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I saw my friend Pastor Eubanks recently. We both attend the same church. I said I’d look into his genealogy. He wasn’t terribly interested in his family history except that he had heard that the Eubanks were from the Banks of the River Eu in Liverpool. Jim aslo mentioned that his father was a radio announcer.

Ancestry Search

With the little I know, I did an Ancestry search and came up with a birth certificate for Jim:

I was thinking I’d find the 1940 Census, but this is good. Here is 855 Clinton Street, South Bend, Indiana where Jim was born:

Joseph Blair Eubanks (Born 1913) and Family

It appears that the Eubanks family moved to Norfolk, Virginia not too long after their son Jim was born. Here is the 1940 Census for Norfolk, VA taken May 15th:

Here is Joseph’s WWII Draft Card:

Joseph Eubanks Born 1888

This Joseph had a father named Joseph. Here is the family in Chicago, Illinois in 1920:

Joseph was an accountant. He was born in Michigan as was his father. However, other records have these two born in Illinois.

Thomas Eubanks (Born About 1845)

Thomas was Joseph’s father and was a farmer. Here is the family in 1900:

He had a pretty big family. This says his father was born in Kentucky. Here is Thomas in 1850 in Illinois with the rest of his family:

The father of Thomas was James. He was born in Kentucky and his mother Polly was born in Tennessee.

Thomas appears to have served in the Civil War:

Some of Thomas’ children were baptized in the Presbyterian Church in 1880:

James Eubanks Born About 1810 in Kentucky

Now I am running out of useful Census records. James was also a farmer.

Jim has the same name as his 2nd great-grandfather. My guess is that Jim’s 3rd great-grandfather will also be a James Eubanks.

James Eubanks Sr. Born About 1790

In 1850, James was living with Nancy and another James Eubanks in District 13, White County, Illinois:

James Sr and Nancy were both born in North Carolina.

James is buried in Norris City:

Actually, the Cemetery looks closer to Omaha, Illinois:

William Henry Eubanks Born About 1770

Here is the hint that Ancestry has for the father of James Eubanks:

I don’t know much about North Carolina, but here is Albemarle:

I have included Norfolk, VA for reference.  I don’t think that Albermarle existed in 1770, but William Henry Eubanks could have been from the area.

John Eubanks 1755

According to Ancestry, there was a John Eubanks born in 1755 who was the father of William Henry Eubanks:

That same reference has John from Germany:

If that is right, then Jim’s ancestors were not from the banks of the River Eu in Liverpool. The area of Amberg-sulzbach is highlighted below and is to the East of Nuremberg:

Other Trees?

I found three trees at Ancestry with John T Eubanks:

Here he is said to be born in Talbot Maryland.

This tree is similar, but Henry William is also called Alex:

Here is Talbot, Maryland, possible ancestral home of Jim’s Eubanks:

If this John T Eubanks is Jim’s ancestor, then it is likely he would have been involved in the Revolutionary War.


If Jim or one of Jim’s male Eubanks relatives were to test their YDNA, we may learn more about the ancient roots of the Eubanks family. This test may also show if Jim’s roots are in England or in Germany. I only found one reference to Eubanks being from Germany, so that may not be correct. The YDNA test may also tell if the different branches of Eubanks in the US are related.

An autosomal DNA test would also be an option, but the results are not as accurate, the more distant the relative. Also autosomal DNA will match with relatives on every line of Jim’s ancestry – not just Eubanks.

According to Ancestry, Eubanks is an English name:

Here we return to Jim’s father’s story of a bank of yew trees.

Summary and Conclusions

I have laid out a skeleton of history for Jim Eubanks which includes eight generations


Jim’s family history is deeply intertwined with the history of our Country and goes back to when we were still colonies of England. I hope that my research has been accurate. If not, it at least has given some information for further research.

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