Another Frazer DNA Match at 23andMe

I get emails from 23andMe on a regular basis telling me I have new DNA matches.

I don’t usually recognize who they are. This time I saw a closer than usual match with a name I recognize: Frazer.

My other new matches were predicted 4th cousins and shared less DNA. 23andMe’s Relatives in Common helped me figure out who he is:

Stan is related to Katherine and Brenda. In fact, Brenda is Stan’s sister. I wrote about Brenda here. Here is where Stan fits in:

All these people have had their DNA tested. I am at the bottom left as I descend from the eldest son and Stan is on the right as he descends from the youngest son of George Frazer. According to this chart, I am a 2nd cousin once removed to Stan. Stan is Paul’s first cousin.

Here is a photo of the five brothers:

Hubert is back right. I have more and better photos of Hubert, but I have not scanned them.

Stan’s DNA

I see that I now need Stan’s permission to see his DNA results. Here is how I match Stan’s sister Brenda on Chromosome 6 and 7:

I share three segments with Stan, so my DNA match with Stan could represent Frazer DNA that I have not yet identified. The other yellow matches are other matches with people who descend from George Frazer and Margaret McMaster.

Stan’s YDNA

23andMe gives a haplogroup for Stan’s YDNA. YDNA is interesting as it is only from the male line – in this case Frazer.

My R-L21 Haplogroup represents my Hartley lineage. Stan is R-L664 which represents Frazer YDNA. We know a lot about Frazer YDNA. There have been three Frazer BigY DNA tests done which describe Frazer YDNA in great detail. Every hundred years or so, there is a mutation in the YDNA which is passed down from father to son. Based on these changes, we can create a YDNA tree.

L664 is actually a Germanic Haplogroup going back to about 3,000 BC. That means that before our family was from Scotland, it was from Germany:

However, much has happened in the last 5,000 years. Here are some of the SNPs that have formed in the past 5,000 years:

Here are Paul’s matches:

Paul and his two Frazer YDNA matches are all R-YP6489. We awaiting two BigY tests to refine this tree. One test is from a Frazer with known ancestry. He is more closely related to Paul than to Rodney and Jonathan. The other tester is a Frazier. We don’t know how he is connected, but the connection probably goes back to Scotland before our Frazers moved to Ireland.

Here is the SNP Tracker map:

Here are some more details since L664:

Summary and Conclusions

  • It is somewhat rare to find a 2nd cousin once removed show up as a DNA match
  • Stan’s YDNA type fits in perfectly with other Frazers who were from Ireland
  • If Stan shares his autosomal DNA results, I will be able to tell how we match. This matching DNA is the same DNA that we inherited from Stan’s great grandparents and my 2nd great grandparents George Frazer and Margaret McMster.






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