Butler DNA and Genealogy Update

Butler researchers Peter and Neil in England have been working hard to tie together the George and Edward Butler families. Both these families lived in Cincinnati for a while. There are genetic ties between the two families as well as circumstantial ties. Neil believes that he descends from (I think) either George’s father or grandfather. Below is my attempt to connect the two families:

I have Henry Butler’s family on the left and Michael Butler’s family on the right. I don’t know the father of either, so this is speculation based on DNA matches between the two families. The DNA matches between the two sides seem to support the tree above. The main family under Henry is George Butler who moved to Cincinnati from Wexford, Ireland. The main family under Michael is Edward (Henry) Butler. He lived in Cincinnati for a while but moved around a bit.

Circumstantial Connections Between the George Butler and Edward Henry Butler Families

Mary A Butler Born 1858 in Cincinnati

My wife’s ancestor Edward Henry Butler married Mary E Crowley in 1855 in St. John, New Brunswick. The family moved after that to Cincinnati. George Butler had a daughter Mary A Butler born in Cincinnati in 1858. She moved to St. John and married Thomas Joseph Murphy in 1878.

Murphy descendants match my wife’s Edward Henry Butler side of the family

Edward Butler, Son of Henry Born 1839 Wexford

Peter found this announcement:

Peter’s research shows Edward as the 7th child of Henry Butler:

Above, the newspaper funeral notice mentioned that the funeral was at 220 California Street, Newton. Here is the Newton Directory for 1993:

I had rejected that my wife’s ancestor Edward could have been a clerk as I thought that he could not read or write. However, he must have picked up reading and writing as the 1910 census says that he could do both.

The Veteran’s Census has Edward H in Newtonville in 1890:

There must have been a connection between Edward H Butler and Edward Butler of Wexford, in order for Edward H to host Edward’s funeral.

A New Holman Connection

Peter has been bringing the Cincinnati George Butler family forward:

Peter asked Neil and  me to check for DNA matches to Grogan, Holman and Middendorf. I was able to find a Holman match:

He matched with my wife’s Aunt Lorraine at AncestryDNA. He also matched my wife’s Aunt Virginia. This couple had three boys. The Holman above must descend from one of these three. Here is the new branch on the right:

More on the Holman/Butler Match

The match I will call Holman has shared matches with my wife’s two Aunts at Ancestry DNA. Here are the results:

The two in yellow are also matches to Neil’s nephew who tested at AncestryDNA. In the last column above EHB stands for Edward H Butler and GB stands for George Butler. These are the two lines that are connected by DNA.

It would make sense to do this same exercise with at least Patty and Michael.

I don’t think that gave me any more information. I looked at Michael’s shared matches and didn’t see anything helpful there either.

One Side Benefit

I did put a few close Butler DNA matches on the Butler DNA tree here:

I added in Deborah and Chester on the Alice Mary Butler line.

Summary and Conclusion

  • I like to summarize and conclude because while I’m blogging I sometimes get off the subject.
  • The main point here is to secure the connection between the George Butler and Edward H Butler Lines.
  • The other point is to secure Neil from England by DNA as he appears to be connected to the George Butler Line.
  • We were able to make DNA connections between Neil’s nephew who tested at AncestryDNA and one match confirmed to be on the George Butler Line. Neil’s nephew also matches another common match who has no listed tree.
  • Through Peter’s research a new George Butler descendant line has been found. A person from the Holman family was found to be a shared match across with Neil’s nephew and my wife’s Aunts. This further solidified the Butler family connections.



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