Hartley ThruLines Part 6

In the past five Blogs on Hartley ThruLines, I have looked at the ThruLines coming down from my potential ancestors John Hartley and Anne Bracewell through their children Nancy Hartley and Robert Hartley:

In this Blog, I will look at the ThruLines by way of Susan or Susy Hartley born 1755. These are the ThruLines my father’s cousin Joyce has through Susan:

There are pb, nx and Sheryl. Nx is a new match as seen by the blue dot. I looked at Sheryl in a 2019 Blog that got me thinking that John Hartley and Anne Bracewell could very well be my ancestors.

pb and Joyce

pb’s Ancestry Tree is private, so I cannot look at it but he and Joyce have Sheryl as a shared DNA match, so that  is promising. I’ll try creating my own tree for pb to see if it matches up with his ThruLines. The findagrave entry was confusing, so I looked at the social security record for pb’s mother:

That means that we have to get this family from Kansas back to Colne, Lancashire.

Here is the family in 1930 in Lone Elm, Kansas. Vera’s mother Olive was a grade school teacher:

Findagrave is more helpful for Oive:

My ancestry tree for pb is starting to fill out:

Following the Bracewell Line

Here are some Bracewells from the 1870 Iowa Census:

Father Starkey or Starky was born in England and they have a son named Hartley. Here is a photo of ‘Starkie’ from Ancestry:

The 1880 Census transcribes his name as Ataskis. However, I see Starkie:

Fortunately, Starkey is a fairly uncommon name. Here is Starkey in 1841 in Foulridge:

It looks like he was born at Hey Mill? My best guess for Mary is Mary Starkie:

I wish that the marriage record mentioned the father of John Bracewell. ThruLines has that John Bracewell was borno in 1778, but if he was 45 in 1841, then he would have been born in 1796. If he was 79 rounded down to 45, he would have been born about 1792.

One of the ThruLine sources gives this information for Susan or Susy Hartley:

They have Susan the daughter of John Hartley and Ann (who I interpret to be Bracewell). They have that Susy and Joseph Bracewell had a son named Hartley Bracewell. I take this Hartley to be the witness at the marriage of John Bracewell and Mary Starkie. I would further guess that John and Hartley Bracewell were brothers.

This Tree has John as the son of Joseph Bracewell and Susan Hartley:

However, they have John born 1796 based on the Census. I believe that John must have been born earlier:

Again, I have not proved this line, but have shown that it could be possible.

The James Hartley witness could be my ancestor. This appears to be Susy’s baptismal transcription:

Adding pb to my tree:

I mentioned at the start of the Blog that pb and Joyce aslo match Sheryl, but I have not added her to the tree yet.

Adding Sheryl to the Tree

I will assume that my work that put Sheryl on this tree in 2019 still applies.

This is interesting because pb and Sheryl are 4th cousins to each other. This also shows that the only likely way that pb and Sheryl could match Joyce would to be through the Bracewell or Hartley Lines.

Joyce and nx

It appears that the match between Joyce and nx should provide additional branching:

All I have to do is show that nx has ancestry back to John Bracewell born in 1834. NX also has a private tree, so I will have to use the ThruLines to check his Line.

Here is William from findagrave:

Here is Winnie in the 1900 Census for Iowa:

Here is NX in my tree:

NX and Joyce also have a shared DNA match with Sheryl which makes sense as Sheryl and NX are 3rd cousins.

Joel and Gillian

I also have a ThruLine with Gillian:

Gillian’s Line appears to go through Hartley Bracewell born in 1788. One odd feature of this tree is that it goes from hartley Bracewell to Jane Bracewell to John E Bracewell. I would have expected to have three male Bracewells in a row.

This Gillian’s tree:

Somehow Ancestry has figured out her descent from John Hartley and Anne Bracewell from other sources. It appears that I started a tree for Gillian previously, but didn’t get very far:

Hints from the ThruLines tell me that Philip and Ernest were from Burnley:

Here are Ernest and Mary in 1939 in Burnley:

Here is the family in 1901 in Burnley

This appears to be John in 1871:

John’s mother Jane is from Colne, so I won’t give up yet. This is my guess for the marriage of William and Jane:

This appears to be the young family in 1851:

At this point, I am ready to give up on the Gillian Line as it is too complicated.

Here is the full Hartley/Bracewell Tree so far:

Summary and Conclusions

  • I now have the lines of four of the children of John Hartley born 1730 and Anne Bracewell
  • In this Blog I looked at and added three lines from daughter Susy Bracewell born 1755
  • I looked at an additional line, but was unable to get it to connect to the Susy Line.
  • I still have at least one more Blog to write on this topic.

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