Tracy’s Upshall Ancestry and DNA Matches

As I go through my wife’s Aunt Esther’s DNA matches at Ancestry, I came upon Tracy.

According to AncestryDNA, Tracy and Esther could be second cousins or closer.

Tracy’s Genealogy

Here is Tracy’s Ancestry Tree:

I am interested in Tracy’s Halfyard maternal side. I built this tree:

I am interested in Margaret Jane Upshall. Perhaps she will fit into Esther’s tree. The records are not good for Harbour Buffett where many of the Upshalls lived.

Henry Upshall Born About 1841 and Catherine Dicks

Esther descends from Henry Upshall and Catherine Dicks:

Esther is a half-sister to my wife’s grandmother Florence:

This is an Upshall DNA tree. These people have had their DNA tested and match each other.

Jessie Upshall Born 1886

A while back, I came across Karen who descends from Jessie Upshall. By DNA and name it seemed like Jessie would have to be another daughter of Henry and Catherine Upshall:

Karen’s DNA matches to Esther, Joan and Elaine were perfect for her being a 1st cousin twice removed to Esther. I could see no other explanation other than Jessie Kate Upshall was a daughter of Henry Upshall. I added her to the tree even though the records were missing from Harbour Buffett due to a church fire.

Now Tracy has an Uphall great-grandmother born in 1874. Perhaps Margaret Jane Upshall could be another daughter of Henry and Catherine Upshall.

Adding Tracy to the Henry Upshall Tree

I’ll add Tracy in to see how she fits:

If my guess is right, Tracy is:

  • 1st cousin twice removed to Esther
  • 2nd cousin once removed to Joan and Elaine
  • 3rd cousin to Marie, Joanne and Karen
  • 3rd cousin, once removed to Tina

I administer the DNA for Esther, Joan, Elaine and Marie, so I can check those DNA matches.

Esther gets a low score for being a first cousin twice removed to Tracy because she matches by more DNA than expected. Based on their high DNA match, Ancestry would rather see them as 1st cousins once removed. That means that by chance Esther and Tracy share more DNA than average or it could mean that Esther and Joan share ancestries from other branches.

Karen’s Mom Shirley

Karen’s mom Shirley has also tested at Ancestry:

Shirley has perfect textbook matches to Esther, Joan, Elaine and Marie. They get the highest possible scores for these three different levels of relationships.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I think that it would be safe to add Tracy to the Henry Upshall Branch of Upshalls based on close DNA matches to Esther and her family.
  • The DNA matches between Tracy and Esther’s family are a little closer than expected. It is possible that there are other family connections further out.
  • If Tracy uploads her DNA to Gedmatch, it would be possible to do more detailed DNA analysis.
  • If Karen shares her mother’s DNA results with me, I would be able to see how closely Shirley matches Tracy. That would further solidify the Upshall Family Tree.



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