Visual Phasing Six Siblings with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 22: Chromosome 22

This is the last Chromosome to visually phase. I have solved the previous 21 chromosomes and the X Chromosome. I need to solve this Chromosome to have a full set of phased chromosome for me and my five siblings.

Chromosome 22

Here is my first cut at assigning crossovers for Chromosome 22:

The first two crossovers (F and D) are very close together. I am not sure I have the right order. It looks like Joel (D) could have two crossovers in the circled areas but in the F&D and D&H comparisons, I don’t see the same changes, so I left those out.

Position Numbers

I’m not sure of the position numbers or the order of the first two crossovers.

Here is Jim compared to Jon (F) at full resolution:

This HIR starts at about 18.25M.

Here is Jim compared to Joel (D):

This FIR start is roughly at 18.6M, so my guess for the order of crossover seems to be right. These two positions should define the first two crossovers for Jon (F) and Joel (D).

Cousin Matches

First I check the Fox Spreadsheet to see if I have cousin matches. It looks like I have at least one paternal and one maternal match. Here is Frazer cousin Paul’s matches:

The shorter match with Heidi points out her crossover from Frazer to Hartley. Then a match with cousin Lentz cousin Judith adds some maternal DNA:

This is probably enough to solve the Chromosome, but I’ll add in some more Hartley DNA from cousin James:

Heidi’s one crossover is already defined, so I’ll spread her DNA to either end of the Chromosome:

I solved most of the Chromosome and the comparisons look pretty good:

I still want to describe Jon’s double crossover near the beginning.

Jon and Lori have an FIR in the larger of the two unfilled segments. That means that Jon needs a Frazer/Lentz combo there. That puts Jon’s second crossover as a paternal one. Here is the final product:

That concludes the solving of all chromosomes for six siblings. That is a lot of DNA. I just need to go back an re-create the chromosomes that I didn’t save on the spreadsheet.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to visually phase six siblings for all 22 chromosomes plus the X Chromosome. Counting maternal and paternal copies that is 276 Chromosomes.
  • The DNA of all four grandparents are covered on Chromosome 22.
  • Jim, Joel and Sharon had full Frazer Chromosomes.
  • Heidi had a full Lentz Chromosome.
  • For any match, for any sibling, I should be able to tell along which grandparent line that match lies.





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