Looking in Newspapers for My Wife’s Ancestors in the Boston Area

Some of wife’s ancestors were Butler, Ellis and Upshall. I have already found some interesting information from newspapers. I have a trial at newspapers.com, so I’ll take a look


This name should be fairly easy to find as it is unusual. I have found an article previously on my wife’s great-grandfather Fred Upshall. Let’s see if I can find it again.

Fred Upshall was a ship captain. He was mentioned in the paper several times. Here is a random entry from the Boston Globe on Monday 22 September 1913:

Here we learn what Fred was up to in 1913. Here is another article from the Globe on 27 October 1911:

This article involved a race and bets.

In 1910 Captain Upshall was sailing the Schooner Romance:

This is from a 2 September 1910 article in the Boston Globe.

Here is a scary article from 21 Mar 1911:

Here is an engagement notice for Fred’s daughter Esther dated 16 May 1948:

Fred had died by this point and the Mrs was his second wife.

I found this notice by entering the year of Fred Upshall’s death:

All these articles are from the Boston Globe. This one is dated 8 January 1937. Here is an article from the day before:

My wife says that Fred actually died when the boat was fumigated.

I assume that this is the same Fred Upshall in a 21 February 1928 article:

This was about a month before the birth of his daughter Esther.

Wensley Street is South of the McLaughlin Playground on the map above. Here is where the accident occured:

Here is an article about the death of George Upshall from 1945:


I found quite a bit on the Upshall family. I think that it will be more diffiult to find articles on the Butler family. Here is the death record for my wife’s 2nd great-grandfather:

This was published in the Globe on October 18, 1915.

Here are Edward’s wife and children:

This may be one reason I am having trouble finding women in newspapers.

Julia Ann Butler is listed as Mrs. Silas Deshon. I didn’t find this entry. Someone else had put this image in Ancestry.

Here is an entry for an Ellen Butler from the Cincinnati Enquirer 11 October 1867:

As Edward’s daughter would have been about 8 years old at this time it would not be her. The mother is a possibility as she was probably Mary Ellen. Who knows?

George Butler

This appears to be the death record for George Butler:

This Boston Globe ariticle was from March 28, 1925. Here is George’s death notice:

Here is a 27 August 1912 article about the unfortunate death of Geoge’s son Edward:

Edward Butler Born 1875

This was published Friday, February 6, 1925.

Ellis Family

My wife’s Ellis family was from Prince Edward Island, but moved to the Boston area.

George, like Fred above, met an unfortunate death.

George’s first wife Lillian Rayner died in New York City in 1910. George apparently remarried:

Here is some more on George Ellis:

Here is some more on Marion:

Willard Ellis

Here is Willard’s WWII Registion Card:

I get the impression that Willard was single as he gives his sister as his contact.

This may be Willard in the 1930 Census in Boston:

I wonder who Willard’s cousin was.


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