Looking at AncestryDNA Match Jeff on the Frazer Line

I match Jeff at AncestryDNA by a small amount of DNA (8 cM).

Ancestry shows we have a common ancestor in James Frazer going back to about 1804. Here is the maternal side of Jeff’s tree where Ancestry thinks we should match up:

There appears to be a discrpancy already as Ancestry has Phylis Bowman and Jeff’s tree has Phylis Anderson. That is apparently from this Ancestry Tree which has Phylis married to a Kenneth Anderson presumably before or after she married Keith Huckle.

Adding a Suggested Frazer to Jeff’s Tree

Ancestry suggested that Teresa Frazer was the mother of Philis Bowman, so I added her in:

There are hints for Teresa. A good one is her marriage record:

This 1921 record has lots of information on it. Now the tree looks like this:

It is tempting to accept the hints, but I won’t unless I have to.  This appears to be the family in 1901 in Kinloss, Ontario:

However, if that is the case, Susan M must be the same as Teresa or Tressia May.

John Frazer Born in Ontario

Here is John in 1881 in Kinloss, Ontario – apparently with his parents:

Here, John’s father William says he was from Scotland and his mother from Ireland. This tells me also tha John married later in life.

William Frazer

William Frazer is a critical connection in Ancestry’s common ancestor depiction. That common ancestor tree has William as the son of James Frazer born in 1819. Here are the children I have for James Frazer and Violet Frazer:

If William was born in 1819, then Violet would have been 16 at his birth. I had that this couple was married on 23 January 1828. This tells me that there is something wrong with Ancestry common ancestry tree. Nonetheless, here is an interesting story of William’s life from Findagrave.com from 1884:

Other DNA Matches to Jeff?

At this point, it would be interesting to see if others have DNA matches to Jeff. I was unable to find any with my four siblings who have tested at Ancestry. I would say that, based on no other DNA matches and problems connecting the genealogy, that something is wrong with Ancestry’s common ancestor tree.

Summary and Conclusions

  • It appears that, although I have a small DNA match to Jeff, that match is not through my ancestors James Frazer and Violet Frazer.
  • It would have saved time if I had started with James and Violet Frazer and looked at the proposed connection to William.
  • I now know more about Jeff’s ancestry than I need to know!



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