Visually Phasing Heather and JJ’s DNA

I started visually phasing my two children, Heather and JJ’s DNA in this Blog. I was having trouble getting the Steven Fox Visual Phasing Spreadsheet to work, so I just used Excel.

The Steven Fox Visual Phasing Spreadsheet

I got this spreadsheet working. It doesn’t like you to cut and paste numbers, so I typed them in. In my previous Blog I mentioned above, I came up with this for Heather and JJ’s Chromosome 5:

The paternal side is easy because Heather and JJ’s Rathfelder grandmother has tested. Where she matches them on the paternal side is Rathfelder. Where she doesn’t match Heather and JJ is Hartley DNA. The maternal side is more difficult. The green above is Jarek. I found some Jarek relatives that helped there. I couldn’t find a Cavanaugh relative and uploaded JJ and Heather’s AncestryDNA results to FTDNA. There, I found Martha, who is a 1st cousin once removed. That is perfect for phasing. Martha is related to Heather and JJ on the Cavananaugh side only.

Here is the Fox Spreadsheet:

I set the vertical lines to match the areas above where JJ and Heather match each other. Below is JJ and Heather’s maternal grandmother’s match which will be the Rathfelder side. Next I put in Rathfelder and Hartley based on the match below:

Jarek Cousin Robert

Next, I can fill in some Jarek DNA based on matches to Jarek cousin Robert:

Robert matches Heather more than JJ on the right, so that could be a maternal crossover for JJ:

Here is how Heather matches her Cavanaugh cousin Martha on Chromosome 5:


Heather’s match stops at 159M which is where I have a crossover line:

At the same area, JJ has a match with Martha from 150-166M.

Another Jarek Cousin

Jarek cousin Robert tested three of his relatives or siblings, I’m not sure which. This one helped:

Robert’s sibling’s DNA match goes over the crossover line, so that cannot be JJ’s crossover. I gave it to Heather. The crossover at 112 was already paternal, so I brought the Jarek DNA over. So far, on Chromosome 5, the Jarek DNA seems to be winning out between JJ and Heather. However, I have a problem. The Fox Spreadsheet has a feature called a segment map. It compares what you have mapped (bottom bar) versus what the actual comparison is between Heather and JJ (top bar).


The top bar needs to match the bottom bar. It does except for the 2nd and third segments I show above.  I missed the crossover before 112. However, I may be able to reason myself out of this jam.

Note that at position 129, there are already two crossovers. I think that there should only be one there. If I move Heather’s Cavanaugh DNA to left, that should solve the problem:

This is what I end up with. Now the bottom bar and the top bar match each other. I still don’t have the first maternal segment defined for Heather and JJ. It would look better if JJ had the crossover at 33.5M. It may be possible to figure this out by cousin matches.

Here are some of JJ’s maternal DNA matches from his match list:

JJ doesn’t have any matches going through 33.5M. The 10.7 and 14.6cM matches are where JJ matches Heather.

Here is the same portion on Heather’s maternal match list:

This shows that Heather’s matches do go at least a little way through 33.5, so it appears that JJ has the crossover at 33.5M:

This is true because maternal matches cannot go through a maternal crossover. That is true unless someone is related on the order of first cousin or closer.

From this, we see a few interesting things:

  • Heather and JJ will not have any Hartley side matches before 112M or what appears to be more than half of Chromosome 5
  • After position 129M, Heather and JJ will not have any Rathfelder matches.
  • Likewise, Heather and JJ will have no Cavanaugh matches between 33.5 and 74 and from 170.6 to the end of Chromosome 5.
  • Jarek DNA is missing between Heather and JJ only between 149.7 and 159.3.
  • All this information is important when trying to determine on what side your unknown DNA matches are on.


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