A New Look At Jane’s Frazer DNA Matches At AncestryDNA

The last Blog I wrote about Jane was a little over a year ago. That Blog had to do with an AncestryDNA feature called ThruLines. In this Blog I’ll start out looking at Jane’s Shared Matches and see where it goes from there. I also want to take a look at Jane’s match with Cathy. Jane and Cathy are in the Frazer DNA group. Cathy recently expressed some interest in my Blogs.

Jane and Cathy’s Genealogy

I’ll start with Cathy’s genealogy as it is less complicated than Cathy’s. Cathy is on the Archibald Frazer/Stinson LIne:

Cathy is circled in the brownish orange line. Jane is in the green line by herself.

Jane is also in this Richard Frazer line where I am also:

Jane and Cathy’s Shared DNA Matches

Jane gave me access to her AncestryDNA matches. I can find Cathy on Jane’s list of matches:

By the amount of DNA they share, AncestryDNA conservatively has them at 4th to 6th cousins, but they are actually 3rd cousins. However, that seems to go against AncestryDNA’s own chart for two people who share 23 cM:

The way I read the chart, 3rd cousin would be Cathy and Jane’s second choice after 3rd cousins once removed. Let’s look at Jane and Cathy’s top three shared DNA matches:

These three matches have fairly large amounts of DNA shared with Jane. However, the DNA amounts are split up over three to five segments. That could mean matching on more than one line.

Jane’s Shared Match Gary

I’ll look at Gary first as he has Frazer genealogy. Although Gary is a Shared Match, the match that is shown above shows the amount of DNA that Jane and Gary show. Cathy and Gary will likely show a larger DNA match. Because they are shared matches, Gary is likely to be related to Susan on Susan’s Archibald Frazer/Stinson Line rather than her Richard Frazer line.

Here is what Gary has for his genealogy:

I see that Charles is already on Cathy’s tree:

That makes things easy. Next, I’ll add Gary to my Frazer DNA/Genealogy Tree:

This adds another branch to the Alexander Frazer/Elizabeth Moore tree. My guess is that Cathy already knew about Gary, but he’s new to me.

Jane’s Shared Match Susan

I went with Gary first, because he was so easy. Next is Susan:

I looked for Lord, Tillock and Kinney in Cathy’s tree and didn’t see these names. I need to keep in mind that Jane and Cathy’s common ancestors are Archibald Frazer and Catherine Parker, so the connection could also be on the Parker side.

Next I need to try to build back Susan’s tree:

Susan’s grandparents were from Oklahoma and Missouri. By accepting hints, I got out this far:

However, this, if right, is only out to the 3rd cousin level for Susan and Ancestry’s guess is that Jane and Susan are 4th cousins or further out. I’ll just leave this where it is for now.

Jane’s Shared Clustering

When I get stuck on the genealogy, I take a look at the DNA. Shared Clustering is a program that takes DNA matches and groups them together. The theory is something like, “birds of a feather flock together”. In this case different branches of our ancestors are related to each other in groups.

Here is a simple view of Jane’s clusters shown at 50 cM. At 50 cM, these are some of Jane’s closest matches and how they cluster together.

These are three clusters, so my assumption is that these clusters represent three out of four of her grandparents. Cluster 1 is Frazer. When I look at Jane’s ancestry below, it looks like the clusters just represent Frazer and Pearson at this level:

There is a Hardman in the Cluster 3 list of Jane’s common ancestor, but he is married to a Pearson. As Jane’s Cluster 3 has Pearson in it, this cluster must also represent Jane’s Pearson side. However, I’m only really interested in Jane’s Frazer ancestors. Fortunately, Jane has plenty of Frazer matches.

Jane’s Frazer Matches at 50 cM

Jane has two matches with Shared Ancestors in her Frazer Cluster. They are V.O and Gladys. VO is Vivien on this Frazer/Stinson Chart:

Jane and Vivien’s Shared Matches

For some reason, I don’t see Cathy on Jane and Vivien’s shared matches. My guess is that Vivien and Cathy did not match each other well. Jane and Vivien’s first three shared matches in the 4th cousin range are the same as Jane and Cathy’s first three shared matches which makes sense. The next shared match is Rachel. She has a common ancestor with Jane and shares 47 cM of DNA. That means that I also want to go down to 40 cM for Jane’s Shared Clustering:

Now Jane’s Frazer Cluster is Cluster 2. Jane has two more common ancestors for her matches with Michael and Rachel. Jane and Rachel are 3rd cousins twice removed:

That means that I can add Rachel on to my tree:

Rachel is at the bottom left of the purple Australian line of Frazers.

Jane’s Genealogy on the Richard Frazer Line

Jane matches Michael in pink who is also on the Frazer/Stinson Line. I am in the blue line. Jane also matches Gladys who is also on both lines. That means that Jane’s match with my family would be more of a test for how Jane fits in this tree. For that, I’ll take the Shared Clustering down to 25 cM. This should create quite a few clusters. Here is Jane’s Cluster 1:

Jane’s Cluster 1 now appears to be just her Frazer/Stinson Line. I see VO (Vivien), Gary, Vivien’s daughter, and Rachel there.

