The John Williams Family as Seen in Fall River Newspapers

Previously, I have looked at many of the Fall River newpaper entries for Officer Abe Pilling, the jeweler Abel Burrows and his wife Mary Ann Hartley Burrows. Abel and Mary Ann had one daughter out of three who survived and married. She was Elizabeth A Burrows born in 1874 in Fall River. She married John Williams who worked at Abel’s jewelry store. I suppose that a follow-up on the Pilling family will also be in order at some point.

What I found with Mary Ann Hartley Burrows was that most of her newspapers entries were listed under Mrs. Abel Burrows.

4 Sep 1900

I had shown this before, but missed the second part:

I had previously guessed that Joseph Hartley was really 9 year old James Hartley, my grandfather. The other guess is that the two women accompanied the two children back and stayed for a while in Rochester.

5 March 1903

23 February 1907

The Fall River Globe didn’t miss many events:

13 January 1912

I wonder who was there from Rochester. By the way, Orlando or Orleando Draper was the brother of Walter Draper mentioned in my previous Blog. Mary Ann Burrows was listed as Walter’s guardian. I believe that it was also Orelando Draper who traveled to New York with Abel Burrows when Abel got a telegram that his daughter was ill.

25 February 1913

13th and 18th birthdays were big deals for the Williams girls. I wonder who wrote up these stories. Did Fall River Evening Herald have a birthday party reporter?

3 September 1913

Of course, I know this was actually Mary Ann Burrows.

16 October 1913

Listed under Tiverton news:

10 July 1914

Under the heading of Tiverton:

20 January 1915

Elizabeth Burrows Williams’ father-in-law:

29 October 1915

Mary Ann Hartley Burrows is mentioned but as Burroughs. Some entries were mentioned in my previous Blog, so I will omit them here.

23 February 1918

I may have this elsewhere:

According to Google, $18 from 1918 would be worth about $310 today.

17 April 1918

My guess that Mrs. Mary Bellow above was actually Mary Burrows. Quite a few parties were held at this house. This is what Google shows at 585 Cherry Street  currently:


6 November 1919

18 October 1920

8 March 1921

14 January 1922

This tells me that John kept on as a jeweller. Mrs. Marion Wilmot sounds familiar.

Marion was the daughter of Marion Ann Pilling.

2 May 1922

I guess that my cousin was a member of the Central Baptist Always Busy Club.

19 Jun 1922

29 June 1922

Looks like the Fall River Evening News got the scoop on this one:

6 July 1922

5 April 1923

I wouldn’t want to miss any 18th birthdays:

12 July 1923

DNA Matches

Here are my matches at Ancestry to this side of the family:


Summary and Conclusions

I think that the availability of the Fall River Newspapers at stops about 1923. I have a few reasons for following Elizabeth Burrows Williams. One is that she is the daughter of Mary Ann Hartley Burrows. Mary Ann was the sister of my great-grandfather. Also I have DNA matches to two people through Mildred Williams.

Reading these newspaper articles give some details into the Williams family. Also it is interesting to see the differences between today and then. I can’t imagine a birthday party today including military marches and ending with the Star Spangled Banner. The Williams appeared to have had a less tragi life than the Burrows. The Burrows lost two of their three daughters to illiness. It appeared that all the Williams children survived.


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