Another McMaster Connection at Ancestry

Morgan is a DNA match to me at Ancestry. We match at 20 cM. Here is what Morgan has for a tree at Ancestry:

The connection to my tree is likely through Francis McMaster. Here is the tree that I have for Francis (or Frances):

Frances descends from at least 5 McMaster lines. Plus, the hint for Mary Johnston has as her mother Esther McMaster. This is truly a complicated genealogy. However, the closest place that Morgan and I connect are through James McMaster and Fanny McMaster.

A Partial DNA/Genealogy McMaster Tree

Here is part of one of the trees that I have of McMasters that match by DNA:

Note that I have a space for Jane who Married Archie McMaster. I believe that Morgan would fill in under this line:

This shows that Morgan is my 4th cousin. However, I suspect that we are related as 5th cousins also or more distantly on other McMaster lines.

My Shared DNA Matches with Morgan

Matthew is a DNA match that Morgan and I share:

I did not put Matthew on my McMaster tree to keep it simpler. Matthew must be on my Frazer DNA/genealogy tree.

Trudy with Johnston/McMaster Ancestry

Trudy is also a share match with Morgan and me. Here is the maternal side of Trudy’s tree:

This must be the Esther McMaster that I mentioned above as a hint in my tree. I’ll assume that the hint is correct, and add it in to my tree as an ancestor to Frances McMaster:

I think that Esther may be a daughter of Abraham McMaster.

Tammy – Another Shared Match

Tammy matches Morgan and me. She also has a Johnston in her ancestry which suggests a connection on the McMaster side. Here is Tammy’s tree on her paternal side:

Someone else’s tree at Ancestry has this person for John Johnston’s father:

This suggests that Thomas could be a son of Robert Johnston and Esther McMaster.

Summary and Conclusions:

  • The McMaster tree is often complicated with McMasters marrying into other McMaster lines.
  • My Match with Morgan is defined at the 4th cousin level, but there are other McMaster connections at a more distant level
  • Shared DNA matches help confirm that the genealogy is on the right track.
  • Two shared DNA matches between Morgan and me seem to confirm a  connection with Eshter McMaster born in or around 1793


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