Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 11 – Jeremiah Warren Born 1812 Ireland

This is a follow-up on Part 10.

Jeremiah Warren Born 1812 Ireland

Here is Jeremiah at the top of Heather and JJ’s maternal grandmother’s tree:

Here is Jeremiah’s birth record on his Naturalization index card:

Perhaps there is more information in Lowell or at the National Archives. Jeremiah was born in Ireland, but I don’t know where yet.

Mary Kelly (1812-1854)

Much of what I have about Jeremiah’s wife Mary Kelly is from death records:

Mary died at Cross Street in Lowell in 1854. The names of her parents are given as John and Ann Kelly. Mary died of consumption which is: “a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis”. Here is Cross Street:

Here is Mary in the 1850 Census:

This was an $8,000 house, which seems quite expensive for the day. Note that daughter Bridget was born while Mary and Jeremiah were in Nova Scotia. Bridget’s death record adds that she was born in Halifax. I included the following family as they were from Nova Scotia. James Dalton was a Shoe maker. I notice that there was a Jeremiah who served in the Civil War who was a shoe maker at one point in his life:

Some More On Jeremiah Warren (1812-1857)

Here is Jeremiah in 1855:

This would have been shortly after the death of his wife Mary. Daughter Bridget married John Sullivan in May this same year, so she must have just moved out of the house at the time of the 1855 Census:

That left Jeremiah five boys to take care of on his own. Two years later Jeremiah dies. However, here is something to ponder:

Jeremiah is said to be 65 on his death record. If Jeremiah was born 1812, he would have been 45 in 1857. It appears to say he was married. However, he may have re-married. It also says that he died of old age. That leads me to this marriage record in 1856:

Here a Jeremiah Warren marries a Mary Cahill. Jeremiah has somehow gotten younger and then the next year, he ages 30 years.

After Jeremiah

In my previous Blog on the subject, I noted no Jeremiah Warren in the 1858 Lowell City Directory. However, a widow Mary appears:

This must be Mary Cahill. Unfortunately, she was to have a short marriage of a year and a half.

Two years later, Mary was appointed administratix:

Mary had three months to come up with an inventory.

This shows that John had seven children:

It looks like I missed the last child James. This must be James. However, he did not live long:

Jeremiah’s Children

I believe that the oldest three boys served in the Civil War: Robert, Thomas and Jeremiah.

Bridget, the only daughter married John Sullivan.

Here is Bridget in 1865 taking care of John and Patrick. I have that John was born in 1845, so shouldn’t he be 20 in 1865? Was this to keep him out of the Civil War? And what happened to Jeremiah’s second wife?

Robert J Warren

The oldest son married Margaret Kelly in 1862. He is likely listed as James in the 1870 Census:

He was a painter. He was listed here as born in Ireland, but I don’t think that is right. Robert died six years later in 1876.

In this record, he shows as being born in Boston. I checked and this is likely his baptismal record:

This would be one of the earliest records of the family in Massachusetts. That makes sense that he would be born in Boston if his older sister Bridget was born on the way from Ireland to Massachusetts in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thomas A Warren Born 1840 Lowell

So the Warren family made it’s way from Ireland to Halifax to Boston to Lowell.  Thomas married Mary Jane White in 1861. Here he is in the 1865 Lowell City Directory:

I get the impression that Thomas served in the Civil War.

Thomas ended up in Maine:

Thomas died in 1906 and his body was shipped back to his brother Jeremiah who lived at Cross Street, Lowell:

I suppose that’s a good lead-in to Jeremiah

Jeremiah Warren Born 1842 Lowell

Jeremiah married for the second time in 1872:

Here is Jeremiah in 1870:

Perhaps his first wife had died by this time as he is living with Francis aged 2.

Here is Jeremiah and Ellen with son Albert in 1880:

Here is the same family at Cross Street, Lowell in 1900:

Jeremiah died in 1908 at 27 Cross Street – two years after his brother Thomas died and was shipped to Lowell.

Patrick H Warren (1853-1875)

Before I get to John Warren, I’ll look at John’s younger brother Patrick. In 1870, Patrick was living with his older brother Thomas in Boston:

Patrick died at age 22 of Consumption at Lincoln Street, Lowell:

John J Warren (1845-1882)

John J Warren is my best guess for the father of John Edward Warren aka Cavanaugh. Here is the published record for John’s birth:

I believe that C.R. means cemetery record. John shows as being 5 in the 1850 Census. As the 1850 Census was taken on June 1st, John would probably been 4 at the time of the Census if his above birth date is right.

John’s mother died before he was 10. I lose track of the family in 1860, but by 1865, John’s father Jeremiah had also died and John was living with his married sister Bridge Sullivan.

John J Warren and Bridget J Welch

Here is a marriage on November 11, 1866 between young John and Bridget:

They were both born and living in Lowell and here are their parents:

  • Mary J was born to this couple in 1867
  • Margaret was born in 1869. In this record, it says that Bridget was born in Boston
  • Bridget T Warren was born in 1871. In this record both parents are reported as born in Ireland.
  • Thomas G Warren was born in 1875.

Mother Bridget died in September 1878 at age 30.

Here is widowed John J with his four children living on 7 Bleachery Street on June 7, 1880:

12 year old Mary J was home ‘keeping house’.

John Warren, Louisa Gately and John E Warren aka Cavanaugh

Based on this record for John E Warren aka Cavanaugh, John E Warren son of John [Warren] and Louisa Gately married ‘Laoner’ M. Morrow in 1911:

This marriage record for John E Warren record states that John Warren and Louisa Gately were the parents of John E Warren. One interesting thing about this record is that there is no record of the Cavanaugh name. For whatever reason, John chose to omit the Cavanaugh name on his marriage record. Louisa was technically a Cavanaugh at this point and John E went by John Edward Cavanaugh for most of his life.

Seven and three quarter years after his marriage, here is John Edward’s WWI Registration Card where he gives the date of his birth:

Assuming this birth date to be correct, Louisa would have been past mid-term in her pregnancy with John Edward at the time of the 1880 Census:

Louisa lived at 38 Bleachery Street.

John J Warren worked at the bleachery. Louisa worked at U.S. Bunting. This was a company that made material for the US flag. Louisa’s husband Michael Cavanaugh also worked at the bleachery before his death in 1872.

John J Warren died less than two years after the birth of John Edward Warren/Cavanaugh in 1882 of an ‘accidental drowning’. Probably in Amesbury.

Any Holes In the Story?

I have tried to show the history leading from Jeremiah Warren to John Edward Warren aka Cavanaugh. Are there any holes in the story? I think the story holds together, but there are a few questions or issues:

  • I have not found a birth record for John Edward Warren/Cavanaugh. Perhaps there is a baptismal record for him.
  • Why didn’t John J Warren marry Louisa Gately Cavanaugh?
  • I am sure that there must be a newspaper article or two on the drowning of John J Warren. That would be interesting to read.
  • Why did John Edward go by Warren in his marriage record, then go by Cavanaugh after that?
  • John Edward is difficult to trace in his later life and his death record has not yet been found





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