My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 2 -More Poland and Jarek

Here is Part 1. In Part 1 I started a framework to my children’s maternal genealogy and came up with some things to check on.

The Jarek Side

I only got as far as my children’s great grandparents on their Jarek side. In 1920, Francis was living with his younger brother John in Lowell. My idea was to see if I could find anything about John.

One good source of information is from naturalization papers. This says that John arrived in 1902 and was naturalized in 1908. Francis was one year behind John.

Here is John’s marriage record for 1904:

Here are John and Marya’s parents:

Now I had that Francis married a Wosniac. Perhaps they were sisters.

Here is John’s WWII Registration Card:

This gives a birthplace, if I can read it. The transcription says, “Odrzykoy, Poland”. This is possibly in Southeastern Poland:

Now we have a place in Poland for Heather and JJ to visit. I cut off the Ukraine which is to the east of Odrzykoń. Here is a castle in Odrzykoń

I didn’t find Naturalization records for John or Frank, but I did find some interesting things.

After searching for Antonina Wozniak, I found her marriage record:

The couple married in 1905 in Lowell with Francis now listed as Frank. Antonina’s parents are similar to Frank’s brother’s wife Marya’s, but not quite the same:

I added the Priest’s name as a bonus. I assume that Jacenty may be the same as Jacynty. However, if he is, he had a different wife when Antonina was born. Here Josef’s wife looks to be Agnes Letkowiez (or Letkowicz?). I guess I can keep Jacenty and Jacynty separate for now.

Now Heather and JJ have some new, mysterious 2nd great-grandparents on the Jarek side:

I did a Google search and came up with this 1999 genealogical post:

I am looking for anyone that may have information on the following surnames:
Franciszek JAREK b. 3/27/1879 Odrzykon, Poland (nr. Krosno) Came to the US in 1903 and settled in Lowell, MA.
His parents’ names: Jozef & Mary Ras
His grandparents’ names: Antoni Jarek & Marii Such/Antoni Ras & Reginy Grzybala

Franciszek married Antonina WOZNIAK 11/4/1905 in Lowell, MA. Antonina was born 5/9/1889 in Mecinka, Poland.
Her parents’ names: Jacenty & Agnieszka Letkowicz
I would love to hear from anyone with a connection.
Thank you, Laurie

I think Męcinka is here:

Laurie’s message was from 1999, but still quite interesting. Laurie appears to have found another generation somehow. Assuming Laurie is right, I now have this:

Searching Ancestry Trees

Next, I looked for Jarek’s on Ancestry Trees. I found this interesting WWI Registration:

This gives a birth date for Frank Jarek. It also tells us he was a milk dealer in 1918.

Frank’s Passport

Frank’s passport is interesting as it gives some description:

Here is his passport photo:

Here is more information about Frank:

This confirms where Frank was born. This also gives information on his Naturalization.

It looks like Frank was visiting Poland on business. At the time of the passport application he was working in a mill.  It appears that he was to visit France and perhaps other countries. I am not sure why. I would think that there would be shipping records to follow up on.

Information from Linda

My daughter forwarded my previous Blog to her mom, Linda, who sent me this:

This is a tree that she got from a Jarek family reunion. This Wozniak part was helpful:

I had that Antonina was from Męcinka. I wonder if they are the same? I had also read that there was more than one Męcinka in Poland. Here is Podkarpackie:

This is the same Province that Odrzykoń is in.  In fact, these two places are a few miles from each other:

It appears that Męcinka is the correct spelling. This place is called Jedlicze Męcinka on the map. The other Męcinka I had earlier in the Blog was about 300 miles Northwest of Odrzykoń. My guess is that the Wozniaks were from the Męcinka in the map above.

Ship Records and Antonina

I had mentioned ship records above. I think that I have found Antonina:

She arrived in New York City on March 28, 1905 from Brussels on the Ship Kroonland. Here is where Antonina listed that she was from and where she was going:

She was fron Modersowka and was going to Redwood or Bedwood – looks like Mass. I know that there is a Bedford, but I’m a bit stumped. Here is some more information on where and who she was to stay with:

It appears that she had a brother named John Kalesiuk. Perhaps he was a brother in law?

It turns out that Moderowka is close to Męcinka and Odrzykoń.

I would imagine that it was quite a trip for a single girl of 16. She was listed as 18 on the ship but I don’t think that was quite right. Antonina traveled from Moderwoka to Brussels to New York City. Then she made her way to Massachusetts. Less than nine monts from getting off the ship, she married Frank or Francis Jarek.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to get back another generation on the Jarek side by initally looking at records for Frank’s brother John.
  • I also found a birthplace for John and Frank Jarek. This can be very difficult to find.
  • A simple Google search got me back even one more generation on the Jarek side. The message I found in the search also confirms the work I have done.
  • An Ancestry Tree search got me some more interesting information about Frank Jarek.
  • I find the Ras name interesting as it does not appear to be obviously Polish. Such does not come across to me as Polish either.
  • Some information from a Jarek reunion may have cleared up an issue dealing with two Męcinka’s – where the Wozniaks were from.  This was further confirmed by ship records.
  • I found out a lot more than I thought I would about the Jarek line.






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  1. Hi there,

    I’m Laurie Jarek Healey. You used some of my research above. I did that research in the late 90s without much online help. I wrote letters to Polish churches and such.

    I may have a little more info for you. I haven’t looked at it for a long time, but if youre still interested, please let me know.

    Regards, Laurie

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