My Cousin Woody’s DNA

I saw recently that my 2nd cousin Woody tested at 23andMe. I wrote him and now I can see the DNA results. Woody is on my Hartley side. I already have him on my DNA/Hartley genealogy Tree:

It looks like I have his grandson’s results also, if I have drawn the tree correctly. Woody descends from Greenwood Hartley born 1897. Greenwood was one of about 13 children of James Hartley and Annie Snell. Actually, I have two trees, but neither are complete:

This shows that I have some DNA results from 8 of the 13 siblings. I don’t have specific information from LH who descends from Edwin Hartley as LH tested at Ancestry and Ancestry doesn’t give the specific information of how we match. When I checked back at Ancestry, it appears that LH should be JH:

Painting Hartley DNA

I have some of my DNA mapped out or ‘painted’. Below is just my paternal side:

52% of my Hartley side is mapped out. The green part are my Hartley 2nd cousins. I recently painted in some unknown Hartley DNA on Chromosome 10 which comes up blue and covers some of the green. These 2nd cousins should add up to a theoretical total of 25% overall or 50% of my paternal side. Woody may add some more green or just add DNA in places where our other 2nd cousins are already matching me.

Adding Woody’s DNA to the Mix

At 23andMe, Woody is the third match on my list:

Woody is also a 1st cousin to Heather above. Woody and I share 337 cM of DNA:

This is about what would be expected or slightly above average for a second cousin:

I share 584 cM with Woody’s 1st cousin Heather which is at about the top amount of the range:

Here is the DNA that I share with Woody, but not with Heather:

That would be the DNA in purple on Chromosomes 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Before I map Woody’s DNA, I note that I am 59% ‘painted’ on my paternal side. Here is my map now with Woody added:

It looks like Woody filled in some green. My paternal side is now 60% painted:

However, my overall painted DNA is still at 52%.

Woody’s YDNA

23andMe takes a look at the test and tries to figure out what the YDNA group is. To get a more specific read one would have to go to FTDNA for testing. Here is what Woody shows:

Technically, Woody and I should have the same YDNA. However, my results are more generic and Woody’s appear to be more specific. I have tested at FTDNA, so I have specific information on my YDNA:

So far, this branch of L21 Hartleys are all under R-A11134. My brother James and I are under R-FT225247 where Woody would be were he to test at FTDNA.

Where is Z16855?

Z16855 is an equivalent under Z16343. That is the SNP after Z16357 that got cut off in the image above:

I’m not sure why 23andMe chose this SNP as Z16343 is used by FTDNA to represent this block of SNPs.

Above I have highlighted where I tested long ago at 23andMe and where Woody tested. Woody is 6 steps below my L21. However, at FTDNA, Hartleys who have taken the BigY test are 4 steps below Z16343 at A11134. Woody would be in the white box if he were to take the BigY test. That would likely split the white box. We would probably match in all but one SNP and that one SNP would be the branch for my brother and me as separate from Woody. The common ancestor between Woody and me was James Hartley who was born in 1862. That means that if my brother and I formed a new branch then it would be new as of after 1862. My grandfather was born in 1891, so it would be as of 1891.

It is interesting that of all my cousins that have taken a DNA test, only Woody fits the criteria for matching me with a YDNA test. If Woody were to test and find any Private Variants, that Variant or Variants would represent the Greenwood YDNA Line of Hartleys.

Summary and Conclusions

  • My cousin Woody had his DNA tested at 23andMe. When I added his DNA matches to my Chromosome Map, his matchs filled in some areas that I did not have identified.
  • Of my many Hartley 2nd cousins that have had their DNA tested, it appears that only Woody has the unbroken Hartley line that is needed to compare YDNA.
  • Woody tested his YDNA as Z16855 which is further down the line from where I tested at L21. However, if Woody were to test at FTDNA, it would show him under FT225247. His test would likely show the YDNA split between his Greenwood Hartley Line and my James Hartley Line.






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