Visual Phasing Six Siblings with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 5A: Chromosome 4

I’m working on Visually Phasing myself and my five siblings. In my previous Blog, I took Chromosome 20 out of order. Now I am back on track.

Setting the Boundaries for Chromosome 4

First I look for crossovers and try to assign a person to the crossover.

I do the best I can, but will likely need some adjustments as I go along. For this Chromosome, I made a chart to keep track of the crossovers:

Here I had problems at positions 21.4 and 40.

Both these problem areas were in the comparison between Jim (V) and Lori. It didn’t seem like the ends of their first two matches lined up with changes in the other sibling comparisons. Undaunted, I shall continue. If I do everything else right, this will sort itself out.

Adding Cousin Matches

As I look down the cousin matches that I have in the Fox Spreadsheet, I see that I only have Hartley matches on the paternal side. I don’t see any maternal side matches. I can speed things up by looking at three Hartley cousin matches at once:

I have circled crossovers for (left to right) Joel, Jim, Heidi, Jim and Lori. The first crossover for Jim erases a question mark I had. I can see Jim’s crossover now zig zagging accross the ? Line:

Jim’s crossover as shown by match with Hartley cousin Maury is interesting:

This shows that I need another crossover for Jim (V) or my Joel (D) crossover is wrong. Jim’s crossover is at 114.3M. I had my Joel crossover at 114.6M. I’ll say that they are separate crossovers. That means I solved a problem I knew I had and solved one I didn’t know I had. That leaves one other known problem.

Adding Paternal DNA to Chromosome 4

Based on the three Hartley cousin matches above, I get this:

I would put in Frazer to either side of the Hartley crossovers and above and below the orange segments.

In Need of Maternal Cousin Matches

Seven out of seventeen of the cousin matches that I brought into the Fox spreadsheet are maternal. Time to search for more. I searched around on my mom’s one to many list at Gedmatch and found one match with Lentz cousin Joshua:

Chances are my mom sent down some of this Lentz DNA to at least one of her six children:

My mom’s segment only made it down to Heidi.

Add Joshua to the Fox Spreadsheet

Joshua is helpful, so I’ll add him to the Fox Spreadsheet. I went to the first tab and typed in his information at the bottom of the CousinTable:

Note that there is no box to the left of Joshua which means that he has not been incorporated into the Fox Spreadsheet yet. Under the Action drop-down menu, there is a place for Add which I assume is appropriate. The leads me to type in my Gedmatch password. This opens Internet Explorer and compares Joshua to me and my six siblings automatically. Joshua may be a help for other chromosomes, but he is critical for Chromosome 4.

I had missed a Jim (V) crossover near the beginning of this Joshua match, so I added that in. Then I added Joshua’s Lentz shared DNA on Heidi’s maternal Chromosome 4 segment. Next, I filled in some Rathfelder DNA:

  • Jim did not have his first crossover above on the paternal side, so it must be on the maternal side
  • Jim’s second crossover was on the paternal side so the maternal purple Rathfelder will carry through there.
  • I didn’t carry the Rathfelder to the right on my maternal chromosome as I have a crossover there.

I’ll make other similar assumptions:

Thanks to one little match between Joshua and Heidi, I have the middle of Chromosome 4 mapped. I stopped extending to the left as I have a question mark there.

Checking the Segment Map

Before I go on, I’d like to know if this part is right:

Here I have the images reversed. The left side represents the mapping I did. I want it to match the right side. The Gedmatch comparisons are on the right. The two sides look to match.

Chromosome 4 Right Side

I’ll continue on to the right, as I have no question mark on that side:

Jim, Heidi and Lori had no crossovers to the right, so I continued their segments to the right unchanged. Sharon and Heidi have a FIR. That means I can copy Heidi’s DNA to Sharon’s. That puts Sharon’s crossover on the paternal side. I have three crossovers.

I finished Sharon’s right hand side. She had another crossover before the end. After that she had an FIR with Lori which put Sharon’s last crossover on her maternal side.

I have FIRs with Heidi and Sharon in my first unmapped segment. That puts my first crossover on my maternal side:

I am opposite of Heidi on the right:

For the last segment, I match my brother Jim (V):

So close:

At this point, I would like to work the left side back to the question mark. I will also stay away from Lori and Jim as that is where the issue of the question mark was:

Progress Check

This tells me I am on the right track:

I’ll fill in from the left to right:

This is interesting as the top row shows that Jim needs another crossover. It also appears that there will be a Jim maternal crossover where the question mark is. Lori already has a crossover to get her from Lentz to Rathfelder.

Adding JIm’s First Crossover

Jim’s first crossover is at 6.4M which is right after Sharon’s at 6M:

This gets us to a small segment for Lori at the beginning. However, I note that Heidi and Lori don’t match in the Gedmatch comparison. That puts Lori’s first crossover on her paternal side. I’m hoping this fully filled out Chromosome 20 will be the right answer:

The Final Fact-Checker

It’s difficult to see every tiny comparison at once, but this looks overall OK.

Summary and Conclusions

  • The maternal part of this map would not have been possible without one match between Heidi and Joshua. He is my 2nd cousin twice removed. I would have had to have put in just maternal grandparents one and two.
  • So far every chromosome has had one sibling  who has inherited a a full the length of the chromosome from one grandparent. These are cases where recombination does not take place. On this Chromosome, Jon has all Frazer on his paternal side. He appears to have the record for non-recombined Frazer DNA.
  • I tried to work the areas that I was more sure of first and then the unsure areas solved themselves with the good areas that were confirmed by the Segment Map from the Fox Spreadsheet.
  • I used a spreadsheet of crossover positions for each sibling to keep these straight and in the correct order.







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