Newpaper Articles on My Mother’s Side

My mom was from the Philadelphia area.


Here is something from the Philadelphia Enquirer on 30 August 1936:

Various people then answer my grandmother’s question.

The Philadelphia Inquirer on September 17, 1943 announced the death of my mother’s brother:

My Uncle Russel’s death noted 12 January 1999:


Here are some Lentz names from my mother’s ancestry:

This appears to be an early mention of George Lentz of Northern Liberties in 27 September 1805:

George was a butcher in Northern Liberties, so it would make sense that he would want to be on a vigilance committee. Here is George listed in the 1810 Census in East Northern Liberties:

Here is the translation:

I have that Georg (or George) was born in 1770, so he would be 40 in 1810. The two older people would be George and his wife. The four younger ones could be George’s children.

Here is the 1800 Census:

This indicates perhaps a son under 10. So he would have been born between 1790 and 1800. Here is what I have on my web page:

This does not seem to match with the Census. As I have my line through John above, then Georg born 1798 may not be right. However, based on the 1810 Census, there were two males who were between 16 and 25. That means that they were born between 1785 and 1794. Something still seems off.

This John is probably George’s brother:

He is listed near George in the Direct Tax of 1798:

Here George was living at New 4th and Coats. It looks like John was on West 3rd Street. Here is an 1802 map of Northern Liberties:

4th Street is the Street on the left going up and down. 3rd Street is the next long Street to the right of 4th. As I only see one house on the corner of 4th and Coates, I assume that is the George Lentz house. In the newspaper ad above John lives on 3rd Street above the Coates Burying Ground, which I assume is on Coate’s Street. So using a newspaper, tax records and an old map, it seems we get an idea of where some of these Lentz families lived. There is another John Lentz listed in Philadelphia newpaper articles but he lives in Passyunk.

This ad from 31 August 1812 in the Aurora General Advertiser mentions the George Lentz property:

It appears that this property just happened to be next to where George Lent lived.

Here is an ad from 20 December 1851:

I recognize the firm of Lentz & Young as a place one of my ancestors worked. I found that Lentz and Geisler also had many contracts with the almshouse such as this one recorded on 13 August 1861:

Jacob Lentz was my third great-grandfather. Here is part of a poster that one of my relatives sent me from 1851:

10 July 1863:

Here is Jacob’s death notice from the Evening Telegraph on Saturday 6 Feruary 1869:

Jacob’s wife died over thirty years later. Here is the 1 May 1900 Notice:

George Washington Lentz

Here is George death notice:

This was from the Philadelphia Inquirer on 20 February 1888. Here is another notice from the Philadelphia Times from February 17:


I have that my 2nd great-grandmother was Mary Baker. Her father was Conrad Baker (1800-1881). Here is the notice from 28 February 1881:

Here is East Mongomery Ave in Fishtown:


I can start with my mother’s grandmother. This is from 24 September 1951:

This appears to be the Cemetery:

Here is Annie’s father in the paper of 11 June 1919:

He was also buried in the same cemetery.

Agnes D Nicholson

I have that Agnes who was Annie’s sister married David Vickery. She died at the same place that Annie died. This was at a Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single Women on 58th and Greenway Ave.

Agnes died about 7 years after Annie.

Summar and Conclusions

  • There could be many other paths to follow in the newspaper aritcles
  • The newer articles have the most information, so they are important in bringing the various family lines forward
  • Reading these newpaper articles spurs research using sources other than which also helps to fill in missing family information.



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