Genealogy for Heather and JJ: Part 8 – More French Canadian Ancestry

In my previous Blog, I wrote about Heather and JJ’s Tacy and Tessier heritage. I was able to trace Tacy back to Tessier in Canada outside of Montreal. They were farmers from the Parish of St. Benoit:

I couldn’t figure out Phoebe’s maiden name or much about her, but I traced Tessier and Bernard back to France in the 1600’s. I had some trouble tracing back the lines of Barbary, Boudria and Lejuiller.


Barbary is a surname that I am unfamiliar with. A search on WikiTree shows about 82 Barbary’s there.

Marguerite Barbary

Let’s start with Marguerite. I have that she married Solomon Tessier. That was based on the baptismal record for their son Joseph Claude Tessier:

This shows that Joseph Claude Tessier was born on 20 February 1834 at the Parish of St. Benoit.

I had a surprise at WikiTree:

I was surprised to see someone had Maguerite Barbary married to Benjamin Clement on 21 Nov 1831. I have that she married Salomon Tessier on 16 May 1831.

Perhaps there were two Marguerite Barbary’s that got married in the same year in the same area outside Montreal. Wouldn’t that be confusing? I went forward in the St. Benoit Parish records and found this:

This is actually good to know as I was thinking that our Marguerite was the daughter of Francois Barbary. Let’s take a closer look. The November wedding has the bride being Marie Marguerite Grand maison. The Barbary is missing.

From the marriage record, I can’t figure out who the parents are of this Marie Marguerite. What this means is that I need to be very careful when I pick out the parents for Marguerite Barbary. Here is the WikiTree Marguerite:

The problem is that I don’t know if this tree is right or not. I think that the WikiTree Marguerite should be Marie Marguerite.

Finding the Right Marguerite Barbary

I see that Ancestry shows two Marguerite’s when I do a search:

Our Marguerite is supposed to be born about 1809 and the WikiTree Marguerite 1810. Here is the 1806 Baptism:

Here is the summary:

I can make out Amable on the record, but not so much Barbary after her father’s name. I’ll move on the to next record and come back to this if I have to.

Here is the 1814 Baptism:

Here is the summary:

It appears that this baptism is for the WikiTree Marguerite. I can read the parents and they are Francois Barbary and Marguerite Duroscher.

Back To 1806

That leaves the previous Baptismal record as the best available for Marguerite. However, it brings up a few questions. Why is she called Marguerite Amable? Perhaps Amable was a middle name for Marguerite. I don’t see much online for Amable genealogy. According to Ancestry, the Amable surname is very rare with only a handful in the US in 1880 and 1920.

Let’s try another route. Marguerite had a daughter named Harriet. She married Charles Jay or Gay in 1871 in Lowell. Charles was a 37-year-old mason:

Charles was living in Tewksbury at the time of his marriage. This was Charles’ second marriage.

Charles was born in Canada. Harriet’s birthplace is listed as Fort Livingston, but I think it should be Fort Covington.

I found a Charles Joy in the Massachusetts Marriage Index. I could also try that. I had trouble tracking this couple after they married. Perhaps it was due to confusion over the husband’s last name. My idea was to find a death record for Harriet but I had trouble finding the correct version of her last name.

Back To Giles At Geneanet

I had mentioned Giles in my previous Blog. He maintains quite the Tessier Tree. Perhaps Giles has some more clues for me:

Of note here is that Joseph’s wife is given as Phebe Sawyer. I had that as a possibility and then took the Sawyer name out. It looks like Joseph had quite a few siblings.

Giles used the same baptismal year that I used:

He also notes the day of birth.

Giles and Salomon

Here is Giles’ tree for Salomon:


Here it is easy to see why The marriage for Joseph Tessier and Marie Louise Boudrias was earlier than I thought it would be. They were busy having many babies before they had Salomon. Marie had children for 29 years? She must have started young. She was perhaps 16 when she had her first child.

Checking Boudria With Giles

Giles has this information for Marie Louise Boudrias:

Given the timing of her children, she would almost have to be born then. That makes my date wrong:

Giles to the rescue. I see that I have Marie Louise born in Aquitane France which doesn’t make sense either. I’ll just use Giles better information. While I’m borrowing information, I’ll check out another web site:

This site has a fleece waterproof trouser ad. This tree even cites sources which sounds reputable. Again, this seems to show that my tree was wrong. Perhaps the Ancestry hints were not so good here. Using that site and a couple hopefully better Ancestry hints, I get this for Salomon Tessier’s ancestry:

Barbary At the Genealogy of Canada Website

I had good luck at the Genealogy of Canada Website, so I’ll continue on with Barbary.

This site has the same parents that I had for Marguerite, but it includes dates. I think I’ll stop here and continue in my next Blog.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Thanks to other websites, I was able to check the work that I had done – mostly on the ancestors of Salomon Tessier aka Solomon Tacy.
  • The different spelling of names, dit names, faded French writing and similar names in a similar area and time make it difficult to put a tree together.
  • The Ancestry Hints apparently run into the same problem and gave me some wrong hints.
  • All these families have interesting histories. However, I have to get the names and dates down first. For example, I read that the first Tessier to come to Montreal, Urbain, fought the Iriquois in the 1600’s. He was captured and managed to escape. However, he was missing one of his fingers as a result of his ordeal.




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