My Father’s Cousin Maury’s Hartley Ancestry Thru-Lines – Emmet and Howorth

In my previous Blog, I evaluated a Baldwin Thruline that my father’s cousin Joyce had. Turns out it wasn’t right, but lead to some interesting refinements in our shared Shackleton Line. My father’s first cousin Maury has this suggested person in his ThruLines:

A 3rd great-grandmother doesn’t seem that far back, so let’s take a look. Here is my great-grandfather’s tree:

I have that Edmund Emmet was married to a Sarah, but I don’t have the last name. Here is Isaac’s baptismal record:

I wonder where Soo Clough is. A clough is apparently a ravine:

(Northern England, US) A narrow valley; a cleft in a hillside; a ravineglen, or gorge

Apparently I had previously identified this in a Blog:

In the 1851 Census, Isaac gives his birthplace as Sou or Sow Clough:

I did find this Padiham marriage of Edmund to Sarah Collins, but this would have been after the children were married:

Padiham is near Burnley, so the date and place is off. Edmund Emmot is from Newchurch in Rossendale. Here is Newchurch in relation to Sowclough Road:

The above marriage is likely reflected the last birth below:

Habergham Eaves is South of Burnley.

Here is a tree with Sarah Broughton:

There are some problems with these dates. I have that Edmund Emmot was born 1759. I don’t know when Sarah was born, but I made a guess at 1765. If George Broughton died in 1692, it would have been difficult for him to have a daughter anytime in the 1700’s.

I did find this burial record from May 30, 1801:

This appears to be Lane Head above Bacup:


If I have this right, then the family moved and had a death of a young child. Actually, this area may be the better choice:

Next Victim: Mary Bridge

This is a new name to me. Here is Maury’s ThruLIne:

Maury matches Diana by a small amount of DNA and they show as potential 4th cousins. I’ve never heard of the name of Mary Bridge. In my tree, I have a Mary as the wife of James Howorth born 1768. I do have that James and Mary Howorth had a son named Abram born in 1814.

I’ll try to re-create Diana’s tree and see if I come up on the same place. Pretty soon on Diana’s side I am back to her maternal grandfather:

I have him born in 1869, but Diana has him born in 1878 in Stacksteads:

Here is Fred and family in 1871 in Bacup:

Here is Diana’s tree:

I’m trying to work towards Abraham Howarth on Diana’s tree. Here is an important marriage record:

I find this interesting because Elizabeth was living at Underbank, Bacup at the time of her marriage in 1859. My 2nd great-grandfather was living at Underbank when he married Ann Emmet in 1851. Ann’s mother was Esther Howorth. Small World. This makes me think I am on the right track or that there are a lot of coincidences.

So in 1859, Elizabeth was 21, so born about 1838. Diana has Abraham marrying Lavinia Clegg in 1844, so that is not right. However, Lavinia was Abraham’s second wife:

Parting Ways At Abraham

Here what I have for Abraham in my tree:

Abram was born in 1798 in Hogshead, South of Bacup. This appears to be him in 1851:

For some reason, his children only get initials this year. After a little searching, here he is in 1841 at Greens:


Next page:

Betty above is 4. She is hte one we were looking for. Fast forward to 1861. Here is Elizabeth saying she was born in Greens:

Drawing Out the Relationships

At this point I put all the people into a chart. But first, I have to fix my old chart:

Unfortunately, I have to send Lavinia back to Manchester. For some reason, I had two Abram’s in my tree. One was 1798 and one was 1814. Above, I was looking at the 1798 Abram. It seems like I remember writing to someone about Fred Taylor. I guess I’ll have to get back in touch. I created the above chart when I wrote this Blog.

Here is the correction:

I have Diana in yellow to distinguish from the green testers who have uploaded their results to Gedmatch for analysis. At least I don’t think she has.

Next, I’ll put the tree in chronological order:

I see I never looked into Mary Bridge. Maybe some other time.

Summary and Conclusions

  • This Blog went fairly well. I was unable to prove the first suggestion of Sarah Broughton in my line.
  • In the second part, I never got to Mary Bridge, but I did straighten out the Abram/Abraham Howorth Line.
  • The Taylor and Hartley branches had somewhat of a parallel history except that the Taylor branch went to Australia and the Hartley branch went to Australia.
  • I would still like to assess Mary Bridge. Also the Abraham line needs a last name for his wife Ann.











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