Hartley ThruLines Part 2

In Part 1 of Hartley ThruLines, I looked at my DNA match Paul with proposed common ancestors. I had trouble figuring out some of the details of Paul’s Hartley genealogy. I then looked at a match between my father’s cousin Joyce and the Ainsworth Line. This line was more promising, but I got bogged down. I notice that the first ThruLine remains, while the second one has disappeared at Ancestry for some reason. In this Blog, I will continue to look at proposed ThruLines to see if they lead me anywhere.

Maury’s ThruLines

Maury is my father’s first cousin and his DNA is managed by his daughter. Here is what Maury has:

I know the first two matches are not right as they are on the Pilling and not Hartley Line. The William Hartley shows probably because of this Wiliam I have in my tree:

I had him there because I thought that James and Betty Hartley were the parents of my ancestor Robert Hartley and that they had another son named William. However, I have not been able to prove either. At any rate, Maury shows three possible connections to a William Hartley. However, this William shows as being born in 1804 instead of 1805. Let’s look.

One tree with William Hartley has this information:

This is interesting because this is the same family that I was looking at in my previous Blog. However, I did not have Henry and John Hartley. Here are Maury’s matches:

It looks like Barry and his two children and his brother Russell. They all descend from Jack Whattaker from Australia. I also note that there is the Pilling name in there.

Shared Matches with Maury

When I look at Maury and Barry’s shared matches, I see one and probably two with Hartley ancestry. Norman is one shared match with Barry and here is Norman’s tree:

Norman has Hartleys on both sides of his tree. Norman has a William Hartley who married a Mary Pickles instead of the Jane Pickles that is in Maury’s ThruLines. Interesting, but I won’t look at it further right now.

Checking Out the Whittaker Tree

Hopefully, this should be easy. I’ll start with Russel’s Tree:

When I make my own tree, I see that Russel’s great-grandfather was born in Trawden and his paternal great-grandmother Jane Blackburn was born in Winewall, next door:

Here is my own version of the Whittaker Tree:

Ancestry wants me to choose John Pilling and Ann Hartley as Jane’s parent’s, but I don’t want to blindly accept these hints.

The 1871 Census does note a Jane Pilling living in Winewall:

She was living next to a Blackburn family, but I do not see a Stephen in this particular family at this time. Another interesting thing about this Pilling family is that the mother came from Marton, Yorkshire. In my previous Blog, I was looking at a Hartley ThruLine between myself and Paul:

This seems like too much of a coincidence. The Ann (possibly Hartley) from this Blog was born about 1834 according to the 1871 Census. In my previous Blog, I was also confused as to why Ann Hartley’s father appeared to be Samuel Bell:

Summary to This Point

As all this information is confusing, I will try to summarize to see if I can reduce the confusion:

  • I have a ThruLine with Paul. His ancestry tracks back to an Ann Hartley. For some reason, her father is listed as Samuel Bell, Blacksmith at her marriage to John Pilling in 1853 and she is listed on the Census as born in Marton, Yorkshire. Paul’s tree has Ann later married to a Hartley Blackburn but no sources are given.
  • My father’s cousin Maury has a ThruLine with four people on the Whittaker Line. That Line goes back to Jane Blackburn (married name) married to Stephen Blackburn. According to Ancestry Hints, she is the daughter of John Pilling and Ann Hartley born 1831 and listed above. If this is the case, then the common ancestor between these two trees is Ann Hartley.

It helps for me to create a chart:

On the left side of the chart, there would be more matches descending from Jack Whittaker. The reason this could be important is that both these lines go back to Ann Hartley and I don’t have many Hartley leads in my DNA matches that could give a clue on my Hartley heritage.

More on Ann Hartley

I asked my genealogy friend Elaine who was originally from the Trawden/Colne area about Marton and she sent me this map:

At the top of the map is West and East Marton. Elaine says a canal goes through the Town and down to Colne.

Elaine also came up with this 1851 Census which was helpful:

Recall that at the time of her marriage, Ann was living in Smithy Field. Here she is in 1851 – a few years before her marriage. Here she is after her marriage in 1861 in Trawden with John – although his last name looks like Billing:

Also Joseph Hartley who was Ann’s son is now called Joseph Pilling. This also accounts for the Jane Pilling who I was having trouble finding.

My thinking is that this should be Ann Hartley:

Anne’s mother was Anne Joanna Hartley. Here is another child of Ann Johanna named William Hartley:

William was born September 7, 1829. I am having trouble finding any of these three people in the 1841 Census. This appears to be William in 1851:

He is a lodger in East Marton. He is with Richard Hartley who is the son of Nancy Hartley who was born in Settle:

Here is Settle:

I feel like I am running out of information on Ann Joanna or Joahanna Hartley at this point.

Samuel Bell

At the time of Ann Hartley’s marriage in 1853, she gave the name of her father as Samuel Bell. Could it be that she had information of who her father was? Here is a Samuel Bell living in Barnoldswick in 1861:

Let’s do the math. Samuel was born around 1806. Ann Hartley was born 1832. That means that Samuel would have been 26 years old when Ann Hartley was born. That sounds reasonable. Just to add a little confusion, Samuel lists his father in his 1840 marriage record as what appears to be John Slater:

Summary and Conclusions

  • I looked at DNA matches from ThruLines to a William Hartley. One match was between Paul and myself. The other match was between my father’s 1st cousin Maury and Russel
  • Both these matches had an Ann Hartley. I found this to be significant.
  • Tracing the genealogy of Ann was difficult as she was born out of wedlock. Her mother was Ann Joanna Hartley and I could not find more information on her.

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