Altogether, Jane has 24 Clusters at 25 cM. Jane’s Richard Frazer Line matches now appear to be in Cluster 7:

Here I find my sister Heidi, then under her, her two children, my brother Jonathan and my sister Lori. Gladys and Michael could be also be under Cluster 1, but the program put them in Cluster 7. There is a Susan here with a common ancestor with Jane. I wasn’t aware of her previously:

When I first was in touch with Jane, she was not aware of the Richard Frazer side of her genealogy. I was able to patch her there based on the DNA and probable genealogy. These Richard Frazer Line Shared matches seem to confirm my earlier work:

Now Jane’s green branch doesn’t look so lonely.

Jane and DNA Painter

While I’m thinking of how I’m related to Jane on the Richard Frazer line, I’ll put her on my chromosome map with DNA Painter. This is what I have so far from my ancestor Richard Frazer:

I match Marilee on Chromosomes 7 and 20 and Michael on Chromosomes 10 and 17. I match Jane on Chromosome 12. Below, I have my expanded DNA Painter view of my Chromosome 12:

This match with Jane in red on Chromosome 12 doesn’t add any new Frazer DNA, but it adds older DNA. The red also overlaps with the blue. The longest of the three overlapping blue segment is from Gladys. The common ancestors for Gladys and me are James Frazer and his cousin Violet Frazer born about 1804. Violet Frazer descends from Richard. I could also pain the blue segments red if I wanted to, because my match with Gladys must also come from Richard Frazer.

While I’m on DNA Painter, Jane has a pretty good match with Paul who is my second cousin, once removed. Her match with Paul on Chromosome 7 is interesting:

This supports my theory that my ancestors James Frazer and Violet Frazer were first cousins and that James was the son of Philip Frazer. Violet has previously been shown to be the daughter of Richard Frazer. The bright green segment is from a descendant of Philip Frazer. As I mentioned, Philip was the father of James Frazer. Jane’s DNA represents Richard Frazer and also Violet Frazer his daughter. DNA consists of crossovers. The crossovers represent where we stop getting the DNA of one ancestor and start getting DNA from that ancestor’s spouse. In this case the crossover for Paul is on the right side of the bright green segment. That is where Paul stopped getting the DNA from Philip Frazer and his son James Frazer and started getting the DNA from Richard Frazer and his daughter James’ wife Violet Frazer.  I can’t prove that this is a crossover, but it does look like one.

More Shared Clustering To 20 cM

The next logical step would be to take Jane’s Shared Clustering down to 20 cM. This is the lowest level that AncestryDNA has for Shared Matches. This gets Jane up to 49 clusters.

The Cluster I am in now is #15. This has remained the same except there are a few more people in it: John and spen. Michael shows an affinity to Cluster 14 directly above. This is the Archibald/Stinson Line. So the graphic above shows both of Jane’s Frazer Lines together.

Cluster 14 represents Jane’s great-grandfather Richard P Fraser and Cluster 15 represents Jane’s great-grandmother Jane Fraser.

The Shared Clustering Chart above also says that Gladys has an affinity for Clusters 18 and 30. One of the matches in Cluster 18 has the Stinson surname, so that may be the connection. Many people in Cluster 14 also show and affinity for Cluster 30.

I see that Cathy and Gary are in that Cluster, so that brings us full circle.

The Last Step for Jane’s Clusters

The last step is to take Jane’s matches down to 6 cM. These matches below 20 cM will not show in clusters, but may give hints as to which clusters that they may be in. For this run, we want to look outside the clusters:

Here the column called Correlated Clusters is important. Above Cluster 14, some of Jane’s matches have an affinity for Clusters 14, 15 and 30, but they don’t match well enough or don’t have the prerequisite 20 cM to be in a Cluster. Below Cluster 14 I see Ros. She has a shared ancestor with Jane on the Australian Line. Above Ros is Ann:

Ann appears to be from the prodigious Australian Line of Frazers. From Evelyn’s marriage record, I read that her mother is a Frazer with a ‘z’:

Here are Florence’s parents:

I’ll add Ann to the purple line:

Ann looks to be the niece of Vivien.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I looked at Jane’s Shared Clusters focusing mostly on her two Frazer Lines which I am familiar with
  • These clusters revealed some Frazer descendants that I didn’t know about previously in the Frazer/Stinson Line and the Richard Frazer Line
  • The shared clustering program seemed to confirm earlier genetic genealogical analysis which added Jane to the Richard Frazer Line
  • It was interesting to see my family in a cluster from the viewpoint of someone else
  • The cluster analysis shows that there are more matches for Jane that could be further researched to find if they have identifiable common ancestors with Jane.


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