Blog 350: Ancestry ThruLines – Was Margaret Frazer the Daughter of Michael Frazer Born About 1764?

I started a lot of the pre-work for this Blog in my previous Blog on Beverly’s ThruLines. Here is where I left off:

I had not been sure where to put Margaret born about 1794. Should she be under Archibald or Michael? From matches, it seem certain that she is under the main Line of James Frazer who was born around the 1720’s. ThruLines suggests that Margaret should be under Michael. However, I can’t tell if it is the genealogical part or DNA part of ThruLines making that suggestion – or some combination of the two.

Margaret Frazer Genealogy

I had started with Keith and his genealogy. He and Paul and my family descend from a double family of McMasters. Fanny McMaster is the daughter of William McMaster and Margaret Frazer. Fanny married James McMaster.

Next is Chuck. He is already on my chart above. People have been complaining that ThruLines has been changing. Right now the common ancestor of Michael Frazer has disappeared from Beverly’s list. However, his wife Margaret Stewart is still on Beverly’s ancestry list.

It will be difficult to verify Chuck’s tree as it is private. Ancestry apparently can see his grandfather Lee and makes the connection up to Margaret using five other trees.

Jane McMaster Born About 1820

Here are the McMaster children I have for Margaret Frazer from my McMaster Web Page:

This shows that the couple were married in 1813. I show four daughters with the first being born around 1820. That leaves room for other children. I would like to prove that Margaret Frazer was the daughter of Margaret Stuart. That means that Margaret should have named a daughter for her mother who was also Margaret. I don’t show any on my list of four daughters above. However, I have this family lore from a Jane McMaster descendant. I read this again and was struck by a reference to a Margaret which I will highlight:

The following information written about my 2nd great grandmother, JANE MCMASTER, comes from a family history titled ‘The Wheeler and McMaster Family History as told by May McMaster Timmel, 1960’. It was sent to me by Geraldine Fickel of Glenwood, Iowa before her death in the 1990’s. William McMaster, Jane’s first child was born in Edinborough, Scotland although his home was Dramora, County Sligo, Ireland. A child of wealthy parents, he was never taught to work. Jane, his mother belonged to the Stuart line and was a lady in-waiting to one of the Queens. Her name was McMaster before her marriage to a McMaster. She was Scotch and he was Irish. Her husband (George) died when William was about 6 yrs. old and a few months before his sister Anna was born. Not wishing inter-marriage in her family as was the custom in Scotland, William’s mother Jane started to America with her family leaving six year old William with her brother in Edinborough. Anna was born at sea. The other children were Sue and James. She with her young family stopped in Canada for a short time and then came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where her sister Margaret lived. After a few years she married again, a man by the name of Thompson. He died some years later and she continued to live in Wisconsin. She was very dainty and aristocratic and we all waited on her for she knew nothing of work. Sister Carrie looked very much like her and was our father’s favorite. ‘Grandmother’ Jane went back to Milwaukee with her sister Margaret who came for her and was much like her. Later she went to Oakland, California to live with her husband’s half brother E.A. Thompson and passed away there. She was extremely religious and often took the place of the circuit rider in (Wisconsin) in the winter when the snow was deep and the circuit rider could not make his rounds. She also lived with her son ‘Mac’ and daughter-in-law Laura in their hotel in Western, Nebraska for about a year. Jane and ‘Grandmother’ Wheeler were exact opposites. They were given rooms as far as possible away from each other. Grandmother Wheeler firmly believed every one should work and wasn’t slow in speaking her mind. Written by Laura May McMaster Timmel Written 1957,Assembled 1960. 

Now I am interested in this Jane and seeing if I can find anything on her sister Margaret. Here was some additional information I had on my web site:

Whether the above account of Jane McMaster and family is fact leaves room for doubt. The following account is from the Civil War files of Jane’s youngest son, George A. McMaster, obtained from the National Archives, October 2000: Jane McMaster Thompson filed for a ‘Dependent Mother’s Pension’ on or about 15 December 1890 for a pension of $12.00 per month from theMilwaukee Agency (certificate #308018) based on the death of her son George. She stated at that time that she had no means of support and recorded below is the affidavit from her sister Catherine Frazier McMaster Bennett: GENERAL AFFIDAVIT State of Wisconsin County of Milwaukee In the matter of the claim for pension of JANE THOMPSON, mother ofGEORGE MCMASTERS late a Private, Co. ‘B’, 8th NY Heavy Artillery personally came before me a Notary Public in and for the County and State aforesaid, CATHARINE BENNETT residing at 250 First Avenue, Milwaukee, his cousin, person of lawful age, who being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid claim as follows: That claimant and deponent are sisters and lived in County of Sligo, Ireland under the same roof, until the claimant above named was married. Deponent says though she was not present at claimants marriage with GEORGE MCMASTERS , yet they came back to my father’s house a day or two after as man and wife and that they lived in the neighborhood as man and wife until he died. That they were married by a minister named Scott. That the date of claimant’s marriage was August 25th, 1839. That deponent was present when George McMaster late of Co. B, 8th NY Heavy Artillery was born on the 22 day of May 1847 in York County, Province of Canada and parents were then both living and living together. The name of his mother was Jane McMaster and his father’s name George McMaster. That the soldier George McMaster was never married. That deponent knew him well all the years of his life until he went to the war. That George McMasters, father of soldier, died September 22, 1847 in Canada. Deponent was present at his death bed. That deponent was not present at marriage of claimant with Thompson but knows by hearsay and knew that they lived as husband and wife. That her marriage with WILLIAM THOMPSON was May 11th, 1851 in Canada as she is informed and believes. Deponent knows that claimant has no means of support, and no one person legally liable to support her and has no property. I further declare that I have no interest in said claim and am not concerned in its prosecution. Signed: CATHERINE BENNETT

