Another One of Gary’s Marshall Ancestors

In my previous Blog on Gary, I was looking at one of his ancestors who was a Marshall. The question was whether this Marshall was related to Chief Justice John Marshall. The anwer to that question was no. I assume that the question is the same for this other relative.

Here is what Gary says:

My other great grandmother Venie Marsh, was also a Marshall. 

OK. I have that Gary’s maternal grandfather was Sammie B Marsh. Here is Samuel in 1920:

Samuel was a machinist working for the government in 1920. Samuel’s father Jessie was a sailor. Vennie was born in Virginia according to the Census as Gary told me. Samuel was also born in Virginia.

Vennie Marsh

I think that Vennie is a nickname for Virginia. In 1900, Vennie was listed as being born in Maryland:

She was married about 1894 and born in 1876. has this information:


Come to find out that Vennie is short for Lavenia. Here she is in 1880 in Accomack County, Virginia with her mother and three sisters:

This appears to be a transcription of Lavenia’s birth record:

Here is another Samuel. Gary already has an ancestor from 1745 named Samuel Marsh:

That could mean that these two families were related as they were both from Accomack County, Virginia. That means that Sylvia’s parents could have been related to each other. We’ll see. These two Samuels were born 100 years apart.

Samuel J Marshall Born 1845

This record explains why Samuel wasn’t listed in the 1880 Census:

Too bad he died so young.

Here is a transcription of his marriage record:

Here is the young family in 1870:

Gillet Marshall

Going back to 1860, we see both Samuel and Gillet:

Here is the tree I have so far for Sammie B’s maternal side:

In 1850, Gilliett and family were farming in Accomack:

1850 is the earliest Census showing family units together. This death record gives information on Gillet’s parents:

I’m guessing that Hessie is short for Hester, but I’m not sure. I think that Hetty may be more normal. Also Gillet shows at Gilbert. If I take the Ancestry hints for the parents of Gillet, I get John A Marshall and Hester Parks:

Those are the same parents for John Taffy Marshall. I think that means that Sylvia’s parents Sammie B Marsh and Amanda Jane Evans were third cousins. They both had the same 2nd grandparents of John A Marshll and Hester Parks.


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