My Children’s Lowell Ancestors in Newspapers

Seeing as I have subscribed to, I am looking to see what is there. They do cover Lowell. I’ll start there and see what I find.

Here is my children’s mother’s genealogy:

The Polish top half came to Lowell later than the bottom half of the genealogy.


17 December 1929

The Hartford Courant:

It looks like the coverage for Jarek in the Lowell Sun starts in 1936:

28 October 1938

Jules is Julius – my children’s grandfather. Walter was his brother. Julius was about 27 in 1936.

11 January 1930

15 January 1930

Here’s an interesting Boston Globe story. The newpaper dates before 1936 seem to be mostly from the Boston Globe.

I see that Julius aka Gerald was the top scorer for Lowell.

3 March 1930

28 April 1933

In case you missed seeing this game live:

6 May 1933

11 May 1934

I’m assuming that Julius also played baseball, but perhaps this was his brother Walter. Walter was listed as basketball captain in the Lowell Tech Yearbook in 1934, so this is more likely Walter.

3 January 1931

So this game was brother against brother.

26 October 1940

Draft numbers from the Burlington Daily News:

12 August 1943

The Burlington Free Press:


2 January 1974

From the Lowell Sun:

10 March 1945

The Miami News:

11 March 1945


Note that Agnes’ sister Helen is listed as Helen Rowbotham. I don’t think that is right.

Helen Cavanaugh Born 1917

11 November 1944

15 November

14 July 1991

Leona M Morrow Born 1891

Here is Leona’s birth record from Lowell. She was actually born in 1890:

It looks like someone may have added her in after the fact.

Her father was a jeweller:

Her mother was said to be born in Canada. I didn’t see any newspaper entries for Laona. Here is Marshall St in Lowell. I don’t know if it is the same as Marshall Place:

Summary and Conclusions

  • I found it interesting reading about Julius Jarek’s basketball games. I recall him being inducted into the hall of fame at Lowell Tech.
  • I got interested in Agnes Cavanaugh’s sister Helen when the Miami newspaper wrongly referred to her has a Rowbotham. I suppose the reporter did not realize that Agnes had been married previously.
  • I was not able to find out anything on the Morrow side. However, I did find Laona Morrow’s birth record in Lowell.

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