A Possible Hartley Match at MyHeritage and Visual Phasing

I recently had a message from Julie at MyHeritage. She matched my brother Jim’s DNA. We also both had Hartley’s in our ancestry. She wanted to know if any of her Hartley’s sounded familiar to me. According to Julie, “…2 Hartley sisters married 2 soldiers in the House of His Excellency British Ambassador at the Court of France, ” This didn’t sound familiar to me. I don’t know of any of my Hartley ancestors marrying in France.

Julie’s DNA Hartley Match

Here is Julie’s DNA match with my brother Jim:

Julie also matches my sister Lori here:

This was Julie and Lori’s only DNA match and corresponded with Julie and Jim’s largest match on Chromosome 7. However, none of these DNA matches were very large.

Visual Phasing of Hartley DNA

I have visually phased all my sibling’s DNA as well as mine. Here is Chromosome 7:

Here in the beginning of Chromosome 7, Jim and Lori both start off with Frazer DNA shown in blue. Those areas correspond with the matches with Julie at the start of Chromosome 7. That means that the match on Chromosome 7 cannot be a match with Hartley DNA. This is a case where the visual phasing came in handy. If Jim and Lori matched Julie on Hartley DNA, it would be worthwhile looking further to see if there was a common ancestor.

Frazer DNA?

As I mentioned above, these DNA matches are quite small. That indicates that these matches could go back quite a way. My known Frazer ancestors were from Ireland. I notice that Julie has ancestors from Ireland. I suspect that that is where the common ancestors could be.

Here is my grandmother’s Frazer tree:

I have some missing ancestors in the bottom right part of the tree. It is possible that is where the match is.


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