My Children’s Maternal Genealogy: Part 3

In Part 1, I got started on Heather and JJ’s maternal genealogy. In Part 2, I went deeper on the Jarek side. Heather and JJ’s mother’s tree now looks like this:

Next, I will look into the Cavanaugh branch. This branch is 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English and half French Canadian. I am curious about the French Canadian side. I’m also suspicious that Morrow may actually be Moreau or something similar. Also Tacy may be Tessier, though that may not be as obvious. The Canadians have good genealogical records, but the problem is in making the link between the US and Canada when names get Americanized.


Leona Morrow is the most recent of my children’s direct ancestors:

I didn’t find a birth record for her, but found one for her three siblings. Leona’s parents married in Lowell on October 30, 1889.

Joseph F Morrow’s Naturalization

This looks like an application for Naturalization:

This gives some details of Joseph’s life. He was a shipper in 1900. He was living in Portland, Maine at the age of 3. He now lives at 444 Gorham Street in Lowell. This should be in the circled area of the map below:

Joseph F. Morrow from 1866 to 1889

If Joseph was in Portland, Maine, where are the records? If I could find a birth record for John Morrow, I would be happy. I did find a record for 1888:

These are all the Morrow’s in Lowell in the 1888 Directory.

Joseph Morrow Going Forward

Here is Joseph in the 1910 Census:

Here there is a distinction between Canadian English and Canadian French. Joseph’s birthplace was English. His father’s birthplace was Canadian French and his mother’s birthplace was English. The family has also added two new children.

Joseph in 1920

This is a little different than the 1910 Census as here Joseph speaks French as well as his mother and father. Now his wife is Helen H. – which may come in handy later. Also Joseph’s arrival date to the US is now listed as 1887 rather than 1866. That is quite a difference if it is accurate.

I’m stuck on the mysterious Morrow family for now.

Tacy or Tacey

I was able to find out more about Helen or Nellie H. Tacy’s family. Here are Nellie’s parents in 1860.

Nellie grew up in Fort Covington which is a border town:

Here is Nellie in Lowell, right before she married:

Here is where Nellie lived on a current Lowell map:

I wonder how and why Nellie made her way from Fort Covington to Lowell, MA.

Joseph Tacy in the Civil War

These were the people from Fort Covington who were subject to do service in the Civil War:

I’m not sure if Joseph served in the Civil War or not.

Phoebe – Joseph’s Wife

This is possibly Phoebe:

So, I didn’t find much new about the Tacy side either.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I turned over some stones on the Morrow and Tacy French Canadian sides.
  • I found out more of what I don’t know.
  • It is possible that the DNA testing for Heather and JJ will turn up something on the French Canadian side.
  • Next, on to Cavanaugh and Hulme.




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