Some Nicholson DNA

My mother’s mother’s mother was a Nicholson. That means that my mother should have about 25% Nicholson DNA. As her son, I would have about half that amount or 12.5%.

Here is my mother’s DNA Painter chart:

My Mom is 35% painted. That means that about one third of her paternal and maternal chromosomes have been identified.

Here is my Mom’s maternal side:

A little less has been identified there – 30%. The last two colors that are purple and brown are the Nicholson side. The blue thath says Lentz and Nicholson may be Nicholson or Lentz. However, for some reason, I am missing Lentz DNA. Here is Chromosome 1 for example:

By the overlap, Judy’s blue Lentz/Nicholson DNA is really Nicholson DNA as shown by the match with Joshua. Others Chromosomes have similar results.  It is possible that there is not much Lentz DNA around or that the Lentz in the family was not really a Lentz for some reason.

My Nicholson DNA Matches at 23andMe

I have some 23andMe DNA matches identified at 23andMe. My mother has not tested at 23andMe, so I am the best one for matches there. I recently identified who John was at 23andMe:

John doesn’t have family information at 23andMe and didn’t answer my message to him. A note at 23andMe shows that he has not been on the site for a while. However, I can look at the relatives John and I have in common:

I recognize JS as Joan from my Nicholson DNA match chart. John is a 2nd cousin to Joan. That means that John probably descends from Nellie Nicholson. By bringing down Nellie’s descendants, I was able to figure out where John probably fits in.

Here is how my DNA matches with John’s DNA:

I’ll add this information to my DNA Painter map, to see if anything new shows up. John added a little DNA to my map here:

Can I Place Nicole?

From Relatives in Common above, I see that Nicole shows up as 1st cousin to John. I sent a message to Nichole. In the meantime, my assumption is that Nichole and I have the common ancestors of William Nicholson and Martha Ellis. As Nicole and I must share Nicholson/Ellis DNA, I will add her match to DNA Painter. It turns out that Nicole’s best contribution is on Chromosome 4:

Previously, I had no mapping on that portion of my maternal Chromosome 4. It appears that the break between Jerome and Nicole could be a break between Lentz and Nicholson. Jerome has Nicholson and Lentz anctestry while Nicole has no Lentz ancestry. To the left of Nicole is Raimonds who matches on my maternal grandfather’s side. Nicole is on my maternal grandmother’s side.

Mapping Molly

Molly is a large match at MyHeritage. Molly is young, so she does not have a lot of records to go on. A search of Facebook showed me that Molly is Dotty’s granddaughter. I know Dotty, but I am interested in how Dotty fits in the tree. Based on some old emails and Facebook, I believe that this is how Dotty and Molly fit in:

This is on my Lentz/Nicholson tree, so Molly and I share both Nicholson and Lentz ancestry. This shows that Molly is a first cousin twice removed to my Mom.

Painting Molly

Right now I’m at 38% painted on my maternal side and 47% painted overall. I expect that Molly’s match will increase at least one of these numbers. After ‘painting’ Molly, I am now at 41% painted maternally and 49% painted overall.

Molly added important information on Chromosomes 3, 8 and 16.

This image shows that the DNA Molly and I share on Chromosome 8 is from the Nicholson side as there are overlaps with purple. On Chromosomes 3 and 16, the DNA shared could be on the Lentz side.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to place the DNA of John, Nicole and Molly
  • John and Nicole share Nicholson DNA with me. Molly shares Nicholson and Lentz DNA and is a closer match.
  • It takes a bit of investigation when the matches’ genealogy is not readily available
  • Molly especially was able to fill in some blanks on the map of my chromosomes


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