Another Nicholson/Dockrill DNA Match

I wrote about another Nicholson/Dockrill descendant named Jessica here. That match opened up some new information on the Nicholson family history. I hadn’t known that the family lived in Liverpool for a while:

This Maria Baxter Nicholson married a Dockrill. Maria was born in Sheffield in 1858 and later baptized in Liver pool in 1860. The Nicholson family moves to Philadelphia around 1870 when Maria is 12, so it is unclear why Maria does not join the family to Philadelphia.

In 1879, the Philadelphia Nicholsons have a son named George Dockrill Nicholson. This birth recognizes the fact that Maria Baxter Nicholson married a Dockrill probably when she was about 20 years old.

The New AncestryDNA Match: DPD

The new match shows that Maria married:

In 1861, Maria Baxter Nicholson is living with her grandmother and Aunt in Liverpool:

Maria’s Aunt Ann was born in 1822, so was about 13 years older than Maria’s mother Martha.

This appears to be Maria in 1881:

She is living on Sharp St. in Liverpool and is the wife of a ship steward. The record is a bit confusing as it names Jane as her mother and Flora and Rosine as sisters. I assume that these two are in-laws. My Aunt once told me she had a ship captain ancestor from Liverpool. Perhaps this ship steward was the one – though not really an ancestor.

The 1901 Census fills out more information about the family:

DPD is My Third Cousin

DPD adds another line to the English Branch of Nicholsons:

Maria’s Burial

Maria was buried in Anfield Cemetery in Liverpool:

Summary and Conclusions

  • Based on my new third cousin Nicholson match, I looked up more information on the Maria Baxter Nicholson Dockrill Line
  • It is unclear why Maria stayed in England when the rest of the family left
  • It is also unclear why Maria was living with the Baxter family in 1861. Was it a temporary stay or long-term?
  • I have not found a marriage for Maria and George Dockrill – however they were clearly married
  • I found some more interestign details about the occupation of George Dockrill and the final resting place of Maria.


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