The big difference I see between the 1960 version and my version is that Margaret seems to be replaced by Catherine. It seems possible that Catherine could have gone by Margaret? Either that or there were two different sisters. Here is an interesting record for Jane Thompson:

Here is Antioch in proximity to Oakland, CA:

I’m starting with the end of Jane’s life, but it was based on a hot tip from my web page. I now have Jane’s birth date.

Here is the Thompson family in 1851 in Vaughan:

10 years later in 1861 they were still in Vaughan:

William was a carpenter.

Here is the family in 1871 in Tecumseth, Ontario – not far from Vaughan:


Wikipedia has this to say about New Tecumseth:

The municipality was created through the amalgamation of the municipal governments of several communities with the Township of Tecumseth. The name ‘New Tecumseth’ was chosen because a Town of Tecumseh already exists in Essex County. The borders of the old township, with some adjustments along the eastern edge, and with the addition of all of Alliston, are the borders of the new town.

Jane’s Sister: Catherine Frazer McMaster Bennett

Here is Catherine with her husband and son in Milwaukee in 1905:

Here is the family in 1870 in Wauwatosa:

In 1870 there was a Fanny in the family. She was probably named for my ancestor Fanny McMaster, sister of Catherine Bennett.

Chuck’s Lineage

After all that, I don’t see the connection between Chuck and Jane McMaster as per ThruLines:

From what I can tell, based on Al’s Tree, the Mary Jane Thompson above is wrongly shown as the daughter of a James and Jane Thompson. That means that now I need a tree starting with Chuck and going up to get the correct connections.

This could be the disconnect as seen in the 1880 Census for Janesville, Wisconsin:

This shows Robert H Lorwry’s mother as May, born about 1854 in Ontario. The 1861 Census for Vaughan, Ontario gets us back on track:

Here is the wrong ThruLines [based on Al’s Tree] Mary Jane at the bottom of the 1861 Census in Etobicoke:

The above Census gave the wrong father and mother James and Mary. That ‘s pretty good that ThruLines got the right results using the wrong tree.

Mollie’s Tree

This tree has too many unknowns to evaluate:

Note that ThruLines now has ‘Private’ as Beverly’s ancestor instead of Michael Frazer.

Robert McMaster is from Joanna’s tree.

Joanna has Margaret dieing in Massachusetts:

I’m not finding these records easily, so I’ll pull the plug on this line. I may hear more from Joanna later. That leaves me with two good trees and one that doesn’t look right to me but that I can’t prove or disprove.

The Margaret Frazer Branch DNA

Fortunately Keith is in this Branch. He recently put his DNA back up on Gedmatch Genesis after I wrote to him. His AncestryDNA match with Beverly is small as he has a 14 cM but it is over two segments. Here are the results as seen at Genesis:

My assumption is that the above DNA represents Frazer DNA.

Here is a match that Keith has with Emily:

Keith and Paul match here:

Here is Keith’s match with my brother Jim:


Keith’s matches with Emily, Paul, and Jim probably represent McMaster DNA as they are the closer common ancestors.

Recombinant DNA

Keith matches Emily and Paul up to position 20M on Chromosome 7. After that point, he starts matching Beverly. This could represent Keith’s crossover from McMaster to Frazer. We all carry recombination points in our DNA where DNA from different sides of our ancestors have recombined. When we were conceived, DNA from our four grandparents passed down by our parents split apart and recombined to make us. However, that DNA which we received had already been recombined from recombinations in previous generations:

So in the above diagram, Keith’s DNA consists of the recombination of his four grandparents’ DNA. In Keith’s great-grandfather Hubert, the same thing happened. His four grandparents’ DNA (including William McMaster and Margaret Frazer) recombined to make up Hubert. This DNA along with its recombinations was sent down to Keith.

Keith matches Jamie on the Archibald /Stinson Line here:

Keith matches John on the same line:

Here is Keith’s match with Karen from the McPartland Line:

Here is a match with Bob from the McPartland group:

Keith matches Charlene from the McPartlands:

As the above all have Frazer’s in their ancestry, my assumption is that the above matches could represent Frazer DNA also. It is difficult to know for sure without knowing all the ancestors of all the matches.

