Mom’s DNA AutoClustered

AutoClustering was down for AncestryDNA today, but now it appears to be working again. This time I wanted to try to autocluster my mom’s DNA. I meant to lower the threshold from 50 to 15, but apparently did not. I’ll take a look at what I got.

Mom only got three clusters. This could be a lesson in what not to do. The first cluster is Nicholson.

Cluster 3 – Rathfelder

I have blogged about this match. The common ancestor is at the level of Hans Jerg Rathfelder and Juliana Biedenbinder:

Green Cluster #2

I am less certain of Cluster 2. These two people don’t have trees and I have not been able to get in touch with them. I was in touch with a shared match who had Schwechheimer ancestry. This ancestry is also from Latvia, so that would be my best guess for this Cluster.

That’s as far as I get with this small autocluster. The orange is a maternal cluster. Clusters 2 and 3 are paternal for my mom as far as I can tell.

Here is my AutoCluster at Ancestry using the same default settings:


I had one maternal cluster (Nicholson) and four paternal clusters. My mom’s cluster of 7 Nicholson’s translated to a cluster of three for me at the preset thresholds. This makes sense as I got about half of my mother’s Nicholsn DNA.

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