A New Frazer DNA Match for Jane at Ancestry

I had an email from Jane recently about a new Frazer match she had. Jane’s match is with JD. His tree is private but searchable. That means that Ancestry can figure out likely common ancestors with his tree even though it is private. Here is how Jane and JD probably match up:

The Archibald above is from what I call the Stinson Line:

Archibald Frazer and Ann Stinson had other children, but I only show one who was another Archibald who married Catherine Parker.

Evaluating JD’s Tree

Ancestry suggests I evaluate JD’s tree, so I will. I created a tree for JD. I assume that he knows who his mother is. I have to further assume that the connection is on his mother’s side. In 1940, JD’s mother Mary was living in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

From here, we need to get the family back to Alexander Frazer who lived in County Roscommon, Ireland. So far, JD’s maternal side is checking out:

Carrie or Katherine?

Here is the 1920 Census for Bridgeport:

The one I have as Katherine in the tree appears to be Carrie. Her mother (also Carrie) is from Irish and speaks Irish. The 1900 Census has Carrie the mother immigrating in 1890, born in Ireland to parents who were born in Scotland. I seem to recall from Jane that her ancestors did move to Scotland and then back to Ireland, so this Census makes sense.

ThruLines for Jane

I see that Jane has many matches to the children of Alexand Frazer:

JD is right in the middle along with descendants of five of the children of Alexander Frazer. This seems to fill in where some of the records are missing for Carrie Frazer Ember. I like these ThruLines as they tie together many families in one image. Here is what I have for children of Alexander Frazer:

Apparently Alexander Frazer had 12 children.

Actually, I now see the marriage record for Charles Ember and Caroline Frazer after searching some at Ancestry:

This is the passenger record for Caroline from the Ellis Island records:

I found this once I typed in Fraser instead of Frazer in my search. What makes me sure about this record is that Thomas John Frazer, her older brother, is listed on the passenger record above her. Ancestry has some more information:

Adding JD to the Frazer DNA/Genealogy Tree

Here I have Anne Caroline born 1868 which is probably more accurate than Jane’s ThruLines show.

Adding in Jennifer

I still have one person missing from Jane’s ThruLines. This is Jennifer:

She descends from Elizabeth or Eliza Jane Frazer. I won’t go through the genealogy, as I think the genealogy is OK.

That now accounts for DNA matching of the descendants of six of the children of Alexander Frazer. Turns out that Jane also matches Jennifer’s father Larry by DNA. Apparently many of the children of Alexander Frazer settled in Connecticut Including Eliza Jane Frazer.

Jane doesn’t match Brenda by DNA. So the match must have been to someone else. Brenda descends from the older brother of Anne Caroline who was Thomas John Frazer. These two travelled to the US together as mentioned above.

Summary and Conclusions

  • DNA matches and ThruLines help in checking on genealogical lines. Because there are matches, it means that the records must be there to support the genealogy.
  • I was able to find the interesting shipping record for Carrie (Anne Caroline Frazer) and her older brother Thomas Joyn Frazer.
  • Because Alexander Frazer had many children, that resulted in many descendants, many of whom took DNA tests.
  • ThruLines at Ancestry continue to be a helpful tool in validating (in this case) Frazer genealogical trees. DNA matches coupled with genealogy is a powerful tool and ThruLines is good representation of the intersection of DNA and genealogy.





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