Finding More Frazers: Matthew

I match Matthew at AncestryDNA. In fact, AncestryDNA calls it a very high DNA match. Ancestry further says that they think I have a 99% chance of finding shared ancestors with Matthew. I took that as a challenge. I messaged Matthew and he gave me enough information to get started on a tree:

Matthew’s Frazer Genealogy

I was interested in Matthew’s Frazer side as that is where we must match:



Matthew gave me the name of his father and of his grandmother. That was enough to get going. From there I found his Frazer grandfather who was born in Manitoba, Canada. From there others have created Frazer trees that I can use:

Now I am getting into familiar territory with George and Susan Frazer:

Here is George Frazer and Susannah with four boys. Here is my list of children for George and Susannah:

It looks as though Ellen and Margaret died young. My guess is that the four youngest boys could be the ones in the photo above.

Next, I’ll put Matthew on my own Frazer DNA/Genealogy Chart:

This shows that Matthew is my 4th cousin twice removed. He is also Gladys’ 1st cousin three times removed.

One Tree Leads To Another

Speaking of Gladys, she has shared DNA matches with Matthew. One of their shared matches is Sandra. Here is Sandra and her paternal tree:

I’ll add Sandra also to my DNA/genealogy tree:

Sandra is Gladys’ 1st cousin once removed.

ND Helps Fill Out the George Frazer Branch

Gladys and Sandra have a shared DNA match with ND:

One interesting thing is that I match Matthew by more DNA than I match Sandra or ND. I match Matthew by 49 cM across three segments. If I match Sandra or ND it would have to be by less than 20 cM as that is the limit for shared matches.

Summary and Conclusions

  • By using Matthew’s hints, I was able to convert our DNA match into a family tree.
  • Matthew’s DNA match adds to the existing DNA matches from the Richard Price Frazer and George Harvey Frazer Branches
  • By looking at shared matches between Matthew and Gladys, I was able to add Sandra and ND onto the James Clarence Frazer Branch.


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