A James McMaster Branch Found with ThruLines and Genealogy

In a previous Blog, I set out to write about four McMaster sisters. One of them was my third great-grandmother Fanny McMaster. In the process of writing about them, I discovered that Fanny’s mother Margaret Frazer McMaster had traveled to Canada with the family. I later found out that the sisters had a brother James who moved from Canada to the US. His mother Margaret lived with his family before he died.

James McMaster in ThruLines

Recently while I was going through my ThruLines, I came upon a DNA match, Jennifer, from this newly added James Branch:

Fanny incorrectly shows as my 4th great aunt for some reason. This also shows Fanny’s sister Mary Ann McMaster and Fanny’s brother James Archibald McMaster. I match Jennifer at 14 cM which would be normal for a 4th cousin once removed. Jennifer’s tree in dotted line goes up to her grandfather Paul McMaster. After that, my tree takes over with James A McMaster.

The above ThruLines probably appeared after I added James Archibald McMaster to my tree based on my previous Blog.

Connecting Two McMaster Trees

My guess is that these two trees should connect. Jennifer has that her father was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That would be the right part of the US. I have that James A McMaster died in Allouez and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Green Bay:

Here is the Cemetery location:

Here is James A in Janesville, WI in 1870:

Here is some more information about James A McMaster from Find A Grave:

Here is James in 1900 in South Dakota:

I don’t see any Paul yet. I suppose Harry P could be Harry Paul. I’m going about this backwards as genealogists are supposed to go from the present to the past. I am going from the less recent to the more recent.

The James Archibald McMaster Family in 1910

Now the family moved back East to Hutchins, Wisconsin. James’ wife Carrie died and Harry P is now Paul. That seems to cement the connection between my tree and Jennifer’s.


Adding Jennifer to the DNA/Genealogy Chart

I don’t have Jennifer in green as she has not uploaded her DNA to Gedmatch as far I know.

The MTrent Connection

Next, I checked to see if I had any shared matches with Jennifer. One name came up at AncestryDNA: mtrent. Mtrent had gotten in touch with me in 2017:

Hi Joel. Your name is on my DNA list. I noticed that your Fanny McMaster has info sources from Kilmactranny parish. My 3x great grandfather, James Archibald McMaster was born in Kilmactranny in 1822, immigrated to US via Ontario, Canada. His mother was Margaret, based on census records, born around 1790. Was wondering if you have any information on my branch of the family? I looked at William and Margaret, Fanny’s parents as possible parents for James A,but you have only daughters listed for them. Do you have information on my line of the McMasters? Any info appreciated. Sincerely,

It wasn’t until this year that I discovered the connection. Mtrent’s tree is private, so I don’t know the specific path to mtrent has to James McMaster. However, mtrent is one generation down from Jennifer, so that would make us 5th cousins.

McMaster and Frazer and AutoClustering

I performed an AutoCluster last year when these first came out. Here was my first AncestryDNA autocluster:

This was a simple autocluster with only 5 clusters. The purple Frazer Cluster is relevant to this Blog. BV is the first match in the Cluster. Her ancestors are William McMaster and Margaret Frazer. The next match is Whitney. She matches BV and Gladys the third match. BV and Gladys do not match in this analysis. Gladys matches on my Frazer side.

In January this year, I wrote a Blog about my sister Lori’s 29 AutoClusters at Ancestry and noted this break-down:

Lori’s Irish Clusters were in a big box in the middle of her autocluster analysis. BV and mtrent are in Lori’s green Cluster 12:


So a Blog I wrote on my third great granmother’s sisters strongly suggested that James was in the William McMaster/Mararet Frazer family. I added James McMaster to that tree and ThruLines found a descedant of James named Jennifer who matched me by DNA. I looked for shared DNA matches between Jennifer and me and found one that went by mtrent. Mtrent had mentioned that she was descended from James McMaster in 2017. I now know that her guess that James was a son of William McMaster and Margaret Frazer was right. Identifying mtrent’s ancestry may give further hints for other shared matches.

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