Visual Phasing Six Siblings with the Fox Spreadsheet: Part 4 – Chromosome 3

I’m ready to start visual phasing of Chromosome 3.

I’ll start with some rough crossover lines:

I try to look at the crossovers and names at the same time to make sure I have enough crossovers. One unusual thing is that on the right hand side, I have five crossovers for Jon (F) in relatively close proximity.

Putting Cousins on the Map

Next I look at the All Cousins function on the Fox Spreadsheet. The first best candidate is James, my father’s cousin. I’ll put some Hartley paternal grandfather DNA in the slots where James matches my family.

Here’s something I want to keep on top of. The right hand side of the matches (in blue) is wandering on each side of a crossover line. I need to start my crossover spreadsheet to keep track of where these crossovers are.

This shows that the Jim (V) crossover is at 39.8 and the Hartley cousin match goes up to 38.6, so we are OK to put Hartley up to the Jim crossover.

The three paternal crossovers on the left fell right into the spots that I had predicted, so I’m off to a good start.

Maternal Cousin Carolyn

Carolyn matches our family on our Lentz grandparent side. Here is my grandmother, speaking of Lentz:

She was born in 1900.

I started mapping Lentz DNA, but ran into a question on the right hand side of Chromosome 3:

Actually I may all right, as I show a crossover for Joel and Sharon on the very right and that is consistent with our match with Carolyn. Here is what Gedmatch -shows for Carolyn:

The right-hand crossovers for Sharon and Joel are really close. Sharon is at 195.80 and Joel’s crossover is at 195.82. I can go with these numbers, but I’ll have to change the crossover order. It also look like, from Gedmatch, that Jon has a crossover at 186M. I’ll write this into my spreadsheet:

Here is how the right hand side of Chromosome 3 mapped out:

Checking out the position numbers at Gedmatch helped me find the crossover for Jon (F).

This is what I get from looking at the first two cousin matches:

Rathfelder Line Cousin Inese

Inese is from Latvia. Here are her matches with my family:

Inese is picking up maternal crossovers for Joel and Lori:

Inese’s matches do not span the crossovers but the two crossovers are implied by the crossover lines above.

Joyce – Another Hartley Match

Here I add in some more orange Hartley based on Joyce’s matches:

Emily – A Frazer Side Match

Here the paternal Frazer match goes through a Lori crossover. That means Lori’s first crossover must be maternal.

I checked a few more cousins and came up with this:

What’s Next? Gedmatch Comparisons

Next, it would make sense to look at the FIRs at Gedmatch and the no-match sibling comparisons, to fill in some blanks above. I did that plus I extended the DNA to the easy looking crossovers. That means the crossovers I wasn’t expecting problems with.

I filled in all but this area on the right hand side of Chromosome 3:

This looks right for Jon as he has two crossovers in this area. However, I have none. I need to add one in there. At the top of the image above, it shows that the comparison between Heidi and Joel (D) shows no match on either side of the Chromosome in that little segment. That means that I would be Frazer (blue) and Lentz (green). That means that my crossover should be near Jon’s first F.

I need to look around 160.9 for my crossover.

This could be it at 156.7:

Here’s some more information from Gedmatch:

The first circled match is my match with Heidi and the next two circled matches are between me and Lori and Jim. I’ll call my crossover 156.2.

Here, I’ve added my paternal crossover:

Placing Jon’s Two Sequential Crossovers in the Right Order

Next, I’m curious as to Jon’s (F) two crossovers. Which is maternal and which is paternal? I ran Jon against 5 siblings and two maternal first cousins and got this:

#6 is Cousin Cindy. My guess is that her match is the maternal crossover for Jon (F). This is at 165.7M which is where I had Jon’s second crossover:

Of course, that makes Jon’s preceding crossover at 160.9M paternal:

Comparing My Work to Gedmatch with the Segment Map

I don’t see any obvious errors. The places on the right that are small and yellow indicate small HIR matches that didn’t show as blue matches on the left because the resolution was not low enough. Here is one example:

That was relatively painless. I tried to be careful with my work, so I wouldn’t have to fix a lot of things later.

The Final Result

I forgot to show my results:


This is the first time my brother Jim’s Chromosome 3 has been phased. I don’t think that I had phased Lori before on the Chromosome either. This time, Jim and Lori have full paternal side Frazer Chromosomes. That’s good for the Frazer DNA Project I am working on. Between the six siblings, there is full coverage for all the grandparents. Without Jim and Lori in the mix, I would be missing a lot of Frazer DNA on Chromosome 3.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I tried to be more methodical with my work this time and plan ahead for areas that could cause problems
  • One problem area is nailing down crossovers that are near other crossovers. A spreadsheet giving the position number of the crossovers helps.
  • I used a first cousin maternal match to find a maternal crossover for Jon. This was necessary because Jon had two crossovers in a row.
  • As in all Chromosome Maps, this information should be helpful in finding matches along one of four grandparent lines.

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