Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 9 – 200 Years of Canadian Ancestry

In my previous Blog I had some breakthroughs on Heather and JJ’s Boudria (also spelled Boudrias) Line. In this Blog, I’d like to look at the Barbary side (mother of Joseph Tessier aka Tacy) and more into Phoebe, the wife of Joseph Tessier. I have been using the Genealogy of Canada Website, so I’ll continue with that.

First Phoebe

I have had trouble finding out Phoebe’s last name. I had Sawyer then took it out. Then I noticed a Tessier tree had Phoebe as Phoebe Sawyer. At the Genealogy of Canada Website, I see Joseph’s father Salomon, but not Joseph:

Here is Ste-Therese where Salomon Tessier was born:

So I am still stuck figuring out who Phoebe is

Barbary and Barbary

Next, I’ll move on the the double Barbary line:

Joseph and Marie Barbary

I’m curious to see if the parents of Marguerite Amable Barbary are related to each other. Chances are they should be. They are both dit Grandmaison. Dit is a nickname. Pehaps this line lived in a large house.  Marguerite’s father, Joseph was born in Pointe-Claire on the Island of Montreal in 1776 and died in Ste-Placide to the West of Montreal:

Marie Barbary is more difficult to find. Her estimated birth year is 1783. Here are the couple in 1851 in Ste-Placide:

Joseph is listed as 76 ans and Marie shows as 64 ans. Based on this Census, she could have been born in 1787. Ancestry guesses at 1788, so I’ll use that. Here is Ste-Placide by the  St Lawrence River.

Barbary in the 1750’s

Joseph and Andre were both born in the 1750’s when the United States was still a British Colony:

Joseph was born in Point-Claire and Andre was born not far away:

Agathe Robidoux was from Deux-Montagnes:

Three Generations From Marguerite Amable Barbary

I have all of Maruerite’s four grandparents. The next step takes us to Marguerite’s eight great-grandparents.

Unfortunately Marguerite’s maternal grandmother Agathe Labrosse died when she was 24. With my translator on I see that Labrosse could mean “the brush”.  Most of Marguerite’s great-grandparents were from Point-Claire. Most of this generation also lived through the year 1760. That was the year that Montreal was surrendered to the British following the Battle at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Montreal did not become a City until 1832. It was not long after this time that Heather and JJ’s 3rd and 4th great grandparents Joseph and Solomon Tessier aka Tacy made their move South over the border into Upstate New York.

Marguerite Amable’s 2nd Great-Grandparents

The next logical step is to look for Marguerite’s 16 2nd great-grandparents. The first of this generation of Marguerite’s ancestors that I looked at was Raymond Labrosse. He was born in France in 1695:

This town was about 60 miles north of Lyon. So this is the generation where some of the ancestors were born in France. Other things I want to look for:

  • A possible Barbary common ancestor
  • the filles du roi – more about these women later

Pierre Barbary Dit Grandmaison and Marie-Fracoise Pare

Both of Marguerite’s parents had the same last name.  Joseph and Marie Barbary were second cousins to each other. Their common ancestors were Pierre Barbary born 1677 and Marie-Francsoise Pare born 1682.

The Filles Du Roi

Filles du Roi means daughters of the king. These were women who came to New France or the Quebec area under King Louis XIV. Basically, there was a shortage of women in Quebec. The plan was to pay the way of about 800 women as wives for the colonists. These woman were to make the area more civilized and create new families. There was a concern that the British Colony had too much in the way of population compared to New France. It has become a big deal to see if you are descended from the 800 women who came to Quebec between 1663 and 1673.  It will take going back a generation or two to see if Heather and JJ descend from any filles du roi. There is a strict rule that it was only the women who arrived between 1663 and 1673 that count. That means that if a woman came at, say, age 20-25, then she would have been born about 1638-1653, although I’m sure there were outliers.

So far, I have found one person that could meet that criteria:

I have been accepting ancestor hints like crazy, as it would take too long to check up on all these ancestors. This woman is Jacqueline Barn. That doesn’t sound particularly like a French name.

She would be Heather and JJ’s 10th great-grandmother. That sounds impressive. Imagine how many 10th great-grandparents you have. Let’s see, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents:

  • 2nd GGP – 16
  • 3rd GGP – 32
  • 4th GGP – 64
  • 5th GGP – 128
  • 6th GGP – 256
  • 7th GGP – 512
  • 8th GGP – 1024
  • 9th GGP – 2048
  • 10th GGP – 4096

So if the suggestions were right at Ancestry, then Jacqueline Barn is about one four thousandths of Heather and JJ.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Barn or Glory on the Filles Du Roi lists.

Next, Let’s Try Jeanne Barbier

Jean is a mere 9th grandmother to Heather and JJ:

Jeanne’s daughter Marie Jeanne Plummereau Latreille didn’t have an Ancestry hint, so I had to look at a marriage record and accept someone else’s parents from their tree. Here is Jeanne on a list:

The contract is the marriage.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Jeanne.

Here is Rethel in the Champagne Region:

Here is Chambly, Quebec:

Here is another list:

Many times these women were marrying soldiers to fight on the frontier. Notice that Jeanne Barbier’s first contract was canceled. My understanding is, as these women were quite a precious commodity, they could choose their own husband which would have been quite a role reversal for the 1600’s. My guess is that Jeanne didn’t get along with Bernard or that he wasn’t rich enough or attractive enough. Perhaps he had fleas, body odor and missing teeth.

Summary and Conclusions

  • First, I took another shot at identifying Joseph Tessier Tacy’s wife Phoebe’s surname, but had no luck.
  • Secondly, I looked into Joseph Tessier’s Barbary line. Maguerite Amable Barbary was Joseph’s mother.
  • Marguerite Barbary’s parents were 2nd cousins to each other. I traced both their lines.
  • Next, I looked for a Fille Du Roi for Heather and JJ. The second choice I looked at was Jeanne Barbier who was a Fille Du Roi. Jeanne was born around 1649 in the Champagne Region of France.




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