Jane’s Frazer ThruLines Gone Wrong

In my previous Blog on Frazer ThruLines, I looked at Gladys’ ThruLines. Gladys likely descends from three Frazer brothers: Philip, Richard and Archibald.

Jane’s Genealogy

Jane probably descends from two of brothers – Richard and Archibald. I put Jane in the Richard Line several years ago based on her many DNA matches and she seems to fit there. Here is the Richard Branch with descendants who have had their DNA tested:

This next Archibald brother Branch is quite large, so I’ll just show Jane’s Archibald, son of Archibald Branch:

Jane’s Frazer ThruLines

Jane has given me access to look at her DNA matches, so I can also look at her ThruLines. ThruLines is supposed to match trees to DNA matches. This gives additional assurance that the genealogy was done correctly.

As I look at Jane’s Frazer ThruLines, I see a problem:

The first problem is that there are no DNA matches at Jane’s 2nd great-grandfather level. The second is that the ThruLines switch from Jane’s tree at her grandfather to K8777’s tree at her Great-grandfather level. At that level Jane appears to have the wrong great-grandfather. Oh my.

What Went Wrong with Jane’s ThruLines?

I have a similar problem with my Frazer grandmother’s mother. ThruLines is sure that her step-mother was her biological mother and I haven’t been able to fix that.

Here is Jane’s tree starting with her paternal grandfather:

Jane’s tree has Richard P Frazser as the son of Archibald Frazer. k87777 has Richard’s father as Alexander Fraser.


Here is K8777:

Hmm, what about k8777’s tree?

I don’t see the Fraser name here in k8777’s direct ancestor tree. My guess is that Ancestry likes trees with a lot of records. Here is k8777’s tree:

That is almost 2 records per person. That is a lot.

Here is k8777’s Alexander Fraser:

unfortunately, the Alexander had a William Fraser also born in 1878:

Jane’s William P Fraser

Jane has a lot of references, so I think that ThruLines should have used Jane’s William P Fraser. In fact, Jane has a ton of records in her Fraser Tree:

Another ThruLines Switch

Here is the end of Jane’s Fraser ancestry according to ThruLines:

The tree switches again to Rachel’s tree and ends with a proposed Fraser 3rd great-grandfather for Jane who is wrong. This is pretty bad. I don’t understand how Ancestry could have done such a poor job. Jane has a ton of Frazer DNA matches and good genealogy to go with it. Whatever formula they are using didn’t work for Jane.


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