Trying to Connect One of My Distant Cousins Beverly To a Close DNA Match

I run a DNA project on a certain group of Frazers. As a result, I administer the DNA for a few of the people in the project. One of them is Beverly. Another is Gladys. From time to time I get inquiries about people who match these two by DNA. My most recent email was from someone who matched Beverly at Gedmatch.

Beverly’s Tree

I’m still working on Beverly’s tree:

I blurred Beverly’s parents for privacy. Notice Beverly has Fraser and Frazer ancestors. Isn’t that a bit confusing. The Frazer ancestors go back to Ireland and are the ones I’m interested in.

Beverly’s Cousin’s Tree

I didn’t get Beverly’s cousin’s name. I did get some information. I got a little traction on the Beverly’s cousin’s maternal side:

I thought that the Magloughlen spelling was wrong, but then I found this:

This marker even has a marriage date.

I’ll cheat a little and accept Dorothy’s parents:

There we go, these two must be related on the Post side. Beverly said her father had a Norrie Nephew, so that makes sense. Here is part of the marriage record for Vernon and Gertrude:

Gertrude’s parents were Geo Post and Edith B Fraser. They are Beverly’s paternal grandparents. This is the Fraser that I am not related to.

That means that instead of 2nd cousins as I thought, these two are first cousins twice removed.


Here are the matches between Beverly and her cousin:

The estimated number of generations to their common ancestors is 3.2. However, it is two generations for Beverly and four for her cousin, so that averages out to three. This looks to be George and Edith:

Mystery solved.


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