Three New People in the Newfoundland Dicks DNA Project

I was happy to find out that Katherine and her two Aunts, Grace and Dorothy have tested their DNA. They are all descended from the Dicks Family of Newfoundland. Here is the Elisabeth Dicks Adams Line:

Here Dorothy, Grace and Katherine are shown on the lower left. If I compare the DNA of Dorothy, Grace and Katherine, it would show the DNA they have in common. That would be the DNA from Edna Slade and the husband of Edna Slade. If I then compare Katherine’s family to Cheryl, Sandra and Nelson, the matches eliminate the non-Dicks DNA of Edna’s husband. However, at that point, we would expect about half the DNA to be from the Elizabeth Dicks common ancestor and half from the Adams side. In order to eliminate the Adams DNA, I compare the Dicks/Adams DNA to the larger Dicks project. This comparison removes the Adams DNA.

Katherine’s family is still on the lower left. There are five Dicks siblings in the tree which make up the major lines. They are: Elisabeth; Frances; Christopher; Rachel; and Robert. The tree only represents Dicks descendants that have had their DNA tested and uploaded to gedmatch. One exception is Kenneth Albert who is only at FTDNA right now.

Comparing Dicks Descendants’ DNA

My next step is to compare the 18 Dicks above to see how their DNA matches with each other. If three people match each other on the same segment of the same chromosome, that indicates a common ancestor. That common ancestor should be Christopher Dicks or his wife Margaret. Here is how all the Dicks descendants match each other in general (without the specific segment information).

This compares Dicks descendants to Dicks descendants, however, as this is Newfoundland, there are other matches. The descendants of Elisabeth Dicks match each other in the top left box. The descendants of Frances Dicks match each other in the bottom right box. Normally, there would be higher matches within the boxes than outside. But note that for the Frances descendants, there are some higher matches outside the box. This means that are surname matches outside the Dicks family. One example of that is in the next Section.

Charles matches with Kathy, Deborah and grace

As I was looking at the triangulation between Dicks descendants, I noticed that Charles was triangulating with Kathy, Deborah, and Grace. Now Charles is from the Frances Line and K, D and G are from the Elisabeth Line. So finding Charles in a Triangulation Group with Kathy’s family was unexpected. Remember that triangulation means that those in the Triangulation Group (TG) have at least one most recent common ancestor. I was about to ask Kathy about this when I noticed this in one of her emails:

“I was also quite interested in Charles ______ as one of his biological grandmother’s a few generations back was a Ruth Slade.”

Notice above that Kathy has Slades in her ancestry. The good news was that I was able to tell something was going on out of the ordinary just by the DNA.

Here is a summary of Charles’ matches of the Dicks descendants:

The four notes in the TG column are areas where Charles could match Kathy and her family on the Slade line.

Triangulation Groups

I should say that all Triangulation Groups are not created equal. Based on the location of the Triangulation Group (TG) there are hints as to the results. For example, many of the TGs are within the Elisabeth Dicks/Thomas Adams Line. As a result, the TG could be pointing to Dicks or Adams. In addition, there is some consensus that siblings should not be used for TGs. I differ a little on that, however. I would say, why not? If we can use cousins, or Aunts, why can’t we use two Aunts as two parts of the triangle? However, again, the results of the triangle may be limited.

Adams TGs?

Here are the TGs that could point to an Adams ancestor:

I say this because there are only Dicks/Adams descendants in these TGs. I am running out of room in my TG Matrix, or I would add these possible Adams TG. I will add the one on Chromosome 12. This is because it looks like there is already a Dicks TG in this spot:

Note that it looks like there is a Dicks TG already on Chromosome 12 from position 114 to 127. As these are two separate TGs, that would indicate that this TG represents the DNA that came down from the Adams side. That was my same reasoning for having a James Joyce TG on the right side of the chart in this position.

a confusing Chromosome 4

There is a lot going on at Chromosome 4:

This is what is referred to as a rolling TG. Howie appears to be in the beginning of it, but drops out. Then later Pauline joins in. So this could be looked at as a rolling TG, or two TGs. To save room on my chart, I’ll call  it one TG located from (41-72).

Note that there is a non-triangulation between Joan and Nelson. This is important as it happens right in the middle of a triangulation between Pauline, Dorothy and Grace. This tells me that Joan and Nelson likely share a non-Dicks ancestor. The other possibility is that Dorothy, Grace and Pauline could share a non-Dicks ancestor. I don’t know all the genealogy to check. However, the two groups are showing different shared ancestors.

A head scratchin’ Chromosome 9

Here Esther shows up in a TG with Dorothy and Grace. However, she was already in a TG with Sandra, Nelson and Kenneth (whose DNA results no longer show up in Gedmatch). This means that Esther is related to these two groups of people in two different ways. Esther being related to two groups of people is not unusual given the intermarriage in Newfoundland. Also recall that many genetic genealogist wouldn’t consider this a TG as due to Dorothy and Grace being sisters.

Updated Dicks TG Matrix

Here is what I get for the updated Dicks TG Matrix based on the three newly DNA tested Dicks descendants:

Summary and Conclusions

  • Although the study is geared toward Dicks DNA, other DNA does show up. The Slade name was one example in this Blog.
  • Kathy, Dorothy and Grace have added to our knowledge of the Dicks family.
  • The dark green in the matrix above was for matches with a brother of Christopher Dicks who was born about 1784. However, I didn’t update that information for this Blog.
  • Where DNA overlaps and there are two groups of matches, that should point to two groups of ancestors. This gives a good pointer on where to search for additional common family ancestors.
  • The work I do here is similar to the Circles shown at AncestryDNA. My wife’s great Aunt Esther shows up in a Margaret Circle with 11 other people. Margaret was the wife of Christopher Dicks b. about 1789. However, Triangulation Groups are more detailed. What AncestryDNA does is a mechanized version. They just show people that match each other by DNA and match each other by family tree regardless of where they match on which Chromosome.
  • Here is AncestryDNA’s cookie cutter bio on Margaret: “Margaret was born in 1789. She married Christopher Dicks and they had four children together. She then married Christopher Dicks and they had 14 children together. She also had one son and one daughter from another relationship. She died on February 28, 1867, in Harbour Buffett, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, having lived a long life of 78 years, and was buried there.
  • One person in the AncestryDNA “Margaret” circle is not in this group and matches Esther at an ‘extremely high’ level of DNA. It would be worthwhile to get in touch with this person.


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  1. Hi Joel, I always enjoy reading your blogs.
    I have another Dicks connection who recently tested on FTDNA, Sandra Tulk. Our MRCA is Joyce / Slide. Sandi descends from James Joyce and Rachel Dicks.
    Another Dicks connection is Kenneth Tulk who recently tested with FTDNA. I’m hoping they will upload to Gedmsth. Soon.
    Marilyn aka Molly

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