Melissa: A DNA Match on My Clarke Line

I recently found a small match between Melissa and a few of my siblings at AncestryDNA. However, Melissa does not match me. She shows up also on my siblings’ ThruLines. Here is a summary at AncestryDNA:

This shows that Melissa has Clarke ThruLines with my siblings Jon and Lori. Here is Lori’s connection:

This could be easy to verify. It appears that I already have Melissa’s grandmother in my tree. I checked and as Melissa’s father had passed away, there was information on him and his family. The above connection is the most likely. There are more distant connections through my family’s McMaster ancestors.

Adding Melissa to My Clarke DNA Tree

I have a Clarke tree that combines DNA and genealogy:

This tree has extra matches that are not from Thrulines. These would be from other testing companies such as FTDNA, 23andMe and MyHeritage. I need to add Melissa in to the Catherine Line. I have been in touch with Fred and Diana but I don’t think that they have taken DNA tests.

That means that Melissa is my familys’ first DNA match from the Catherine Clark Line that I know of. These relationships are a bit confusing. Celia Clarke and Catherine Clarke both married McMasters. Margaret Clarke (my great-grandmother) married a Frazer who was the son of a McMaster.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Melissa matches my brother and sister at Ancestry with a small DNA match. She also appears on their ThruLines
  • The closest connection my family has to Melissa is with our common ancestors Thomas Clarke and Jane Spratt
  • I have other DNA matches from this line but this is the first match through Catherine Clarke who married William McMaster.
  • As Melissa is a small match, there are no other shared DNA matches at AncestryDNA between her and my brother and sister.



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