More Nicholson DNA

I am happy that my Nicholson cousin Joan had her sister Linda DNA tested. Here is my mom’s tree showing people that have tested their DNA:


Linda and Joan share a red box as they are sisters. Most of this tree is on my mother’s mother’s side. The blue is her father’s side. On my mother’s mother’s side, yellow represents Lentz, red represents Nicholson and orange represents cousins that have Lentz and Nicholson ancestry.

Comparing DNA at Gedmatch

When I compare all the people above at Gedmatch, this is what I get for overall matches:


Linda, who recently tested, matches my mom less than her sister does. However, she matches cousin Judy more. The chart also shows that 4 of the people in the group are Nicholsons and not Lentz. One is a Lentz and not Nicholson and three are Nicholson and Lentz. However, our Lentz tester, Albert, had low results – which were consistent with the distant relationship. From the above charts:

  • If Carolyn, Joan and Linda match each other, it may be from a Nicholson or Allen DNA
  • Where Carolyn, Joan, Linda, or Nigel match Joshua, Judy, or Mom, it must be from Nicholson DNA
  • Where Joshua, Judy or Mom match each other only, it could be from Lentz or Nicholson DNA.
  • Where Joshua, Judy or Mom match Albert it would represent Lentz DNA
Looking for triangulation

Next I looked at the detailed matches between all the DNA of the people above. The purpose is to find triangulation. A Triangulation Group (TG) is three or more people that have matches along the same segment of a Chromosome. This TG indicates a unique common ancestor.

Here is a summary of past five TGs I have looked at:


  • Lentz only – Yellow
  • Nicholson only – Red
  • Lentz/Nicholson – Orange
any new TG’s due to linda?

Here are some of the new DNA matches that I downloaded from Gedmatch at Chromosome 5 from about 39M to 84M:


It looks like there should be a TG here somewhere. Looking through my old Blogs, I see that I did previously identify a TG at Chromosome 5. It looks like we have a TG with Carolyn, Joan, Mom and Linda. But what about Joshua and Judy below? I didn’t do a detailed analysis, but the both descend from William Lentz b. 1892 and Clementina Hodder. So their match is likely on the Hodder side.

unraveling chromosome 8

Here is what I have at Chromosome 8 from about 102 to 143M


Here for some reason, we see the number 133 repeated and it is associated with Carolyn. Here is what Carolyn’s Chromosome 8 matches look like on Gedmatch’s Chromosome Browser:


  1. Linda
  2. Judy
  3. Joan
  4. Mom

Note that my mom (4) doesn’t overlap with Linda, Judy, or Joan, but matches with Carolyn up to 133M. What does this mean? I will give a possible explanation.


Remember that a TG represents a specific ancestor. However, we don’t know if it is William Nicholson or Martha Ellis in this case. Let’s suppose that the TG for Carolyn, Judy, Joan and Linda represents Martha Ellis. I have that TG represented in dark circles and lines. That means that before 133M would represent where Carolyn (and my mom) got their William Nicholson DNA that they shared with each other. That relationship I have represented above in light blue circles. The other explanation would be the exact opposite scenario where Mom and Carolyn share the Ellis DNA and the others share Nicholson DNA. In order to know for sure, we would have to have someone who is a Nicholson but not and Ellis or Ellis but not a Nicholson to check.

A less likely scenario would be that the starts and stops at 133M for Carolyn are coincidences.

Updating the Triangulation Group Summary


I didn’t add Linda in every case as sometimes her results were the same as her sister’s results.

Revising Mom’s Chromosome Map

Based on Mom’s new matches with Linda representing William Nicholson and Martha Ellis, here is her new Chromosome Map thanks to Kitty Munson’s software:


I have put mom’s ancestors in chronological order with most recent ancestors on the top. This has made the William Nicholson b. 1836/Martha Ellis segments show up in a better color also.


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