Tessier/Tacy DNA, DNA Painter and Thru-Lines for My Children

In previous Blogs, I have been able to take my children’s Tacy ancestry back to Tessier in Canada. Recently, I have been noticing DNA matches at Ancestry that are likely from the Tessier Line.

Looking at Heather’s DNA Matches

First, I go to my daughter’s DNA matches. I saw her on the list first. Then I do a search for her DNA matches who have a Canadian Tessier in their ancestry.

Actually the match is with Tessier and Boudria, but in this view, only Joseph Tessier appears at the top. Ancestry wants me to evaluate this. Well, there is 20 years between Salomon and Pierre. Also, the tree above shows that the Pierre born 1825 had his son Pierre when he was two. That doesn’t sound right either. My guess is that Pierre, the brother of Salomon was actually born before 1825.

Here is a tree that has an earlier Pierre:

That Marie Boudrias could really crank out the kids. It looks like she had two Salomon’s.

Ancestry Thru-Lines

Here are the Thru-Lines at Ancestry. These show where there are genealogical and DNA matches:

Probably most all those children born from 1786 to 1814 had children. It would be fun to see if any of these tested descendants are listed at Gedmatch or with another company that shows more detailed DNA information.

DNA Painter

Here is how I have Heather ‘painted’ so far on her maternal side:

The yellow is Heather’s maternal grandfather’s side and the blue is her maternal grandmother’s side. Tessier would be under the blue side.

So half of the blue Cavanaugh/Morrow DNA belongs to Morrow and then another half of that half belongs to Tacy which was really Tessier in Canada. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got the blue match. It appears to be a pretty close match. After a search in my emails, I see it is someone with whom I exchanged genealogical information. It looks like this is Marti at FTDNA.

Here is the simple chart for Marti and my two children:

That makes them 1st cousins once removed. Marti also shares an X Chromosome match with Heather and JJ. You can only have an X Chromosome match with someone when there are not two male ancestors in a row between you and your common ancestors. That is the case above. This information can come in handy when doing DNA analysis.

AutoCluster for Heather

I have done an autocluster for Heather at FTDNA where Marti tested. That is a representation of who matches who and is meant to imply common ancestors:

Here I have an arrow pointing to Marti. She is the top match in a 4 X 4 autocluster. I included AutoCluster 5-29 out of Heather’s 37 FTDNA AutoClusters. Marti is in AutoCluster 17. Out at Cluster 29, Marti matches one of her paternal relatives, so we don’t need that information. At the top, Marti matches someone in Cluster 5. More importantly, Marti matches three out of four people in the orange Cluster 21. These matches are indicated by the gray boxes outside the clusters:

I have a green box around a group that appears to be loosely related. This is possibly a French Canadian connection.

JJ’s Thru-Lines

JJ’s Tessier DNA should be similar to Heather’s. I was hoping that I could paint some Tessier (or other) DNA onto Heather’s DNA profile, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do that. When I go right to JJ’s Thru-Lines, I see this:

Ancestry is suggesting some additional Polish ancestors based on genealogy and DNA. This would be best discussed in a separate Blog.

Summary and Conclusions

I had previously discovered that Heather and JJ’s Tacy ancestors were originally French CanadianTessier. This lead to me adding many other ancestors to their trees. Ancestry caught up with this fact and found DNA matches to other Tessier descendants. These DNA matches seem to confirm the genealogical work I did on the Tessier Line. It is possible that in the future, other Tacy descendants could find their Tessier heritage through Ancestry making similar connections through Ancestry’s Thru-Line system.



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