My AncestryDNA Match With Whitney Leads To a Frazer Common Ancestor

I have known about matching Whitney for a while, but I didn’t know how she fit in. Whitney and I have a sizeable DNA match spread out over four different DNA segments:

According to AncestryDNA, Whitney’s match is in the Very High Range:

That means that I should have a 99% chance of finding our common ancestors – assuming I can figure out the genealogy.

Whitney’s Frazer Ancestry

Here is Whitney’s tree at Ancestry:

Here is the tree I am building out for Whitney:

I had been working on this tree for a while and thought I should be looking at Whitney’s Masters side. However, today, I took an educated guess on her Cain side and came up with a Frazer. It looks like Whitney’s maternal grandfather’s mother was Elizabeth Frazer Cain.

Elizabeth Frazer was born in Boston to Richard Frazer – a cook. I know that some of my Frazer relatives were cooks,  and I had a Frazer relative named Richard, so that sounds promising. Here is the Richard Frazer family from my Frazer web page:

Richard was my great grandfather’s younger brother. This is my guess for Richard:

Richard’s wife was from Freedom, New Hampshire and this photo was taken in New Hampshire.

Here is Whitney in my DNA/Frazer Genealogy Chart:

Whitney fills in the DNA from Richard Frazer. Whitney and I are third cousins once removed. Here is how my Richard Branch looks like now at Ancestry:

Summary and Conclusion

  • I was only a step away from finding a Frazer link with Whitney and didn’t realize it.
  • According to AncestryDNA, there was a 99% chance that we had findable common ancestors. All I had to do was to find them.
  • If Whitney uploads her DNA to Gedmatch, I will be able to do more comparisons with other Frazer and McMaster cousins.
  • It is likely that my addition of the Cain family to my Ancestry Tree will result in new ThruLines. These are lines that are highlighted at Ancestry due to common ancestry and DNA matches.


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