My Heritage AutoCluster for My Sister Heidi and Brother Jim

So far, I have run and autocluster for myself and my mother at MyHeritage. Here are some initial comparisons:

After going from my 17 clusters to my mother’s 26, I was surprised to go back to 7 clusters with my sister Heidi:

Maternal/Paternal Phasing

As my mother is at MyHeritage, it should be easy to tell which of Heidi’s clusters are maternal. The ones that are not maternal are likely paternal. For example, the first match in Cluster 1 has no shared matches with my mother and has a shared match with someone on my Irish side. A closer look shows that this may be an over-matched area. I don’t know if these matches are valid as there are so many of them. Most or all of these people match on Chromosome 20.

I went down Heidi’s list of clusters and came up with this:

Heidi only had one maternal cluster and none on the maternal grandmother side. I was unsure about Cluster 4.

Checking Heidi’s Cluster 4

Heidi’s largest match on Cluster 4 was with Sandra:

I associate Chromosome 10 with Hartley-side Massachusetts Colonial DNA matches, but let’s check Heidi’s Chromosome map:

Looks like Heidi has Frazer in that part of her Chromosome 10.

Here is a corrected list:

These Clusters are identified down to the grandparent level. Unfortunately, there are six paternal clusters and one maternal. And only two grandparents are represented.

Brother Jim’s Clusters

I’m having trouble being I’m sure on Heidi’s clusters, so perhaps a look at my brother Jim’s clusters will help.

Jim had one more cluster than my mother. Jim had a whopping 349 clusters that were rejected as there were only two in the cluster. AutoCluster calls these Single Matches.

I was doing alright identifying JIm’s clusters until I got to Cluster 9:


I thought that I would use Jim’s Chromosome 15 mapping where he matches Jami from Cluster 9. However, my map for Jim’s Chromosome 15 was erased. I need to create it again. Or I can look at the Blog I wrote on Chromosome 15:

This confirms that Jim has Frazer DNA on his paternal side on all of Chromosome 15.

Now I am half way through:

My method is getting the right grandparent for the DNA group, but not usually finding a common ancestor – especially in the higher numbered clusters.

Here is the full list of clusters identified by grandparent side:

Summary and Conclusions

  • I noted a big difference in the clusters of my sister Heidi compared to my brother Jim.
  • Heidi had a large Cluster 1 which could be considered an over-matching area or an area that is too ‘matchy’.
  • Heidi’s clusters were disappointing with only 2 grandparents represented.
  • I identified Jim’s 27 clusters with the help of my mother’s results. This phased the results by maternal or paternal. This would also work for me at FTDNA, but not at 23andMe as my mother did not test there.
  • I was then able to check Jim’s Chromosome mapping to identify on which grandparent side the matches were on. This map was created with the help of the Fox Visual Phasing Spreadsheet.
  • Identifying beyond the grandparent level was more difficult unless I was familiar with a specific match or mathces within a cluster.
  • The clusters for Jim represent matches on many of his chromosomes

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