tacy who was born about 1833. At any rate, this area of New York has many Tacy’s.

Solomon and Mary married in the Roman Catholic Church:

This means that Delia Mitchell and Phoebe could potentially be the same person. We can add this to the possibility that Phoebe is Phoebe Sawyer.

A Tacy – Tacy Marriage 1893

This looks to be the same Solomon marrying Elizabeth Tacy seven years after his first marriage:

The plot thickens. Now Solomon’s mother is Sophia and Elizabeth’s mother is Phoebe Riel. They are both from Dannemora, NY. These are all hints. I just don’t know if they are good hints or bad hints. I assume that Solomon and Elizabeth are related.

More Tacy’s In Northampton, MA 1880

Here is a household full of Northampton, MA Tacy’s in 1880:

Here Edward Tacy appears to be 51 or 57. That would mean he was born in the 1820’s. Ellen was born in 1868, so would not be the Nellie we are looking for. I would connect this family to the young Solomon above as Solomon worked in the silk mill also at the time of his first marriage. I have a lot of dots that need connecting. Edward’s mother Rose is 73 in 1880. That means that she was born about 1807. That means that she would be the right age to have been a sister-in-law to the elder Solomon:

What a mess.

Other Clues? WikiTree

I Googled Tacy Genealogy which lead me to WikiTree. WikiTree has this Joseph Tacy:

This Joseph Tacy is the son of Amable Tessier and Rose Luck. Perhaps this is the same Rose who was living in Northampton, MA in 1880. The problem is that I don’t see any Solomon Tacy. That is not necessarily a problem as I have no clear, convincing evidence that Solomon was the father of our Joseph other than Ancestry Trees.

Fortunately, this WikiTree entry has a reference that leads me to Geneanet:

This page is maintained by Giles in French and I used a translator function to put the headings into English. Unfortunately, Giles has this further information on Joseph Tacy:

Here is Mooers Forks where Giles has Joseph marrying:

So the above apparently links to Northampton and the family I found living there in 1880 but not to Heather and JJ’s Joseph Tacy.

More On Young Solomon

Young Solomon was the one who moved from Dannemara, NY to Northampton MA and then to Burlington, VT. Judith maintains a profile for Solomon at WikiTree:

This is all very interesting, but I am still having trouble connecting with the Tacy family in Fort Covington, NY.

Joseph Tacy/Tessier Birth Record Found

I finally put in a search for Joseph Tessier, born 1834 into Ancestry and found this record:


How is your French? This is the record that I have been looking for. This is for Joseph Claude Tessier. I think that this is St. Benoit:

Joseph Claude was baptized on the 20th of February 1834. Unfortunately, I am having trouble making out his mother’s name. It looks like Marguerite, but after that, I’m not sure. Also Joseph Claude looks a lot like Joseph Plaude. I see that Solomon was a cultivateur which would be a farmer. My guess at Marguerite’s last name is Barbary:

I am not familiar with that surname. I have heard of the Barbary Coast, but that is in North Africa.

After that is given the sponsor and godmother’s names.

That was the break that I was looking for. Now, I should be able to trace the Tessier line back through Canada and perhaps to France:

I am quite sure on the Tessier connection to Quebec. I’m not so sure on the Sawyer Line.

Summary and Conclusions

  • First I clarified and summarized my reasoning for having John Warren as the father of John Cavanaugh aka Warren.
  • Next, I looked into the Tacy family.
  • I looked at Tacy’s in Lowell and in Northampton, MA. I had some trouble in connecting the two families.
  • Many Tacy’s originate in upstate New York.
  • I saw that the Northampton branch of Tacy was from the Montreal area and were originally Tessier. I had assumed that Tacy was an Americanization of a French name.
  • I did a search for Joseph Tessier and found his birth record from St Benoit to the West of Montreal. This was the hump I needed to get over.
  • Next, it should be easier to trace the Tessier line back through Canada and perhaps to France.




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