My Childrens’ Polish DNA and Genealogy

In a previous Blog, I noticed that my children’s’ Ancestry Thru-Lines had new suggested Polish ancestors.

These are the Thru-Lines for my son JJ. Thru-Lines suggests two new sets of Polish 4th great-grandparents based on DNA matches and genealogy.

The Current Polish Genealogy

JJ and Heather’s maternal grandfather was Polish. Here is his genealogy:

Looking at Polish genealogy is a bit new for me. The new Thru-Line ancestors above correspond to the potential ancestors in the tree above.

Thru-Lines for Wawrzyniec-Laurentius Ras

JJ shows 9 DNA matches in this LIne:

These matches actually go up to common ancestors with Antoni Ras who is already in JJ’s tree. However, those matches must have trees that have their ancestors going back another generation to Wawrzyniec. I hope he had a nickname. I wonder how the name was pronounced. 

When I further open up the Thru-Lines I see the common ancestor is actually with a daughter of Antoni named Marya:

This shows that JJ has 2 DNA matches on the Cecylia Jarek line and 7 DNA matches on his great-grandfather’s Francis Jarek line.

These families lived in Odrzykon, in SE Poland:

I can assume that due to war and poverty, it was a good idea for these families to move to Lowell, Massachusetts.

Evaluating Wawrzyniec-Laurentius Ras

When I click on Wawrzyniec at Thru-Lines, I get this:

This shows that rm and mc have trees with Wawrzyniec them. Rm has a DNA match to JJ:

MC doesn’t show up on JJ’s Thru-Lines, but does show as a DNA match to JJ:

My guess is that MC didn’t link his DNA results to his tree. That is confirmed here:

However, MC is on the Cecylia Jarek Line:

MC is also a generation below RM, so the DNA match is smaller.

RM’s Tree

RM has the better tree in this area:

Here is the tree I made:

The Francis in my tree is Heather and JJ’s great-grandfather and is RM’s Franciscus born 1879. RM has a Joannis born 1881. This is the John J born 1883 in my tree.

Apparetly RM found some information on a trip to Poland. He has a christening date for Antoni Ras:

That must be where he got the names of Antoni’s parents:

Ancestry gives me a different suggestion for the parents of Antoni, but I better go with what RM has. I also added in Cecylia Jarek to the Tree. This gets out to Heather and JJ’s first  Polish fourth great-grandparents:

Gryzbala – Galuska Ancestors

Now Ras and Dulezanka are not in green as I added them in. Next are Grzybala and Galuska. I notice that the l’s in their names look different, but I kept the English l’s. Here is JJ’s Thru-Line for Tomasz:

JJ has one DNA match through Maciej and the rest of the matches are more recent matches. When I choose the evaluate button above, one of the trees goes back to RM:

This tree shows Regina but not Maciej Grzybala. However, when I click on Maciej, I get three trees. This is from the first tree:

This seems like enough evaluation, so I’ll add in Tomasz and Anna:

More on Grzybala DNA

It turns out that the person from whose tree I borrowed above (Jacek) has also tested their DNA and posted his results at Gedmatch. Here is how JJ and Jacek match at Gedmatch:

It turns out that Jacek also posted his tree at Gedmatch. I’ll try to rewrite the connection:


John is the match at Ancestry and Jacek is the match at Gedmatch.

John is from Ancestry. He is JJ and Heather’s 4th cousin once removed and matches JJ at 20 cM. Jacek matches JJ at 32.4 cM which is on the high side for a 5th cousin once removed. Here are some posted statistics:

Based on the above, I should be adding in the next generation of ancestors:

Painting Polish DNA

Based on JJ’s Gedmatch match with Jacek, I can paint in some Grzybala/Szarek DNA. So far, I have only two pairs of maternal ancestors identified for JJ:

Here I chose yellow for the new match:

I thought this new match would get JJ above 15% painted on his maternal side, but it didn’t.

Heather only maches Jacek on Chromosome 5. Heather’s match on Chromosome 5 overlaps with existing DNA matches from RM’s family as does JJ.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to bring Heather and JJ’s Polish ancestry back another generation or two on two different lines.
  • This genealogy was supported by DNA matches.
  • One line got as far back as the 1700’s in Poland.
  • I was able to do this with the help of other researchers who have also taken DNA tests.
  • While I brought the Ras and Grzybala lines back, more work is still needed on the Wozniak and Letkowicz Lines.
  • I have names and dates, but it would be nice to learn some more about the places where these ancestors lived in Poland.
  • I was able to paint the DNA of one match who had posted his DNA at Gedmatch and posted his family tree there also.




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