Looking for a Match Who Doesn’t Match Me

OK, here is the situation. I administer Gladys’ DNA kit for an Irish Frazer Project. Occasionally, I get requests because people find matches to Gladys’ non-Frazer side. Gladys is not easy to get in touch with, so I’ll give a shot at finding Jonn’s connection to Gladys. Here is the note I got from Jonn:

Hi I’m doing research into my family history and you’ve come up in my results. Just wondering if we could make contact as I’m trying to find the name of my Mystery Great Grandad on my fathers side, who fathered my Grandad Frederick Davis Fassam (Fassam being the mother’s maiden name).   On his Baptism his father was labelled Frederick Edmund Fassam but we believe that’s a made up name as the father was unknown as far as we’re aware.   Most likely linking nameare Beard, Scott, Davy, Stone or Bobitt and the area of origin is likely to be West Ham in London, Essex or Cambridgeshire or Lancashire I think for the periods 1800-1910 Anyway, if you’re happy to, I’d love to hear from you and see if we could potentially identify our connection.   Look forward to hopefully hear from you.   

I found out that Jonn matches Gladys at Gedmatch. I further found out that Jonn tested at Ancestry and has a tree there:

This is Jonn’s paternal side. He has just his mother listed as private on the maternal side. This makes me wonder how we can know if Gladys’ match with Jonn is on his maternal or paternal side. Then, if the match is on Jonn’s paternal side, how do we know if the match is on the paternal grandmother or grandfather side?

Gladys’ Tree

Let’s look at Gladys’ tree.

I’m related to Gladys through James Frazer and Violet Frazer. I would rule those two out as they were from Ireland and Jonn is looking for someone in England. That still leaves a lot of potential. Ephraim Webber and Mary Jury on Gladys’ maternal side were from Devon, England. Seems like I found the right country, wrong region.

Here is Ephraim in 1861 in Chawleigh or Chawley:

This got me back a little further:

Gladys’ and Jonn’s Shared Matches at AncestryDNA

Gladys and Jonn are predicted 4th to 6th cousins at AncestryDNA. That means that the connection could be out quite far. Gladys and Jonn have four shared DNA matches at AncestryDNA:

  1. Has the same last name as Jonn, but it could be her married name and a coincidence. She shows her father from Lymington, Hampshire, England
  2. Her paternal grandfather is from Australia. That could indicate English heritage, but I didn’t trace the genealogy back.
  3. Has a one person tree
  4. Has a linked 6 person tree. The mother and father are both from Devon, England.

On the limited information that I have the DNA connection could be through Devon. However, it may not be on Jonn’s line that he is looking for.

Gladys’ and Jonn’s Shared Matches at Gedmatch

I found a close match to Gladys who shares a match with Jonn:

The first row is Gladys’ match to herself. The second row is the one I am interested in. The match to Gladys is 252.8 cM and to Jonn is 22.3 cM. This person also tested at AncestryDNA. I took a guess as to who the match might be at AncestryDNA. I picked Ryan. However, he doesn’t have a very good tree at Ancestry. I found a Shared match with Ryan who does have a good tree. Rox-Ann’s Tree has Jury and Webber:

That only narrows down Gladys’ tree to her maternal and we are still in Devon.

Summary and Conclusion

  • I did some poking around and it seemed like there could be a connection between Gladys and Jonn in Devon.
  • I wasn’t sure that the DNA connection that Gladys and Jonn had was on the side of Jonn’s tree where he was looking.
  • Jonn could do a shared match analysis with Gladys at Gedmatch. If he could identify one of those shared DNA matches, he could figure out on which side of his tree he and Gladys match. This would narrow down where to look.
  • I was able to narrow down that Jonn and Gladys match on Gladys’ maternal side. I had already assumed that based on the fact that most of Gladys’ paternal side was from Ireland. Gladys’ maternal side as far as I know is from Devon, England.


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