Some Genealogy for my Children’s Maternal Side: Jarek and Cavanaugh

I’ve been behind on my children’s maternal genealogy. I have written a lot about my own side. I was divorced from my Heather and aJJ’s mother before I got into genealogy, so I hadn’t thought of looking up their genealogy. Now with DNA sales, I have ordered DNA kits for them and would like to find out more about their maternal genealogy.


I remember my former wife’s father’s name as Julius K Jarek. He had a Polish background. I can’t remember my former wife’s mother’s name. I just remember that she was Irish. Perhaps it will come back to me or I will find some information on her.

I’ll just add a father to Linda on my tree:

Next, I do a search for Julius K Jarek and I see this:

All of a sudden, I remember the name of my former mother-in-law.

Here is Julius’ birth record:

Here Julius’ mother is Antonina and Julius’ father was said to be born in Russia. I suppose parts of present Poland were taken over by Russia or Austria in the past.

Julius in the Census

Here is Julius in the 1910 Census on Mill Street in Dracut:

It looks like Julius’ parents were born in Polish Austria. I suppose the Austrian empire included Poland at the time. Julius’ dad came to this country in 1902 and his mom in 1905 according to this census. In 1910 the family was living near a Russian family who spoke Yiddish.

When I add Julius’ father, I get a hint for a potential mother:

Here are the details on the potential mother:

I think that this looks like a reasonable person based on her place and time of birth and her place of death.

Julius in 1920

In 1920, Julius was living in Lowell. It looks like Francis’ younger brother who owned a vegetable store was the head of the household. Julius now has a younger brother and sister.

Julius in 1930

Now the family owns their own house. The names have been Americanized. Francis is listed as a retail merchant of groceries.

That gives a short sketch of this immigrant family. Julius went to Lowell Technological Institute. Here he is with Delta Kappa Phi in 1929. He was in the class of 1931:


Perhaps I will find more on the Cavanaugh side. I know that Agnes had been married before she married Julius. Here is Agnes in  1940 living in Lowell with her daughter and mother:

Agnes’ first husband’s name was Rawbathans according to the Census. Perhaps Rowbotham is a more accurate spelling:

I wonder why Julius and Agnes married in Florida. Perhaps it had to do with WWII.

It looks like Julius became a commissioned officer 1 week before he married Agnes at the Flamingo Hotel in Miami, Florida.

More Cavanaugh History

Here is the 1930 Census. Here we see Agnes had three sisters. The parents of her mom, Leona, were born in New York.

In 1920, the family was in Providence, RI:

Now we have a father for Agnes. He is John, E., a wool sorter. This time Leona’s mother is said to be French Canadian.

Here is Agnes’ birth record:

I think it says her mom is Leona Moirow. Without the mark over what may be the ‘i’, it could be Morow. Here is a suggested father for Leona from Ancestry:

I’m not sure if Morrow is a French Canadian name. That would be something to look into. However, it seems like my former wife’s maternal side should be easier to trace compared to her paternal side:

John  Cavanaugh

John Cavanaugh was my children’s great grandfather. John was born March 4, 1881 in Templeton, Massachusetts. On his birth record, he appears to be John Francis:

His father was William Francis born in Ireland and was a loom fixer. His mother was here:

She was born in Providence, RI.

I decided to take the Ancestry hints and came up with this:

Ancestry gives me four new potential ancestors. These would be my children’s third great grandparents.

William F Cavanagh

John’s father William was also listed as a loom fixer in the 1900 census:

He immigrated in 1855, so when he was about 7. That means that he could have come to the US with his parents. Here is William in 1870 in Woonsocket, RI:

William was part of a large family. It looks like the family was living in Massachusetts for a while also. This record suggests that William was born in 1851.

Mary Jane Hulme

I don’t know if my children knew they descended from the Hulme family. Here is Mary in North Providence in 1860:

Mary’s dad Samuel was born in England.

Here I accepted Mary’s mom as Eliza Jackson:

Assuming I have the right couple, here is their marriage record from an area near Manchester, England:

Samuel was a dyer and Eliza was a spinner. Here is Collyhurst:


According to Google:

Collyhurst is an inner city area of Manchester, England, 1.5 miles northeast of the city centre on Rochdale Road and Oldham Road. The River Irk passes through the area. Prominent buildings include two Roman Catholic churches, St Patrick’s and St Malachy’s.

The Cavanaugh Side

The suggested parents for John Canvanagh are from Galway, but I don’t know if I have enough evidence to add them yet.

The Morrow Family

Now I’ll go back to Morrow. I had hesitated as I wasn’t sure that name sounded French Canadian. I’ll put in Agnes’ mother Leona in as a Morrow:


A Morrow Problem

Here is a record that is confusing:

This shows that “Laoner” Morrow married John Warren on January 16th, 1911. I have that Agnes Cavanaugh was born February 5, 1911. Either I have the wrong family, or something strange was going on. Actually, we know that John E. Cavanaugh was a wool sorter. I think that the records person just wrote the husband’s name down wrong. John was quite a bit older than “Laoner”. As he was 30 in 1911, he was born around 1880. I’m not sure how Cavanaugh got changed to Warren in the marriage record. The other confusing part is that John’s parents are not right. My guess is that “Laoner” was about 8 months pregnant when she married. At any rate, I think that the Cavanagh ancestry could be confirmed by the DNA tests.

More on Laoner/Leona Morrow

Even the death record lists her name as Laoner. Was that the original name that got normalized to Leona?

Here Laoner died in 1969 at age 79.

Here is Leona in 1900:

This shows some of Leona’s siblngs. Her dad, Joseph, was a music teacher.

I couldn’t find the birth record for Leona, but found birth records for her siblings. The birth record for Jeremiah is the most detailed. It gives the mother’s maiden names and birthplaces for the parents:

What About Tacy?

Here is what I have so far on the Tacy side:

The ancestry hints said that Nellie’s parents were also from Canada.

Many Roads Lead to Lowell

Nellie Tacy married Joseph Morrow in Lowell on October 30, 1889.

Joseph was a jeweller and Nellie was a dress-maker.

The Tacy Family in Fort Covington, NY

When Nellie married in 1889, she said that she was 29. That would mean that she was born about 1860. Here is the Fort Covington Census for 1860:


This Ida may be Nellie. Here Joseph was a Baker. He appears to have a young wife. Solomon may have been Joseph’s father.

So Where Are We?

Here is the tree for my children’s maternal side:

I’ve gotten a lot further on the maternal grandmother’s side (Cavanaugh) compared to the Jarek side.

My children, Heather and JJ have ancestry here:

The Jarek side appears to be all Poland. The other side is Ireland, England and French Canadian.

Next Steps

While I’m waiting for the DNA samples:

  • I can look more into the French Canadian side. They have good records there. I suspect Morrow may actually be Moreau.
  • The name Tacy is probably not French Canadian either. I looked this up on Google and one suggestion was that the name may have been Tessier.
  • I need to be more sure about the Hulme connection to Manchester.
  • I’d like to check the Cavanagh connection to Galway.
  • Julius’ Uncle John Jarek may give more clues to the Polish heritage. I don’t have experience with Polish genealogy.
  • Some of Heather and JJ’s maternal ancestors were jewellers, dress makers, wool sorters, loom fixers, bakers, grocers and laborers. As I recall, Julius worked in a paper mill.







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