Another Frazer Match Diagram

This diagram is based on matches to Beverly:


I didn’t include the Robert McMaster Branch as I have not verified that Branch. The lines represent the DNA matches that Beverly has with the circled people. I don’t have access to results other than Beverly’s so I don’t know if these people match each other.

So Is Margaret Frazer the Daughter of Michael Frazer?

That is the question. I’ll bring back my chart:

Here I want to compare WE and Richard at 21% and 20% to Chuck and Keith at 33% and 27%. One argument could be that if Beverly matches descendants of the genealogically proven Henry Patrick Branch with a 20% genetic likelihood, then it is even more likely that in the current configuration, the Margaret Frazer Branch is even more genetically likely at 30%.

This is new territory, so I will want to hold off on any conclusions. However, my argument seems pretty convincing. I still want to compare these results to others on the James Line.

Comparing the Margaret Frazer Branch with Joanna

Joanna shows herself on the Archibald Frazer born 1751 Branch. Here is how she matches the Margaret Frazer Branch as seen on ThruLines:

Joanna shows an unusually high match to Mollie. However, Mollie is from the Robert McMaster Branch. This is a branch that I have not verified. Joanna does not show a match to Chuck or Keith. This appears to be further evidence that Margaret Frazer should descend from Michael Frazer and not his brother Archibald. Michael and Archibald are the two candidates for fathers for Margaret that I have looked at.

Patrick Frazer

There was another brother to Archibald and Michael named Patrick, but not much is known about him. This mid-20th century genealogy shows he had two daughters, Mary and Jane:

These may be children of the above Patrick that he had later in life:

It would seem that Patrick would not be a very likely candidate for the father of Margaret Frazer.

One More Tree: Marianne McMaster

This person does not appear on ThruLines, but perhaps will in the future. From my Web Page:

I believe that this Marrianne is the same as this person:

I have trouble finding this Maryann due to the space between Mc and Master in the tree. Interesting that Maryann died in Antioch, CA. Remember Jane McMaster above? She died in the same place and around the same time. The above photo is from a tree for BV and also shows this spouse and children for Maryann:

William above could have been named for Maryann’s father William McMaster and the Frances could be for Maryann’s sister (my ancestor Fanny McMaster).

More Connections in Vaughan, Ontario

When I look at Maryann in the tree that Cheryl made for her, I find a reference to Vaughan, Ontario in 1851. Here she is – right next to another Thompson:

This was Thomas Thompson, a lumber merchant – probably a relative of Jane’s husband William Thompson. On the next page of the Census is another McMaster living in the same Shannon house:

Cheryl has also found the marriage record:

This introduces the name of James McMaster as one of the witnesses.

Further up on the page, I see this couple:

This tells me that the three McMaster sisters, Jane, Mary Ann and Catherine were all living in Vaughan, Ontario at this time.

McMaster’s Everywhere

This set me off looking for William Little and Catharine McMaster in the 1851 Census.:

This is a jackpot of sorts. Here at the bottom of the list is Margaret McMaster who I assume is Catharine’s mother Margaret Frazer and the subject of this Blog. Let’s get Margaret’s birth date. Interestingly, the 1851 Census for Ontario started in January 1852, so I’ll assume Margaret turned 63 in 1852. That would put her birth at 1789. I had guessed that Margaret was born in 1792 and then had pushed it up to 1794. Her daughter Fanny was born in 1829, so she would have been 40 when Fanny was born if Margaret was born in 1789. Charles appears to be the son of Henry and Catherine. Again, we have a few spare McMasters: Margaret and Anna. They appear to have been born in Canada as early as 1840.

Here is Burford where the above McMasters were listed in 1851:

The Bennett family appears to have moved to Milwaukee in 1855:

I am not sure what happened to Margaret McMaster.

Summary and Conclusions

  • In this, my 350th Blog on DNA and genealogy, I set out to show by DNA and genealogical evidence that Margaret Frazer, who I now believe to be born about 1789, was the daughter of Michael Frazer born about 1764 and his wife Margaret Stewart.
  • My conclusion based on genealogical and DNA inference is that my assumptions were correct.
  • However, due to the fact that these were based on inferences, I am still collecting information from Ancestry ThruLines, other DNA evidence and genealogical evidence.
  • In order to verify AncestryDNA’s ThruLines, I needed to check the trees of the DNA matches. This included checking the trees of four of the daughters of William McMaster and Margaret Frazer. This information gave me enough fodder to create a new Blog on the four McMaster sisters.
  • One of the ThruLines patched a tree from a son of William and Margaret McMaster named Robert. I am skeptical of this son as he only appears in one tree and that tree had few references. I have a list of McMaster’s baptized in Kilmactranny at that time and see no Robert. Kilmactranny is where Robert should have been baptized if he was born in Dromore. However, it may be worth checking more on Robert McMaster said to be born in Dromore Sligo in 1823.



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